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Miss Etta on Kindle

Miss Etta ($4.99) by Deanna Lynn Sletten: In 1895, Etta Place fell in love with the Sundance Kid. She followed him and his partner, Butch Cassidy, in their outlaw life across the continent and beyond, then vanished in 1908. Three years later, a widow named Emily Pleasants arrives in a small town in Minnesota as their new teacher. She has a young son. Could she be the elusive Etta Place?

This deal is good on September 5, 2018

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The Ordinary Life on Kindle

The Ordinary Life ($4.99) by Mario Kiefer: A beautifully sad tale of an immigrant family that highlights the tragedy and triumph of a life filled with love, heartache, faith, determination, luck, and overcoming obstacles. Told in a way that is poetic, factual, realistic, rational, and psychological all at the same time. With tones of history, politics, love, truth, and economics, it is a unique story you won’t be able to put down.


This deal is good on September 5, 2018


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