Gifted Children and Turbulent Change: Discounted Literary eBooks

Playground Zero on Kindle

Playground Zero ($1.99) by Sarah Relyea: 1968 — The season of siren songs, loosened bonds, and turbulent change. When the Raysons leave DC for the gathering anarchy of Berkeley, each embraces the moment in a freewheeling city marked by beauty and the berserk. As family and school fade away in a tear-gas fog, what will the counterculture bring? 2021 International Book Awards Finalist.

This deal is good on October 2, 2021

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The 'GREAT' Kickin' Dog: a family tree on Kindle

The ‘GREAT’ Kickin’ Dog: a family tree ($2.99) by Kenneth Crutchfield: The ‘GREAT’ Kickin’ Dog is an emotionally riveting story told over a nine-year period through the eyes of a gifted child growing up in a dangerous housing project on the south side of Chicago. It is a saga of real family issues and life as it pertains to the human condition; a book for those who can identify with family tragedies and struggles.

This deal is good on October 2, 2021

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