A Change of Seasons and Pox: Discounted Horror eBooks

A Change of Seasons on Kindle

A Change of Seasons ($0.99) by Khurram Elahi: A Change of Seasons takes you through a psychological journey into the unfortunate life of John Winters, a suffering heart patient. After the operation, he struggles to adapt and discovers horrific things start to happen to him. He finds himself committing heinous acts he cannot control. The novel has clever twists as well as dark comedy.

This deal is good on October 11, 2021

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Pox on Kindle

Pox ($2.99) by John Pelletier: Be careful what you wish for. Alan is a would-be author whose failure to launch has stressed his relationship with his wife to a critical breaking point. Lost in his own frustrations, musings, and self-pity, Alan is all but oblivious to the rising threat to the health and safety of those closest to him.

This deal is good on October 11, 2021


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