Sack of Knives and Nova: The Executioner of Justice: Discounted Horror eBooks

Sack of Knives on Kindle

Sack of Knives ($0.99) by Brandon Faircloth: Reach inside and see what you find. A guardian angel who will protect you at all costs, even if you pay the price? An ancient game with deadly consequences? Or maybe a traveling Halloween show that defies logic even as it eats away at your sanity. In these twenty-three horror stories by Brandon Faircloth, you’ll find all this and much more.

This deal is good on June 27, 2022


Nova: The Executioner of Justice on Kindle

Nova: The Executioner of Justice ($1.99) by Latrell R. Morris: Many believe the mask of darkness helps to hide them from their wickedness. Their belief that no human eyes gazed upon their most evil transgressions leaves them free from judgment and punishment. What they fail to realize, beyond the shadows and surrounded in darkness, there’s always something watching, and mercy isn’t a part of the job.

This deal is good on June 27, 2022

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