Pennine Prophecies: The Awakening and Broken Borders: Discounted Young Adult eBooks

Pennine Prophecies: The Awakening on Kindle

Pennine Prophecies: The Awakening ($2.99) by J.A. Roles: USA Today Best Selling Author J.A. Roles welcomes you to the Pennine Prophecies. Vampires, werewolves, witches, and warlocks walk amongst us. You’ll find them all in this fast-paced vampire world. Can Sapphire help Michael to save his twin brother, Roman? Is it too late for the supernatural world to be saved from an evil that’s been resurrected?

This deal is good on March 27, 2022


Broken Borders on Kindle

Broken Borders ($3.99) by Aarush Kukadiya: This novel is written by 12-year-old young boy, Aarush Kukadiya. The story happens in the Year 26500 in the multiverse. It is about the young generation trying to save their world, Universe 750, from inter-universe conquerer by preparing them to fight. The author dedicates his book to all Ukrainians fighting for their country. We will appreciate it if you leave a rating for the book.

This deal is good on March 27, 2022

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