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Editor’s Note: FESTIVAL OF SHADOWS is an engaging and interactive experience that takes advantage of eReader technology, featuring a heroic teddy bear! Who doesn’t love teddy bears?

Book Description: A valiant teddy bear must rescue his owner, Grant, from the boogie man. Forced to enter the Stratusphere, a horrific world populated by abandoned toys, Theodorus the teddy bear meets another bear with supernatural powers who can help him in his quest. Can he manage to help out this bear sorceresses in order to get her help before sunrise? This is a mix of Toy Story meets David Bowie’s Labyrinth meets Choose Your Own Adventures.

Author’s Inspiration: I saw a picture on Pinterest of a teddy bear fighting a huge monster while trying to protect his owner. The image inspired me and reminded me of the teddy bear I had during my childhood. I wanted to explore this type of friendship in a novel. I wanted to get inside a teddy bear’s head, and do it in my own quirky and dark style.

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I live with my wife in Des Moines, Iowa. I am a fantasy author, but I also write short stories and poetry. No matter what I’m writing, my goal is to create well-written, interesting, and entertaining stories. I can be unpredictable at times, but I like it this way. I believe that writing, along with reading, should be a journey that takes you to unexpected places. I’ll go anywhere my artistic spirit takes me in order to tell a good story.

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