Mandy’s Story: Courage, The Course of Fate, and She Remembered: Discounted Literary Fiction eBooks

Mandy's Story: Courage (Finding Herself Book 1) on Kindle

Mandy’s Story: Courage (Finding Herself Book 1) ($0.99) by Erica Whelton: Mandy has been neglected and abused for years by the one person who should love her most. One night push comes to shove, and she is now in charge of her own life and that of her siblings for the first time. But life isn’t fair, and Mandy must fight to keep her family together. Thanks to good friends, she digs deep to find the courage she needs.

This deal is good on August 4, 2022

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The Course of Fate on Kindle

The Course of Fate ($1.99) by Michael Felty: David Patriot’s life changes forever when he agrees to be the secret surrogate father for his best friend. Feeling financially pressured by his wife and her climb up the ladder of social status he loses control. Now David is given the choice to save an abandoned baby’s life, his daughter, or keep his promise to never tell anyone. SOCIAL DRAMA

This deal is good on August 4, 2022

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She Remembered on Kindle

She Remembered ($0.99) by Rita H Rowe: On Kindle Unlimited. After she is abandoned by her mother and betrayed by a family friend, Elena is left with gaps in her memory. Her nightmares and search for acceptance, set her on a dark path to a world that tears away pieces of her, leaving her with a reflection she can barely recognise.

This deal is good on August 4, 2022


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