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Editor’s Note: WHAT I WISH EVERY JOB CANDIDATE KNEW features highly actionable interview advice from a real hiring manager you can put to use in 15 minutes.

Book Description: You don’t need to read 101 interview questions to improve your chances of getting the job. Learn what a real hiring manager thinks about and asks you during an interview – learn insider secrets in just 15 minutes that will put you ahead of your competition based on real hiring manager experiences.

Author’s Inspiration: I’ve become frustrated with seeing candidates in hundreds of interviews lose a job because of a simple lack of understanding of basic questions. As a hiring manager in Fortune 500 companies, I am not allowed to give them feedback on the spot – so I wanted to give qualified job applicants the information they need to perform dramatically better in any job interview. In a form they can digest quickly and put to use immediately. I don’t want to make a no-hire decision due to these common mistakes ever again.

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A corporate executive with over 22 years across Fortune 500 companies and small start-ups. Responsible for interviewing and making hiring decisions for hundreds of job candidates over the years. Married with 2 wonderful children, enjoying living and working in Denver, CO.


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