Underground Worlds and a Threatening Darkness: Discounted Horror eBooks

The Litter on Kindle

The Litter ($0.99) by Kevin R. Doyle: Estranged from her father and with her fiancé dead, Karen Bannister works with the city’s indigent. Then something savage and brutal appears and begins preying on those she works to save. Karen has to find the strength to lift herself up and fight back the darkness that threatens to overwhelm those too weak to save themselves.

This deal is good on August 10, 2021

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Talia on Kindle

Talia ($0.99) by Daniel J. Volpe: In the early 1990s, the video cassette gave birth to a seedy, underground world of illicit adult films. Talia sets out, seeking fame on the stages of Broadway. Nothing could have prepared her for what she finds instead. Savage violence, bottomless depravity, and no way out.

This deal is good on August 10, 2021


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