Vampires vs. the NSA? Get it on Your Kindle!

Editor’s Note: RIP: THE DEATH OF A VAMPIRE puts real vampires in the modern world.

Book Description: In the modern world, vampires can’t just die peacefully. Because of his mysterious nature, Vlad V’s peaceful and quiet attempt at death is interrupted by both the NSA and Homeland Security. With the help of his great-granddaughter Cat and a trio of trusted vampire friends, Vlad seeks to outwit US Intelligence so that he can finally rest in peace. 

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Dumitru “D.G.” “Mit” Sandru was born in the greater area of Transylvania in the last century. He is an artist, composer, and author. He paints in the classical, surreal, and modern styles, and most of the music Dumitru composes is of the New Age flavor. As an author, he prefers to write Science-Fiction, Paranormal, and Teen/Children Fantasy & Sci-Fi novels.


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