Waking Nightmares and Wild Animals: Discounted Horror eBooks

Flesh and Blood on Kindle

Flesh and Blood ($0.99) by D. A. Fowler: Deidi is a reporter writing about a string of brutal murders–and dreaming about them before they happen. Camisa is a housewife living a waking nightmare–and having the same dreams as Deidi. The killer is closer than they think. From the author of THE DEVIL’S END.

This deal is good on February 9, 2021


The Litter on Kindle

The Litter ($0.99) by Kevin R. Doyle: An urban social worker investigating a series of killings of homeless people, who appear to be chewed up by wild animals, discovers a level of reality far, far more disturbing than she could have possibly imagined…

This deal is good on February 9, 2021

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