Science Fiction Deals Galore!

Galactic Empire Wars: Rebellion ($3.99) by Raymond L. Weil, USA Today Best Selling Author: For six years, the solar system has been safe from attack as the Kleese and the Strell fight a war for galactic domination. Now the war is over and the victorious Kleese once more turn their attention toward the Human race. 

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A Loop in Time by Clark Graham: After a mysterious plane crash the pilot wakes up with amnesia. He tries to get his memories back but nothing looks familiar. Soon he realizes he is not only in the wrong place, he is in the wrong time.

Allow this story to take you back in time on 2/20!

First Born ($0.99) by Richard La Plante: First Born is a novel about an evolution in human consciousness. An evolution that bridges science, religion, and mysticism. From his first breath, people know that John Reed is special. Gifted with an uncanny awareness and ability to communicate, he also possess the power to heal. Before long, a local priest heralds the infant as a new messiah, inadvertently drawing the attention of Neo Tech, part of a clandestine organization whose dark web extends from major multinational corporations to the vaults of the Vatican.

Mind Meld with this read on 2/20! 

Dulce Base ($0.99) by Greg Strandberg: In the 1950s the U.S. government allowed the Grays, a race of extra-terrestrials from the Zeta Reticuli system, to establish a foothold on Earth at a place called Dulce Base, a secret underground base near the Archuleta Mesa in New Mexico. Now the U.S. government is taking it back, by force, and it’s an epic sci-fi battle you won’t want to miss!

Get it on 2/20! 

Darwin’s World ($0.99) by Jack L. Knapp: The Futurists seek people with an enhanced survival instinct to integrate into a dying future society. They transplant ancestral humans of the 21st Century into a parallel Earth during the late Pleistocene Epoch to find suitable candidates.

Find out id you could survive on 2/20!

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