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The Choice: Will's Last Testament on Kindle

The Choice: Will’s Last Testament ($0.99) by Brenda C. Poulos: When Will’s daughter asked him if hell was a real place, he said it was just “the product of someone’s overactive imagination to scare people into being good.” He’d figured this heaven/hell thing out a long time ago. When he died, he’d just float away into blissful nothingness—into a dream world of his own choosing. That was then.

This deal is good on September 1, 2020


Polarized Love (Single Again Book 3) on Kindle

Polarized Love (Single Again Book 3) ($2.99) by Lisa Renee: An American Navy chaplain meets a feisty Australian journalist investigating the Quokka mystery. Attraction is strong but he has 2yrs of service left. Will she fall for someone else before they meet again? Love Triangle, Chock-full of romantic comedy, fast-paced action, & inspirational romance. Polarized Love has a life lesson you won’t forget.

This deal is good on September 1, 2020

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