Don’t Miss This Sensual Paranormal Romance!

Editor’s Note: CLOAKED IN FUR is a dark, compelling, and intense read, that paves its own path in the genre.

Book Description: A romantic and sensual tale with a fresh twist on werewolf and paranormal legends, Cloaked in Fur sees rebellious Daciana cast into a life-threatening adventure against her will in order to solve a mystery. But by the time she discovers who betrayed her, it maybe too late to save the man she loves.

Author’s Inspiration: I’ve been dabbling in writing ever since I was young. I remember scribbling short stories on the inside flap of books, and then I signed them. I was practicing way back then it seemed☺ But it was only several years ago that I started to take writing seriously. My inspiration is greatly influenced by two things. One, my dad is a wonderful poet and author, who is very well known in Romania, and his passion for books and stories has obviously trickled down to me. Second, I have always loved horror movies, especially anything with monsters. And even today when I sit down and plot a novel, I can’t help but add dark elements and monsters in my stories.

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T.F. Walsh emigrated from Romania to Australia at the age of eight and now lives in a regional city south of Sydney with her husband. Growing up hearing dark fairytales, she’s always had a passion for reading and writing horror, paranormal romance, urban fantasy and young adult stories. She balances all the dark with light fluffy stuff like baking and traveling.

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