Mischievous Spirits, Unsolved Mysteries, and Ghosts: Discounted Horror eBooks

The Impostor and Other Dark Tales on Kindle

The Impostor and Other Dark Tales ($3.99) by Marlena Frank: Something watches from the corner of the room, peeking through a crack, existing within an impossible space—what does it want? The ghost of a lover returns at the end of a lifetime, carrying a dark secret—what will she say? A woman struggling with identity finds herself in the arms of a dangerous woman with a mysterious curse—what will she find? The beautiful and the bizarre exist side by side in this collection of fantastic and strange tales by prolific short story author, Marlena Frank.

This deal is good on September 30, 2021

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Kill the Babysitter on Kindle

Kill the Babysitter ($2.99) by Stephanie Sparks: Jane’s first babysitting gig comes with a lot of rules, and after a hellish night, she breaks an important one: Don’t let the kids play with the Ouija board. Soon Jane is fighting tooth and nail against a murderous horde of possessed children — and if she doesn’t team up with her worst enemy, she may not survive the night.

This deal is good on September 30, 2021

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A Visitor on Kindle

A Visitor ($2.99) by John Pelletier: Some mysteries should not be solved. Dr. Charles Barrett hosts an intimate after-dinner party with close friends in the study of his mansion one night in 1837. As the evening grows late, talk turns to tales of the unexplained and Dr. Barrett recounts a strange tale about a man who visited his childhood home. A man whose strangeness has bedeviled the good doctor over the years.

This deal is good on September 30, 2021


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