Fearsome Vikings and a Sense of Purpose: Discounted Literary eBooks

The Hand of Fate on Kindle

The Hand of Fate ($1.45) by Alvira Michaels: The first book of a duology, this debut novel by Alvira Michaels centers on the life of Alexandra Gray who moves from London to San Francisco once she finds true love. It’s a gritty story peppered with sharp wit and a mantra of living life with a sense of purpose rather than getting caught up in stereotypes and race. A good adult read buy The Hand of Fate now, eBook or paperback. Twitter: @AlviraMichaels

This deal is good on May 8, 2021

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Viking: The Chronicles of Haakon the Coward on Kindle

Viking: The Chronicles of Haakon the Coward ($2.99) by Alfonso Solís: Young Haakon lives a quiet and peaceful life in the Norwegian village of Vestfold. However, on reaching the age of fourteen, he must put the innocence of youth behind him, in order to become a fearsome Viking. On his fourteenth birthday something happens that will change his life forever. His father, Gunnjorn, chief of the village, demands that he sacrifice a slave in Odin’s honor, in the presence of a large number of important and powerful Viking chiefs and ships’ captains.

This deal is good on May 8, 2021


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