Sacred Sculptures and a Spiritual Deep Dive: Discounted Religion / Spirituality eBooks

The Peasant and the King ($2.99) by Waldo Noesta: An allegorical tale modeled after the classics among the world’s heritage of sacred scriptures. With elements of Eastern philosophy, Christian mysticism, Spinozan pantheism, panpsychism, and quantum theory, The Peasant and the King reinvokes the ancient art of myth craft as a contemplative exercise, with a time-binding modern twist.

This deal is good on May 26, 2022

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Living for His Glory (The Glory Series Book 1) ($0.99) by Kim S. Kinney: With vivid stories and winsome ease, Kim challenges our faith walk as she takes us on a spiritual deep dive in a book that can be read straight through or used as a topical reference for living in purposeful victory — no matter what our life looks like. This book has something for everyone seeking to make life count for His glory, rather than just going through the motions.

This deal is good on May 26, 2022


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