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Editor’s Note: In DEVOLUTION, Chiku Flynn is a sixteen-year-old train wreck who finds her true self in a distant and alien world, among beings who love her, who cherish her and who are not human.

Book Description: Chiku Flynn wasn’t raised to be human. Born in the African rain forest to parents studying chimpanzees in the wild, Chiku nests with the chimpanzees, leaps through the trees and grooms them. Everything changes when her mother dies and Chiku is sent back to civilization to grow into a maladjusted teenager who doesn’t know how to conform. Then her father disappears, and Chiku must return to the jungle to a world overrun by refugees, bloodied by civil war, to find her father and to save the lives of her true family, the chimpanzees with whom she can communicate using sign language.

Author’s Inspiration: I became intrigued by experiments done on chimpanzees to see if they could learn human language. In fact, they could and even invented their own sign language words. What would happen, I wondered, if chimpanzees in the wild were taught sign language and then left on their own. Would the skill inevitably die? Or would they pass it along from. mother to child, build on their knowledge? What would happen to them with this newfound gift?


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My debut novel HUNTING THE KING was published in 2009. THE HUNTED came out last year and I am currently working on a global warming novel called BROIL. I live in Massachusetts and have three wonderful kids, Leah, William and Stephen.

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