Seven at Two Past Five and The Keelman’s Fortnight: Discounted Literary Fiction eBooks

Seven at Two Past Five on Kindle

Seven at Two Past Five ($1.99) by Tara Basi: This book will bend your mind in a disturbing but somehow pleasant way; it is unlike any experience you have ever had before. I highly recommend the book, but only to a reader who is comfortable being uncomfortable and is willing to fully enter a completely foreign, unrecognizable universe.

This deal is good on April 16, 2022


The Keelman's Fortnight (Volume One) on Kindle

The Keelman’s Fortnight (Volume One) ($4.99) by Adrian Lavelle: A novel set against the spectacular backdrops of Galway City and Achill Island, The Keelman’s Fortnight (Volume One) is an epic tale about obsession, voyeurism, loneliness, and the bureaucracy, all the while seeking true happiness in one’s self, covering a variety of themes that include mental illness, drug abuse, addiction, and human relationships.

This deal is good on April 16, 2022

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