Miniature Horses and Insurmountable Odds: Discounted Children’s eBooks

Jocki MacTavish and the Refugees on Kindle

Jocki MacTavish and the Refugees ($0.99) by Albert Marsolais: A stranger arrives at Torrport threatening to expose the mysterious past of Jocki’s father. Meanwhile, Genna Barbier has received news from France about her missing brother. Can Jocki defend his family and help Genna rescue her brother? The stakes can’t be higher as they face insurmountable odds and inner turmoil. A page-turning adventure for young readers (9-13).

This deal is good on February 2, 2021

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Millie the Marvelous Mini on Kindle

Millie the Marvelous Mini ($0.99) by Kathryn Lentz: Millie is a miniature horse who helps children with their therapy plans. Thanks to her, it’s easier to do stretches, make new friends, and even snuggle in for naptime. She loves to gallop, eat, and play, but her favorite part of the day is making everyone smile. Millie the Marvelous Mini is an endearing read for ages 4–8.

This deal is good on February 2, 2021

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