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Gravy (Singers, Soldiers, and Saboteurs) on Kindle

Gravy (Singers, Soldiers, and Saboteurs) ($0.99) by Faith A. Colburn: They survived the Great Depression and World War II, but will they survive the peace? Connor, a farm boy back from combat in the Pacific with shell shock, meets a girl but doesn’t remember how to behave. Nightclub singer Bobbi Bowen joined the Women’s Air Corps where she builds and repairs radios for B-24 bombers. And then, she meets Connor.

This deal is good on April 3, 2022

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Aspects of History (Issue 8) on Kindle

Aspects of History (Issue 8) ($0.99) by Oliver Webb-Carter: Aspects of History is the new magazine and website dedicated to history and historical fiction. The eighth issue contains interviews with Bernard Cornwell and Jeremy Paxman. We believe that history should be a source of argument and entertainment. Different voices have different stories to tell. Each issue contains articles, interviews, short stories, and book reviews.

This deal is good on April 3, 2022


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