A Knock at the Door and Let’s Breathe, Little One: Discounted Children’s eBooks

A Knock at the Door on Kindle

A Knock at the Door ($0.99) by Helen Yeomans: When letters are old enough to leave home, they join a word and learn how to work together as a team. But what if they forget their sounds, like the G in pigeon, or don’t like to be silent, like the L in half? These five bedtime stories from the World of Letters are fun to read or read aloud. A Wishing Shelf Awards silver medalist.

This deal is good on March 11, 2022

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Let's Breathe, Little One on Kindle

Let’s Breathe, Little One ($1.99) by Ebrahim Mongratie: A 7-day conscious breathing program that can help your child get more oxygen into their bloodstream, increase happiness, decrease anxiety and live in the moment.

This deal is good on March 11, 2022


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