Fall Into This Dark And Twisty Fairytale For Less Than $1 – April 19

HUNTING THE SNARK is the next installment in the thrilling Alice in Deadland Adventure series. Alice has helped free the people of Wonderland, but what happens when there is another threat? What will she learn when she goes to the land of parents – the United States of America? 

HUNTING THE SNARK captivates the reader until the very end and will have you hoping for another adventure down the rabbit hole. 

This will be available on April 19 for $0.99.


Mainak Dhar is a cubicle dweller by day and author by night. His first “published” work was a stapled collection of Math solutions and poems (he figured nobody would pay for his poems alone) that he sold to his classmates in Grade 7, and spent the proceeds on ice cream and comics. Mainak was a bestselling author in his native India with titles published by major houses like Penguin and Random House and with one of his novels (Herogiri) being made into a major motion picture. In early 2011, he began to use Amazon to reach international readers through his ebooks and became one of the leading independent authors in the world with more than 100,000 books sold in his first year. He has thirteen books to his credit including the bestselling Alice in Deadland trilogy.


Be Mesmerized By This Mysterious Thriller For Only $3.99 – April 19

ARCHANGELS: RISE OF THE JESUITS is a pulse-pounding thriller that combines authentic history with riveting suspense of first-rate fiction. When control of the Vatican and its finances is at stake, the devil is in the details, and no one plays fair.

Newly installed Pope Francis is a Jesuit. Could art be imitating real life in ARCHANGELS : RISE OF THE JESUITS or could it be the other way around?

Fans of Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code will like ARCHANGELS : RISE OF THE JESUITS.

Ms. Tavakoli was inspired to write this novel by real-life murders, intrigue, and scandal surrounding the Vatican hierarchy and the Vatican bank.

This will be available for $3.99 on April 19th.


Janet Tavakoli is an internationally renowned expert, consultant, author and speaker in complex financial products. Her non-fiction finance books are global bestsellers in their respective fields. She brings to fiction her penetrating insights and knowledge of behind the scenes politics and finance to create an exciting and believable blend of fast-moving fiction and headline-making news.

My favorite place to write is on location. My favorite foods are the fresh foods of each season. A fresh ripened peach or apricot can be heaven on a hot summer day. A plate of homemade pasta with vegetables and seafood may be nirvana in winter.


Pages Will Fly With This $2.99 Historical Thriller – April 19

Go back to post World War II America with BLACK FOREST. Arthur Murray, back from hunting Nazis in Europe, is now living as an insurance salesman in Manhattan. Then Arthur receives a late night phone call from his father. Soon Arthur is caught up in a web of sex, lies, murder, corruption, and international intrigue that threaten national security and the lives of those he holds dear. The hunter has become the hunted.

Fans of Ken Follett, Dennis LeHane, and John LeCarre will like BLACK FOREST.

Mr. Thayer was inspired to write BLACK FOREST from his experience as an insurance investigator in the sixties. He pictures John Hamm as Arthur Murray.

This is available for $2.99 on April 19th.


I cannot remember a time in my life when I didn’t want to be a writer. I am sure that there must have been. I think books make us all civilized. At least more civilized. My small contribution to the human experience is very gratifying and I am fortunate to be able to do it.

Favorite Food: Seafood risotto

Favorite Place to Write: I can write anywhere. 

Favorite Music: All kinds of blues. 

Favorite TV show: MI5

Thriller and Horror Bargains for April 18

We picked four great deals on spine-tingling novels today: two thrillers and two horror novels.

David Baldacci’s THE INNOCENT, on sale for $3.99 today, is a government-inspired thriller that is “masterfully told.” Nelson DeMille’s PLUM ISLAND ($3.49 today) is more of a murder mystery.

For the horror picks: we have MILE 81, a $1.99 novel from Stephen King, and DON’T BREATHE A WORD, a haunting supernatural tale. Warning: nightmares may occur after reading. Not for the faint of heart.

These deals are good on April 18!

Two Bestselling Fantasy Deals for April 18

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is a historical fantasy that is so wildly popular, Hollywood made it into a movie. The book is only $3.49 today – so grab it and dive into a world where the US President is also a fighter of the undead.

The Rose Garden ($4.99 today) is also a historical fantasy, but with less vampires and more romance. If you’re a fan of time-travel romantic fantasies, you’ll love this one.

These deals are good on 4/18.

Deals on Bestselling Autobiographies – April 18

We may tell jokes about Chuck Norris, but did you know he’s a bestselling author as well as a movie star? His autobiography AGAINST ALL ODDS is highly rated, and is only $2.99 today.

AMERICAN SNIPER is the autobiography of a Navy Seal who happens to be the most lethal sniper in American military history. His story is unique and powerful, and is only $4.99 today.

These deals are good on 4/18.

Romance Book Deals for April 18

Debbie Macomber fans: her novel 16 LIGHTHOUSE ROAD is only $4.99 today (usually $10). Macomber is wonderful at weaving love into hard situations like divorce – and this novel is a great example of that talent.

Teen romance readers: VAIN has 386 5-star reviews on Amazon. It’s the tale of Sophie Price, a girl who was the object of every man’s desire, and is now someone that nobody wants around. It’s moving and original, and only $0.99.

These deals are good on 4/18.

A Cozy Romance Bargain for April 18

A wealthy Frenchman in need of a temporary wife makes a deal with a tabloid journalist who’s posing as a down-on-her-luck American actress in THE MARRIAGE BARGAIN.

This is the first book in a series of romances by Sandra Edwards that you don’t want to miss.

This book is only $0.99 (usually $5) on April 18. Pick it up while it’s on sale!

THE MARRIAGE BARGAIN is also available for $0.99 on Nook.

Two Deals on Religious Reads for April 18

One Christian novel, one true story of spiritual inspiration. Both on sale April 18.

A GOOD AND PERFECT GIFT is the true story of a family with a child born with Down syndrome. This book is beautifully inspirational and is only $1.99.

SAVING GIDEON is $4.99 today, and is a Amish fiction book about two lovers and their never-ending faith.

These deals are good on 4/18.

Whimsy Abounds in This Grown-up Fairytale for less than $1 – April 18

Fairies are trouble…sinful trouble? Sweet sister Delilah gets diamonds, wicked sister Isadora gets toads. DIAMONDS AND TOADS is a thoroughly naughty twisted fairytale romance that will have you laughing and sighing with joy.

Fans of Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Julie Garwood will like DIAMONDS AND TOADS. 

Ms. Saxon was inspired by The Charles Perrault fairytale by the same name, but she wanted to tell the “wicked” sister’s story, too, all with a modern twist to find true love! She imagines Jennifer Tilly or Debi Mazar for Delilah and Isla Fisher for Isadora.

This will be also be available on Nook and Apple for $0.99 on April 18.


A loud crack! split the air and Delilah whirled around. A sudden scent of patchouli filled her nostrils. All around her, a rosy watercolor haze washed over the landscape. A giddy bubble of fear tripped up Delilah’s spine as a spray of glitter dust drifted in the space where the woman had been. And in her place, a yellow parrot perched on the handle of the cart, staring at her from one beady black eye. Delilah hawked a reflexive cough and something small, hard, and cold fell from her mouth into her palm. “Sweet Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.” A diamond.


I am an indie-published author of both contemporary and historical sensual romance. I have been an avid reader of both genres since I was a tween. Interestingly, I never really contemplated writing one until a particular day (in November of 2006), out of pure frustration, and after having read Julie Garwood’s THE BRIDE for about the millionth time and wanting DESPERATELY to know the whole story of Mary (the sister of heroine) and Daniel (the friend of hero), that I finally thought: “I’m just going to write the story for myself, so that every time I read this book again, I’ll always know what happened to the sister.” Well, needless to say, it only took me about 5-10 minutes into the writing of it to realize I had NO idea how to write like Julie Garwood, nor WHAT Julie Garwood would do with her characters (another source of frustration, I might add—I still wish she’d write that sequel!) However, the germ of the idea was set and I ended up writing a completely different story purely springing from my frustration in not knowing the other characters’ story! As far as how long I’ve been writing, well, I’ve been keeping a journal since I was a pre-teen and in my teenage years I wrote a lot of poetry. Funnily, I always had the itch to write fiction, but when I tried sitting down to just write a short story or something, I could never keep my own interest—not until I tried my hand at romance. Then, for me, it was like reading a romance as I wrote it. I loved it, loved the process, and still do.

Favorite Food: Steak

Favorite Place to write: On the couch with my laptop HDMI cabled to my big screen t.v.

Favorite Music: 60s, 70s, 80s rock, alternative rock PLUS I love Gershwin, Porter, Kern, Rogers & Hammerstein, and all the blues and jazz singers from the 20s and 30s

Favorite TV show: Right now, Game of Thrones. I LOVE this show!!!


Keep That New Year’s Resolution With This $2.99 Diet Guide – April 18

THE DIET DROPOUT’S GUIDE OF NATURAL WEIGHT LOSS will give you the necessary tools to create an unique path to lose weight naturally and to keep it off! This book describes common sense and and safe methods for weight loss using the essentials of a healthy lifestyle.  


Dr. Spencer sought to dispel all the diet fads with this book. He wants to provide people with a down-to-earth guide on the science of weight loss.

This book will be available for $2.99 on April 18.


Permanent weight loss requires permanent lifestyle changes. The information in this book will help you replace bad habits with good ones and make the lifestyle changes required for lasting weight loss. You will learn how small adjustments in your eating and exercise habits can result in a big diff erence in body fat over time, why many of the things you hear about gaining or losing weight are false, and why popular diets rarely produce permanent weight loss. You will also learn how to change your personal environment so it’s no longer fattening, boost your metabolism without drugs or supplements, give your body the exercise it needs without wasting time, eat fewer calories without counting them or going hungry, and beat temptation with the willpower you already have.


Stan Spencer, PhD, has conducted laboratory research in botany and genetics at Brigham Young University, the Smithsonian Institution, and Claremont Graduate University. He works as a consulting biologist in Southern California and blogs on natural weight loss at fatlossscience.org.

Deals on Bestselling Nonfiction Books for April 17

These two nonfiction picks are for people who love (hilarious) celebrity memoirs. SERIOUSLY… I’M KIDDING by one of our favorite funny ladies, Ellen Degeneres, is on sale for $4.99. This memoir was a runaway bestseller from the moment it was released, so don’t miss out while it’s on sale. KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL is a collection of essays and stories from Anthony Bourdain, one of the most fascinating and entertaining modern chefs. Also $4.99 today, this book will make you hungry and keep you laughing. And BOSSYPANTS? Tina Fey’s hilarious memoir is only $0.99. You can’t NOT get it.

These deals are good on 4/17.

Beach Read Bargains for April 17

When we’re on vacation, we want a light read to make us laugh. These 5 picks are perfect to start while sitting by the pool, or, if you’re lucky, by the beach.

Nicholas Sparks and Nora Roberts need no introduction. Their novels THE GUARDIAN and UNFINISHED BUSINESS are $3.49 each today. WHERE’D YOU GO, BERNADETTE is a women’s fiction / humor read – less of a romance, more laughter ($4.99 today). Julia Quinn’s THE BRIDGERTONS, $4.49, is a historical romance that centers around one family (you’ll adore them). HOT QUIT is our $0.99 pick for today – it’s a typical cowboy romance that you don’t want to miss!

All of these deals are good on 4/17.

A Michael Connelly Thriller for $3.49 – April 17

THE LAST COYOTE from Michael Connelly, one of the best crime writers out there, is on sale for $3.49 today!

This book follows Harry Bosch as he tries to cope with suspension from his job while investigating a crime from 1961. That crime happens to be the brutal murder of his mother.

Dive into this suspenseful read – this deal is good on April 17.

What’s your favorite Connelly novel?

Three More Nonfiction Deals for April 17

We picked two excellent historical reads for history buffs today: THE NIGHT LIVES ON is a collection of stories about the secrets of the Titanic, and Arturo Borbon’s book is a collection of photographs and memoirs from Soviet-era Ukraine. They’re only $1.99 and $0.99 respectively today, so grab it and learn a bit about history!

The third pick, THINKING FAST AND SLOW, is an international bestselling business book to help sharpen your mind. It’s $4.99 today (usually $30) – so don’t miss this sale.

These deals are good on April 17.

Get Healthy with this $.99 Diet Guide – April – 17

Looking for a lifestyle change and not some gimmick? THE FREEDOM DIET is what you want! This is an easy guide to help you make the eating changes that will lead to permanent weight loss.

The author has worked with clients a nutritionist and personal trainer to reach their fitness/weight goals. Through his experiences, he has come up with a system by eating healthy and tasty foods to stay full all day long.  

This book will be available on Kindle for $0.99 on April 17th.


John A. Tighe, M.Phil. is a writer who has spent many years in the fitness industry working directly with clients as a personal trainer, fitness and nutrition coach. John also speaks on nutrition and fitness and has worked as a consultant for several nutritional supplement companies.

This 99c Psychic Suspense Novel Will Have You On the Edge Of Your Seat – April 17

In MIND GAMES, prepare yourself to be transported into the mind of psychic Diana Racine and the killer she need to find. This suspense filled novel will have the pages turning as you wait to find out if Diana will be able to outsmart the psychic killer. 

Fans of Tami Hoag, Nora Roberts, and Lisa Gardner will like MIND GAMES. 

Polly Iyer was inspired to write MIND GAMES from her thoughts about what it would be like to be able to read people’s minds. She pictures Mila Kunis as Diana Racine.

MIND GAMES is available for $0.99 on April 17.


Diana Racine, Fraud of the Century That was the headline in the morning’s Times-Picayune. She’d heard the accusation since she was a child. Charlatan in Miami, carny huckster in Detroit, and a dangerous witch in Boston. Others had called her a hustler, schemer, faker, pretender, gypsy, quack, phony, and scamster. That last was from Vegas. Totally biased reporting there. They were all right. She was a fraud. And a damn good one too. A thirty-three-year old, five-foot-two bundle of fraud. To a point. Well here I am, people of New Orleans. Judge for yourselves.


How many times have readers read a book and thought they could write a better book? That’s what Polly thought after reading a clunker, so she set out to write a book. Was the first book good? Not really. She knew nothing about writing, but she didn’t give up. She took classes, learned what she needed to learn—though not everything—and wrote a second book that was definitely better. Something happened along the way. Polly grew to love the challenge of writing a novel. She studied more, connected with other writers from whom she learned, and became better at her craft. Now, many books later, Polly can’t stop writing. Writing is the most fun she ever had, and she has no intention of stopping.

Favorite Food: Pasta and potatoes, any kind, any day of the week.

Favorite Place to Write: I write in my office and on my bed. 


Here’s a 99c Suspenseful Thriller That is Sure to Have Pages Flying – April 17

KISS ME OR DIE is a suspenseful  thriller with a dash of romance that will have you staying up into the wee hours reading. Richard has been trying to sell the “worst novel ever written” and more and more people are ending up dead. What happens when the love of his life finally shows up? 

KISS ME OR DIE is a literary treasure, creepy and cruel, witty, sarcastic, full of dark humor and with an undercurrent of sadness, but, most of all, enormously entertaining with great dialogue.

This will be available for $0.99 on April 17.


I love hearing from you! My writing is a journey of faith and exploration, and I am always willing to tackle the big questions with an open mind and willing spirit. I believe we all have the opportunity to make this world a more beautiful, powerful, and peaceful place by embracing the mysteries and power of our hearts. And I believe the reader (you) is always right. I hope you’ll join me on the journey.


Two 99c Thrillers – April 16

Before Her Eyes by Rebecca Forster is a gripping thriller set in a remote mountain community.  Fuzzy Navel by J.A. Konrath follows Lieutenant Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels on her fifth adventure. Both are only 99c today. 

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