Discount eBooks for Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and YA Readers!

If you love mythical quests, sorcery, and battles of good vs. evil, you’ll love this assortment of Fantasy, YA, and Sci-Fi novels! Don’t miss these bargain eBooks for your Kindle, 6/5! 

Fantasy: THE WELL OF TEARS ($3.99) by Roberta Trahan follows one sorceress’s fight to preserve a prophecy of peace amidst traitors, dark magic, and threats on her own life. INFINITY BLADE: AWAKENING ($2.99) by Brandon Sanderson, based on the bestselling video game, is the tale of one man’s epic quest to free his people from tyranny in this mythical world. 

Young Adult: SHADOW AND BONE ($2.99) by Leigh Bardugo is the tale of one young woman’s journey to become a member of the magical elite, who train to fight the darkness enveloping the kingdom. DARK TRIUMPH ($1.99) by Robin LaFevers follows Sybella’s, Death’s assasian, return to the hellish life she sought so hard to escape. 

Science Fiction: BRILLIANCE ($2.00) by Marcus Sakey is the story of humans that have exceptional supernatural gifts, and one man’s attempt to stop the most dangerous man alive- at enormously high stakes. DEVIANTS ($1.99) by Maureen McGowan explores a post-apocalyptic world crawling with mutated humans, while the Deviants like Glory and her brother must stay in hiding to survive. 

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