The Underworld, She-Wolves, and Tales of Terror: Discounted Horror eBooks

The Pack: Addison on Kindle

The Pack: Addison ($3.99) by Grea Alexander: Hell hath no fury like a she-wolf scorned… Backed into a corner, lycan alpha Talon James made a pact with The Hunters’ Guild to hunt down and destroy the werewolf pack known as The Black Death and their descendants – a line sired by him and his former mate, Bristol. Bristol, however, distrusts The Guild and their motives.

This deal is good on January 27, 2021

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Dead of Winter on Kindle

Dead of Winter ($0.99) by Collected Authors: Eight chilling tales from the award-winning and best-selling authors at Black Spot Books. “Eight short stories, each gripping, mind-bending, and truly creepy. Dead of Winter has something for every horror reader.” —Booklist “Readers will appreciate a few gems [among] eight winter-themed tales of terror.” —Publishers Weekly

This deal is good on January 27, 2021

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The Sons of Anubis on Kindle

The Sons of Anubis ($4.99) by Anthony Myron Clark: A supernatural thriller. Liam Brand finds himself thrust into the underworld, facing a terrorist cell that hunts in the cover of night and sows the seeds of fear and death. No one can believe the creatures he saw during the first attack. After the attack, Brand finds himself becoming more and more like that which he hunts.

This deal is good on January 27, 2021

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