No Returns: A Dark YA Adventure on Your Kindle

Editor’s Note: NO RETURNS features a colorful cast, complex emotions, lively wording, rich allusions, evocative imagery, and multiple layers of meaning add appeal for all ages.

Book Description: The boys is Pod’s band are always impressed with what comes out of his guitar. But they aren’t sure if they are truly talented or if darker forces are at work.

If you enjoy books Rick Riordan or Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, you’ll want to read this book!

Author’s Inspiration: When Gail was teaching, she asked students who drew “devil stuff” in their notebooks what might happen if he took them seriously and answered their call.

Get this YA adventure on your KINDLE for just $2.99 on 2/12!


Gail Giles is the author of six young adult novels. Her debut novel, Shattering Glass, was an ALA Best of the Best Book, a Book Sense 76 selection, and a Booklist Top 10 Mystery for Youth selection. 

Deb Vanasse is the author of more than a dozen books for readers of all ages. Her debut novel, A Distant Enemy, was a Junior Literary Guild selection and is featured in Best Books for Young Readers, as was Out of the Wilderness.


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