Escape into a Bargain Priced Young Adult Adventure

Editor’s Note: ARBOREGAL is a survival adventure about friendship set in a fantasy world. 

Book Description: An experiment in a weird book causes four young Americans, Nathan, Perry, Melissa, and Michelle, to appear in an incredibly strange and desolate world. Trees as large as mountains, scattered across the land like oases, support all life, safe from the monsters that patrol the night fog on the ground. Races of people living in medieval societies populate the giant trees. Known as the Lorns in this particular tree, they welcome the four kids into their world—until Hellferata, the evil spirit descendent of Medusa, intrudes upon their beloved tree.

Author’s Inspiration: How it would be to have entire villages in a giant tree.

Get this Kindle book for $3.99 2/25- 2/28 



Dumitru D.G. Sandru lives in California with his wife. He is the author of science fiction, paranormal, and young adult novels. In addition to writing he is also an artist and composer. He paints in the classical, surreal, and modern styles and most of the music Dumitru composes is of the New Age flavor. 

Check out the book trailer for Arboregal here

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