Aging Parents and Fateful Rivalries: Discounted Literary eBooks

A Relative Invasion on Kindle

A Relative Invasion ($2.99) by Rosalind Minett: Those readers who like a long read now have all three books: Intrusion, Infiltration and Impact in the one volume. 1937-1951 London. In this powerful coming-of-age trilogy, two boy cousins form a fateful rivalry as WW2 begins. “Psychologically insightful and historically accurate.”

This deal is good on October 8, 2019

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A Cross of Crocuses on Kindle

A Cross of Crocuses ($0.99) by Ken Ross: A tale of aging parents and the responses they receive from their children as life gets tougher. There are surprises and shocks as events steer the couple on an unpredictable course. The children are not the individuals they had imagined them to be and the couple’s perceptions change. Is there a method of escape, and will their health allow it?

This deal is good on October 8, 2019


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