The Wreck of the Melville, Killtown, and The Darkest Gift: Discounted Horror eBooks

The Wreck of the Melville on Kindle

The Wreck of the Melville ($3.99) by Mark Smeltz: The Wreck of the Melville is a novel of 19th-century shipwreck, mutiny, and cosmic horror. Recounted in the form of a discovered manuscript, the story tells of a young journalist who sneaks aboard a sailing ship only to be confronted with the treachery of his companions, the rage of the sea, and the threat of forces beyond his own imagination.

This deal is good on November 7, 2021

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Killtown on Kindle

Killtown ($3.99) by Chad Lehrmann: Six sadistic killers. One isolated East Texas town. Welcome to Killtown. Small towns like Kingston offer tranquility, seclusion, and safety. But when a local is murdered before the entire town at a high school football game, that idyllic dream is shattered. As the bodies pile up, the town’s dark secrets are revealed. Who can survive Killtown?

This deal is good on November 7, 2021


The Darkest Gift ($3.00) by Len Handeland: When Jack, a self-hating gay man meets mysterious Laurent, he thinks his past failed relationships have come to an end. Jack encounters horrifying experiences involving vampirism and paranormal experiences. Does Laurent honestly care for Jack? Or is it a sinister plot to recreate the past with two vampires from Laurent’s past, Stefan and Fabien?

This deal is good on November 7, 2021

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