Deadly Games and Watchful Spirits: Discounted Horror eBooks

Beasts: 16 More Weird Stories on Kindle

Beasts: 16 More Weird Stories ($0.99) by Brendan Detzner: A nurse gives a tow truck driver her number while the spirits watch attentively. Sasquatch and Chupacabra clash across universes. A skeleton billionaire throws his annual Halloween party. A woman kisses her husband goodnight and locks him in a room in their basement. And twelve more.

This deal is good on May 15, 2019


One By One on Kindle

One By One ($0.99) by Yawatta Hosby: Alone in the woods, thirty miles from civilization with no cell phone reception, the weekend turns into a deadly game when a killer hunts Rae and her friends. They struggle to stay alive and discover the truth. Is someone stalking them, or is there a killer among the group?

This deal is good on May 15, 2019

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