Weird Predictions and Great Adventures: Discounted Young Adult eBooks

The Very Littlest Dragon on Kindle

The Very Littlest Dragon ($4.99) by Baer Charlton: A young dragon on the verge of adulthood struggles with being different. His life is simple and unambitious until he is called on a great adventure. He will only survive with the help of family and friends. This is a story that delicately describes the acceptance of being one’s self and is a parable compatible with The Ugly Duckling. Color images.

This deal is good on December 29, 2019

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The Flower and The Serpent on Kindle

The Flower and The Serpent ($0.99) by Madeleine D’Este: People disappearing, battling for the spotlight and horrifying nightmares. It’s just a normal day at Beacon Hill High. 

Auditions for Macbeth are over, and on the bus ride home, a shady driver gives 16-year-old Violet and her friends three weird predictions. Modern-day Shakespeare meets supernatural mystery with this nail-biting YA horror.

This deal is good on December 29, 2019


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