2 Marcia Clark Novels for under $2 – April 8

Bestselling author Marcia Clark has 2 Kindle books on sale today. Guilt by Association is $1.49 (that’s 90% off the list price!) and If I’m Dead is only $0.99. Click on the book cover to get the book.

Have you read either of these books? Tell us what you thought in the comments. 

99c Deal on a Paranormal Romance

HIGH WITCH is a paranormal romance about a witch discovering her powers and a new love. This highly-rated novel is on sale for $0.99 on April 8th!

Ariel is one of the most powerful witches in the world (called a high witch). A warlock wants to capture Ariel to use as his own. Ariel joins forces with Brayden, her new love, to attempt to evade the evil warlock.

Will Ariel and Brayden succeed?

This book is also available for $0.99 on Nook and Apple.


Mona Hanna has been a writer since 2008. She created the blog Mona Hanna Devotions, which focuses on devotional writing. She also penned two devotional books: “The Nature of God” and “God’s Promises of Love.” She now writes fantasy novels.


Acclaimed Horror Novel, Deadlocked 2, only 99c

A mother tries to keep her family together during the zombie apocalypse in this highly-rated novel. 

Readers who like World War Z, Zombie Fallout, and I Am Legend will love Deadlocked 2. 

BONUS: The first book in the series, Deadlocked is currently free for Kindle.


The dead girl stood in a predatory crouch and roared. Blood cascaded out of her mouth and splashed against the dock as she moved toward me. Her face was beaten, her body sliced, and there was nothing left of the woman she once was except the vague phantom of beauty now shrouded by horror. She would consume me.

The boat’s motor sputtered to life.

My arms trembled as the bat shook beside me. The zombie girl’s feet rumbled the dock beneath us as she charged. Every ounce of strength in my body dissipated to leave me helpless and vulnerable. I wanted to jump in the boat, but then nothing would stop the creature from jumping in behind me. The natural instinct of fight or flight demanded that I stay and fight to keep my girls safe, but my body revolted and refused to do anything but let me die. At least my death might save Kim and Annie. I closed my eyes and prepared for the inevitable end.


AR Wise always wanted to be a writer, but life has a way of stealing your dreams right out from under you. It wasn’t until he was faced with a cancer in his family that he finally decided to pursue his goal. Today, thanks to the ebook revolution, he is a full time author planning all sorts of nasty surprises for characters in his books.

Favorite Television: Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, and Game of Thrones gets my top spots.

Favorite Music: Almost everything under the sun. I am an enormous music fan, and listen to just about everything. My favorite band of all time is Pink Floyd.

Favorite Place To Write: I used to write on my laptop, anywhere I could find peace and quiet in a house with two young children. Since becoming a full time author, I have converted a room in our basement into my office. I have a fridge, microwave, television, and just about everything a man needs to survive.


Michael Connelly Bargain Books – April 6

Michael Connelly fans don’t miss out on great deals on these bestelling books for Kindle. The Fifth Witness is $3.99, Mulhillan Dive is $1.99 and The Concrete Blonde is $3.49 today, 4/6/13. Enjoy!

Bargain Book for April 6th: Debt Heroes

Super heroes always get the bad guy. This time it’s debt! 

Book Description: Debt Heroes walks you through the stages of paying off your debt. It uses examples of how 21 ordinary people got into and out of large amounts of debt. Collectively the Debt Heroes paid off over $1.7 million dollars in debt. Based on their experiences, the book looks at 6 lessons you can learn about what gets you into debt and 6 ways you can get out of debt.

Those who liked Total Money Makeover, Zero-Debt, and Debt-Free Forever will enjoy GET OUT OF DEBT LIKE THE DEBT HEROES.  

Author’s Inspiration:  My co-author, Jeff Rose, is a certified financial planner who started a project called “The Debt Movement” to help thousands of people combine to pay off $1 million in debt in 3 months. 

I wrote this book to help support the Debt Movement because I wanted to set people up for success. Many other books about getting out of debt tell the reader they must do things a certain way in order to get out of debt, without knowing the reader’s personal situation. If a person isn’t able to follow those steps they feel like they failed.

Debt Heroes gives the reader 21 examples of how people got into and out of massive amounts of debt, then lets the reader choose the one (or ones) that are most applicable to their own personal situation.

Get the Bargain ⇒

Ben Edwards

I’ve been a student of personal finance since I was 12 years old. My grandfather hooked me on investing by giving me shares of Wal-Mart stock for my birthday.

I’ve been writing about money on my Money Smart Life blog for 6 years and I’ve met a lot of great people with amazing stories about paying off debt during that time.

I wanted to share their success stories to help motivate other people to get out of debt and to show that there’s no one “right” way to pay off your debt.

Favorite Food: I have three little kids which makes it tough to go out to dinner anywhere so my favorite place to eat is in our family kitchen 🙂

Favorite Place to Write: Once they’re all in bed at night I go down into my basement office and write into the early hours of the morning.

Favorite Music: I’m a big fan of Spotify because I enjoy a wide variety of music genres and it lets me listen to them all as I write.

Favorite TV show: My kids don’t give me much time to watch television but they can be pretty expensive so they give me lots of inspiration about personal finance topics to cover. When I do have a free moment my wife and I like to catch up on the many episodes of Shark Tank and Survivor we have sitting on our DVR.


Bargain Thrillers for April 5th

Happy Friday! We have a BUNCH of New York Times Bestsellers on sale today : Michael Connelly, Vince Flynn, Jeff Abbott, and James Patterson to name a few. All 6 of these thrillers are $5 or less on April 5th, so grab them while they’re on sale!

Mystery / Thriller Deals

Happy weekend reading!

Bargain Book for April 4th

We have fond memories of reading Chicken Soup for the Soul over the years. From getting over teenage angst to inspiration in marriage, this series has a story for you. Chicken Soup is well beloved in the Bargain Booksy offices – this edition included.

Read about a sweet Lab that had to go to the vet during Christmas, a Dobie who takes care of a baby duck, a dog who dials 911 to help someone in danger, a beagle who steals food from the fridge (naughty little thing), and more beloved animals.

A must-buy for any dog lover, especially since it’s on sale for only $1.99 today!

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Bargain Books for April 3

On any given day, there are thousands (yes, thousands!) of bargain books available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple and Kobo. We find the best bargain books for you and post them daily so you have more time to do what you love – read great books!




Bargain Book for April 1

A Child. A Horse. A Miracle.

Morning Star is a very captivating and fast-paced story about a sick little girl and a special horse. Randy Mixter has created a highly descriptive, magical, and upbeat tale for young and old alike!

Eight year old Dannie Walker is fighting for her life. Her doctors have told her father she has an incurable disease. All hope is lost. Or is it?

A mysterious horse has come to the Walker ranch. A horse that may have mystical powers. His name is Morning Star and he might be Dannie’s only hope.

Morning Star is only $0.99 today for Kindle. Click here to get it now! 

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Randy Mixter

I have been writing since I was a teenager. I have had poetry and other writings published locally. I have also written articles for a local paper and won an award for creative writing.

I have published a book of short stories concerning growing up in Baltimore City in the 1960s, titled The Boys of Northwood.
My second novel, Sarah of the Moon, is a fictional love story, with a touch of mystery, that takes place in San Francisco during the 1967 Summer of Love.

Vist Randy’s Website

Bargain Books for March 31

On any given day, there are thousands (yes, thousands!) of bargain books available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple and Kobo. We find the best bargain books for you and post them daily so you have more time to do what you love – read great books!


Mystery / Thriller Picks

Science Fiction

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