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Editor’s Note: DOLPHIN GIRL is a summer YA tale filled with heart and humor.

Book Description: Quirky artist Jane Robinson is a kindred spirit to dolphins, longing for open waters, but her home life is stifling and at school she’s restrained by cliques. When she falls for Sam, a popular swimmer who is off-limits, she seeks to change and free her life.

Author’s Inspiration: Jane, the main character, showed up in my brain and I had to put her on paper to get her out of my head.


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Shel Delisle is the author of DOLPHIN GIRL, MY WISHFUL THINKING, and the popular Angel in Training series. She also writes under the pen name M.E. Wynne. Once upon a time, she swam with the dolphins, but, sadly, they didn’t speak to her. Even though she lives in Florida with her hubby and three boys, she doesn’t spend as much time as she would like in the water.

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