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Editor’s Note: PLEASE TALK ABOUT ME WHEN I’M GONE is a beautiful memoir about something that we all have dealt with in our lives: the death of a precious loved one. 

“Sean Murphy has had the courage to look honestly at death, and the talent to express his love and grief in a way that will comfort and sustain his readers.”

–Steve Goodwin, author of Breaking Her Fall.

Book Description:  Question: How do you get over it?

Answer: You don’t. You don’t want to. It makes you who you are.

Sean Murphy lost his mother days after her fifty-ninth birthday, following a five-year battle with cancer. In this eloquent memoir, he explores his family history through the context of grief, compassion, faith, and the cultivation of an artistic sensibility. Unfolding in a range of voices, brutal and tender in its portrayal of terminal illness, Please Talk about Me When I’m Gone is an unyielding love story, in which devotion and memory are capable of transcending death.

Get the Kindle Book for $2.99 on 2/21-2/28. 

 Sean Murphy

 Sean Murphy has been publishing fiction, reviews (music, movie, book, food), and essays on the technology industry for almost twenty years. He blogs and writes regularly for PopMatters. His work has also appeared in The Weeklings, Punchnel’s, The Village Voice, AlterNet, Web Del Sol, and Northern Virginia Magazine.

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