Coming of Age and War Veterans: Discounted Literary Fiction eBooks

Hiro's War on Kindle

Hiro’s War ($2.99) by Rebecca Taniguchi: This morally complex novel tells the story of Hiroshi Koga, a Japanese American who volunteered to serve the country that imprisoned him and his family in an internment camp. Hiro’s War combines a WW II coming of age story and the search for peace and justice. A great choice for anyone who wants to learn about this shameful chapter of U.S. history.

This deal is good on July 21, 2021


Out of the Rabbit Hutch on Kindle

Out of the Rabbit Hutch ($2.99) by Nanette L. Avery: Out of the Rabbit Hutch transports readers into a period before and after the Civil War and as far away as Tasmania. The author explores the painful experiences of a war veteran recently released from an asylum and entrusted to a family that has its own dirty secrets. Suspenseful plot amidst a society of socialites, warmongers, & opium users.

This deal is good on July 21, 2021

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