Space Adventures and a Cow’s Life: Discounted Children’s eBooks

Alphine (The Chronicle Gate Book 1) on Kindle

Alphine (The Chronicle Gate Book 2) ($2.99) by N. Lang: Sinya and Taylinn go off into space in search of Taylinn’s father and Sinya’s home world Earth. Along the way they meet new friends and explore new worlds by way of The Chronicle Gate but when Taylinn’s sister and friends from Ethereal get pulled into the battle of Mer-Dragons they all must learn to do the one thing they were taught against: Fight!

This deal is good on May 25, 2021

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I Wish I Were a Cow! (Cassandra Bee) on Kindle

I Wish I Were a Cow! (Cassandra Bee) ($2.99) by Lisa Strattin: This book will prompt your young reader to realize that he or she is just right. The book teaches that who they are, as an individual, is important and valuable. Whether Cassandra can Moo like a cow is not a big deal, because all the cows would like to be able to fly! Each of us has our own talents – and this is what makes us – US.

This deal is good on May 25, 2021


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