Dark Magic and Technology Gone Wrong: Discounted Horror eBooks

The Immanent World on Kindle

The Immanent World ($0.99) by Clive Reznor: For fans of Black Mirror or Twilight Zone. When David Clegg dives into the Dark Web, his computer is taken over by a hacker who forces him to watch live streaming videos. What’s on them? New technology gone wrong. Clegg can decide to help or watch, unknowing that his actions not only determine the fate of those he’s watching but his own fate too.

This deal is good on December 30, 2018

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Boston Patriot Mermaid: 1768 - 1773 (Historical Horror Book 1) on Kindle

Boston Patriot Mermaid, 1768 – 1773 (Mermaid Chronicles Book 1) ($0.99) by Paulo da Silva: Three mermaids hang from the gallows & redcoats dot the streets. Heather Benson, ex-mermaid, must bring a shipload of smuggled gold ashore but there’s a Mermaid Hunter in town, carrying the Dark Magic of Living Mermaid Teeth. There’s only so much her friend Paul Revere can do to help, and her lover Pedro will stand trial for smuggling if she fails.

This deal is good on December 30, 2018


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