Psychic Priests and Creepy Crawlies: Discounted Horror eBooks

Father Steel Box Set (Books 1-3) on Kindle

Father Steel Box Set (Books 1-3) ($1.99) by Altany Craik: Father Steel, a psychic priest, fights the unseen war between Good and Evil that happens all around us. Using his powers to investigate and defeat evil, he finds himself called back to his hometown. The body of the local priest lies cooling in the parking lot. Father Steel must find out what is going on. Adult themes and language included.

This deal is good on April 14, 2021


Crawlies on Kindle

Crawlies ($0.99) by Ellie Douglas: Welcome to my lair, I think you’re gonna like it! That chill isn’t the weather. That’s death looming. Normal is but a fantasy. What’s normal for the spider is madness for you! It creeps. It stalks. It’s when the lights go out that will leave you gasping for air.

This deal is good on April 14, 2021

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