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Editorial Guidelines

Editorial Guidelines

At Bargain Booksy we have one fundamental belief: All authors deserve a chance to reach new readers. For this reason, we do not have a stated review minimum, nor do we have restrictions on how deeply your title must be discounted.

However, we want to keep our readers happy, so that they keep opening our emails and downloading the books inside. Keeping our readers happy means that we review all of the titles that come our way, and upon occasion we won’t be able to accept a book. We reserve the right not to accept any title for any reason, but below are some of the common factors that weigh into the review process:

Price and Timing

While our core audience is located in the US, we have readers in all time zones around the world. In order to give all of our readers equal opportunity to enjoy the titles featured in the email, all books must be discounted until midnight PST of the day that they are being promoted.

If you raise the price of your book before the end of the day that your book is posted we will not promote any of your books in the future. We don’t want that, and you don’t either! This leads to negative feedback and readers unsubscribing from our service which hurts other authors who are promoting their books with Bargain Booksy. Price switching hurts everyone and we do not allow it.


Our readers respond most favorably to books that areover 50 pages in length, so we have a 50 page minimum. There’s nothing wrong with short books, they just don’t perform well to our audience. Upon occasion we will make exceptions to this rule for Children’s books and select Non-Fiction.


Readers judge books by their review rating on Amazon. You do not need to have a certain number of reviews in order to be eligible for placement. However, if you do have reviews by the time your feature runs, and the average rating is below 3 stars, then there is a chance that we won’t be able to run your title. We have found that titles with a below 3 star average rating see much lower engagement from readers. In these cases, we don’t want you to waste your money on a promotion that won’t work for you.


Our emails feature the cover images quite prominently. If your cover is difficult to read, blurry, or just doesn’t fit our audience then we may not be able to accept your book.


If there are grammatical errors in your book description on Amazon or in any of the text available for preview, then we may not be able to accept it.


We promote many types of books across a variety of genres, and we love all genres of books. That said, we will not promote titles that are hateful, slanderous, or designed to incite violence. We’re lovers not haters 🙂 Additionally, we may not accept certain titles that focus on very niche content because we know that the features won’t perform well.

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Here’s a few links that will help you find what you are looking for!

Editorial Guidelines

– This page is for Authors and describes what our editorial staff looks for when an author submits a book.


– Common questions about Freebooksy for Authors.

Contact form

– For Readers and Authors, fill out a form and get in touch with us!


How do I buy a Bargain Booksy Feature?

To buy a Freebooksy Feature please click here. You can purchase with your Paypal account or with a credit card.

Where do I give you my book info?

After picking a genre and a date, you’ll be directed to a form to give us your book’s info!

What is your editorial criteria?

We are looking for books that are well-written, well-formatted and interesting to our readers. We prefer books to have Amazon reviews and professionally designed covers, that said we believe that all authors deserve the right to promote their books. Read our full editorial guidelines for more.

What if I pay for a Bargain Booksy Feature and my book does not meet your editorial criteria? 

If you purchase a Bargain Booksy Feature and after reviewing your book we find it does not meet our criteria, we will refund your purchase within 5 business days.

How soon will I know if my book has been accepted for a Bargain Booksy Feature?

We will let you know within two business days of your payment whether your book has met our editorial criteria and when it will be featured.

What happens if I purchase a Bargain Booksy Feature and then I change the date of my promotion? 

We will do our best to change the date of your Bargain Booksy Feature if your promotional dates change, however, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to feature your book on the new date. We love our authors and do our best to accommodate changes, email us at for more info.

Why do you ask for a few lines of original book description?

As a rule we cannot use the same copy as Amazon because of Google’s duplicate content policy. If we have exactly the same content as Amazon, Google will block our site from showing up in search results. That would mean far less traffic to our site, and authors would feel the hit with a decrease in sales and downloads. In order to avoid that issue, we must use separate book descriptions (which is why we ask authors to provide us with one).

Bargain Booksy looks great, but I want to promote my book while it’s Free, can I still promote with you?

Bargain Booksy only accepts books priced between $0.99 and $5, but our sister site Freebooksy accepts Free books!

What are authors saying about your products?

Funny you should ask, fictional person that exists in my head (are you real?). Here are our testimonials!