Bargain Fantasy Ebooks for You

Fantasy fans, check out these engrossing reads at discounted prices. THE GARDEN OF STONES ($2.99) by Mark T. Barnes is a great blend of fantasy and science fiction with sword fights and galactic empires. DEADLY STING ($1.99) by New York Times best selling author Jennifer Estep is an urban fantasy about an assassin with magical powers. 

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These Ebook deals are good on July 1. 

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Highly Rated Mystery Reads as Sale Ebooks

These mystery reads are sure to satisfy your cravings for a whodunit.  THE HOUSE AT SEA’S END ($2.99) by Elly Griffiths features Ruth, a forensic archaeologist and a mystery dating back to World War Two. THE TIDES OF MEMORY  ($2.99) by #1 New York Times best selling author Tilly Bagshawe takes place in the high stress orl of London big business. DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS ($1.99) by Walter Mosley is a private investigator mystery that takes place in the Jazz bars and Jazz music subculture of the 1940’s.


Get these bargain books on July 1.

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Women’s Fiction Ebooks Discounted

These women’s fiction novels are written by New York Times Best Selling authors. Check out these heart touching stories of love and family. THE MARRIAGE MISTAKE ($2.99) by Jennifer Probst is the tale of a woman, her attraction for her brother’s best friend, their forbidden encounter, and their traditional family’s response. ANIMAL DREAMS ($1.99) by Barbara Kingsolver is a lyrically written love story with hints of Native American legends and the protagonists quest for identity. 

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Get these sale ebooks on July 1. 


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Three Discounted Romance Ebooks for You

THE DREAM CHILD ($2.99) by Emma Daniels is a romance with a paranormal twist. THE ARRANGEMENT 2 ($2.99) by New York Times best selling author H. M. Ward is the second installment in her young adult romance series; the first seven installments are on sale currently. HOPELESS ($0.99) by Colleen Hoover is a touching story of life, love, trust, and renewal between two young people with devastating pasts. 

Get these cheap Kindle books on July 1. 

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Romance by Best Selling Author Discounted

Editor’s Note: ZANE is another great romance from Harlequin’s Desire collection.

Book Description: Zane isn’t used to having women turn him down. Like all such quintessentially male characters, when one woman does manage to avoid his charms, he falls deeper in love than he ever has before. His lover leaves him, only to return to town engaged to another man! ZANE is the story of his attempts to prove to her that he is the man she needs. 

Get ZANE for $1.99 for Kindle on July 1.

Brenda Jackson

Brenda Jackson is an American romance novelist who is a New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling and award-winning author of more than seventy-five romance titles.

Fantasy Ebook on Sale for Kindle

Editor’s Note: DEMONS DIE HARDER is a tale about power, ambition, responsibility and trust.

If you like fantasy novels, this is a good book for you. 

Book Description:  Sariel Baldwin, orphan and niece of the New York banker Harold Baldwin, is just about to recover from the loss of her parents when she meets Alexander, a fire demon set out to avenge murder. She doesn’t know that her uncle is the focus of Alexander’s mission. And that is just the beginning …

Creatures of Fire is contemporary fantasy that draws the reader into the modern world of Paris and New York and the ancient world of the demons – Dschinnanya. Mysterious characters, a good dose of humor and a dash of romance are the ingredients of this story.

Author’s Inspiration: Demons. These mythical creatures are fascination, dangerous and hard to predict. 

Get DEMONS DIE HARDER for $0.99 for Kindle on July 1.


JB Brooklin

J.B. Brooklin loves to write about love, mystery and creatures that are not from this world. Her love of books of all genres goes back to her childhood, when she read everything she could get her hands on. One of her biggest dreams had always been to write herself, to create books that help her readers travel into unknown and fascinating worlds.

After living abroad for several years J.B. currently lives in the south of Germany with her two children, husband and cats. 

For more about J.B. Brooklin visit

Adorable Ebook for Kindle That You Will Love

Editor’s Note: DEMANDING RANSOM supports the stance that when life takes something that is yours, you have every right to demand it back.

The story is so well developed and really roped me in right away, and it kept me guessing until the very end. 

Book Description: Life hasn’t been easy for nineteen-year-old Maggie Carson, and things get even more difficult when Ran, the gorgeous paramedic that saved her from a car crash, keeps crossing her path. Ran’s life hasn’t been a cake walk either, but there’s something different about him, and Maggie’s not quite sure she’s ready for the challenge he has to offer. But if there is one thing Ran has taught Maggie, it’s that you can’t sit on the sidelines of your own existence. When life takes something that’s yours, you have every right to demand it back.

Author’s Inspiration:  I was in the middle of a photoshoot (I’m a photographer by day, writer by night) and the guy I was photographing said that he was training to be an EMT. I instantly thought how that job must be so hard, but also, pretty darn cool. Everything with the story line sort of snowballed from there, but it’s definitely centered around Ran “saving” Maggie in several ways: physically, emotionally, and relationally. For most of my books, I’m one of those fly by the seat of my pants writers, so the plot usually comes to me as I write. With Demanding Ransom, it all just poured out of me. 

Get DEMANDING RANSOM for 99c for Kindle on July 1

Megan Squires

I write about my life. Sort of. I typically can’t get away from pulling past experiences into my stories. The snowboard scene in Demanding Ransom where they shut down the lift? Yeah. That happened. Luckily, it was with my best friend and not a guy, but still mortifying nonetheless. As a writer, so many pieces of me are in my characters, in their actions and their thoughts. Which makes sense, because they’re in my thoughts 24/7. Getting it all out on paper is a kind of therapy, one that I’d glad to participate in.

Top Suspense Novels on Sale for Kindle

Mystery fans, check out these top suspense reads for discounted prices. MCGRAVE ($1.99) by Lee Goldberg follows John McGrave, a cop who always gets his man, no matter what the consequences. A PICTURE OF GUILT ($1.99) by Libby Fisher is the story of Ellie Foreman, a lawyer who becomes involved in something much larger than the murder case she supplied evidence for. HARLOTS MOON ($1.99) by Ed Gorman begins with a Catholic priest found dead in a hotel room with his tongue cut out and continues on a wild ride of thrilling suspense.

Get these cheap Kindle books on July 1.

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Giveaway: Snow Day + Kindle Fire

Fans!  You have the change to win a Kindle Fire HD (a $200 value) or one of five free digital downloads of the Snow Day audiobook from (a $14.95 value). The giveaway ends on September 27 to coincide with the author’s virtual book tour.

SNOW DAY is a short thriller that blends equal parts nostalgia and nightmare as it recounts the tale of young boy who played carefree in the snow until an adventure gone awry left him far from home, staring death in the face, and running from a killer bent on keeping a horrible secret.

Readers who love Dean Koontz and Stephen King will love this one.

Buy the Book for $1.99


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Discounted Romance Ebooks for Kindle and Nook

Romance Lovers! Check out these sales on highly rated reads by New York Times Best Selling authors. THE NEWCOMER ($3.99) by Robyn Carr follows the life of a woman who needs to let go of the past and find something worth building a future on. TWO OF A KIND ($3.99) by Susan Mallery is the tale of two misfits, one super smart one Black Ops, who come to find that where they belong is with each other.  THE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT ($4.99) by Bella Andre is the love story of a big town detective and a small town chocolatier. 


Get these cheap ebooks on June 30.  


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Action and Adventure Ebooks for Kindle

If you’re looking for a little adventure to liven up the end of your weekend, check out these novels by New York Times Best Selling authors. THE POISONED PILGRIM ($4.99) by Oliver Potzsch is a historical tale set in a monastery in the 17th century featuring scheming, scientific monks. BLOOD LINE ($4.49) by James Rollins is a tale of ancient treasures and those who will stop at nothing to attain them.

Get these cheap Kindle books on June 30. 

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Three Literary Fiction Kindle Books For You

Literary Fiction fans check out these highly rated reads. BRING UP THE BODIES ($4.99) by New York Times Best Selling author Hilary Mantel delves into the depths of Tudor era England. WHAT IS LEFT THE DAUGHTER ($2.99) by Howard Norman is a heart touching tale of struggle and the rare but poignant moments of beauty in life. ORPHAN TRAIN ($2.99) by Christina Baker Kline is a story of friendship and second chances.


Ebook deals good June 30.  


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Discounted Mystery Ebooks for Kindle and Nook

Mystery Fans! Check out these discounted reads. There are few better ways to end a long week than hunkering down with a good book. THE INNOCENT ($3.99) is a New York Times Best Seller by David Baldacci about an American hit man. KILLING SARAI ($0.99) by best selling author J. A. Redmerski is the suspenseful tale of a young girl stuck living in the compound of a Mexican drug lord  and that assassin that she hopes will be her way out. MOON ON THE BAYOU ($2.99) by A. J. Davidson begins with Deputy Sheriff Val Bosanquet’s day starting badly when a body is stolen from his crime scene and continues into the depths of a drug cartel. 


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Historical Adventure On Sale For Kindle Today!

Editor’s Note: TANKARD’S LEGACY is a historical pirate adventure with tough girls giving as good as they get.

 Book Description:  Kin and Beatrice are two girls, oceans apart in distance and decades apart in time, each cast adrift on an unexpected journey which sees them facing off pirates, chasing treasure and depending on their wits for survival. In this historical action adventure expect the unexpected as you set sail on a voyage to the mysterious Orient, meeting vengeful enemies, an enchanted bird and a ruthless pirate queen along the way.

Author’s Inspiration: Dreams, disappointment and a desire to escape the everyday all played their part in driving me to tell this story. I just don’t think there are enough strong, courageous female heroes around in film and fiction, so I wrote a story that I would like to read. 

Get TANKARD’S LEGACY for $2.91 for Kindle on June 30. 

V. J. Ishii

Currently I live in the rebel stronghold of Lewes, East Sussex, In contrast, I lived for six years in Japan, the very apotheosis of conformist behaviour. In addition to deep affection for its people (well, I married one – thus the name), I also became fascinated by its history and culture. Story-telling is part of the fabric of every culture on earth, it helps us make sense of the world and ourselves. Reading stories allows us to escape and walk in the shoes of anyone – be they a different gender or someone who lived in a different land many centuries ago. I hope as an author that I can create a doorway to one of those worlds. It’s an exciting task, and not a little bit magical to know that my words can now travel the globe, taking my stories to places even my pirates might never have dreamed of.

Get This Wartime Romance On Sale for Kindle!

Book Description: Southern soldier Eli West wakes in a cave and discovers he is held captive by a soldier of the Union. Shot, drugged, and tortured, he descends into the darkness and the beauty of his unconscious, uncovering a time when he was still in love, a time before war, a time before everything fell away.

Author’s note:This book contains descriptions of graphic war violence and otherwise. It may not be suitable for the easily squeamish. Although “Dreams of Eli” is a love story unlike any told, the author wishes to make it clear that the reader’s sensibilities will not be spared.

From the Book: I caress her cheek and pull her toward me as I look deep into her eyes. So much pain swims within them. But I see her. And she sees me. I kiss her because I would rather die a sickly death with her than live in a world without her warmth and without her love. 

Get Dreams of Eli for $2.99 for Kindle on June 30. 

Van Heerling

I love the night. I have always been a night person. My best hours, the hours of when inspiration is most likely to visit, are between 10 pm and 4 am. It is during these hours that the worries of the day fall away and my muse taps my shoulder. It is during these hours she whispers her secrets. While most sleep, I labor with great hope that you, the reader, will one day receive my words.

Three Books for Kindle You Wont Want to Miss

Check out these highly rated memoirs by famous figures. BORN TO BE BRAD ($2.99) by Brad Goreski, celebrity stylist and fashion icon, takes the reader through Brad’s Life, from his small town roots through current day as he shares styling tips and tricks with his readers. LIFE IS NOT A REALITY SHOW ($2.99) by Kyle Richards is her how to guide for living a guilt free gliz and glamour filled life. ITS NOT REALLY ABOUT THE HAIR ($2.99) by Tabitha Coffey is an honest discussion on her life and her opinions of why every woman should embrace their forceful side. 

Get these cheap Kindle books on 6/30. 

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Discounted Romance for Kindle

Looking for a little weekend romance? Take a peek at these romance novels by New York Times best selling authors. SEARCH FOR A NEW DAWN ($0.99) by Barbara Delinsky is a heart touching classic romance story of a young woman looking for renewed passion. CRAVE ($2.99) by Monica Murphy is a contemporary romance with piles of money, raucous parties, and steamy romance. DISGUISED BLESSING ($0.99)by Georgia Bockoven is the story of a mother, spurned by a seemingly perfect fiancee, who must learn to trust her heart again. 

Grab these cheap Kindle books for 6/29.  

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Cheap Science Fiction Kindle Books

Enjoy science fiction and superhero novels? ENEMIES &ALLIES ($1.99) and THE LAST DAYS OF KRYPTON ($1.99) are classic superman novels by New York Times best selling author Kevin J. Anderson. ABADDON’S GATE by James S. A. Corey takes place in a human settled solar system when a mysterious alien artifact suddenly appears. 

Kindle deals good on 6/29. 

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Book Giveaway: Diamond Fields

We’re giving away 6 paperback copies of DIAMOND FIELDS by Randall Reneau!

About the Book: DIAMOND FIELDS is the second book in award-winning author Randall Reneau’s Trace Brandon series. Trace Brandon is a geologist who has taken some time off in the Cayman Islands. Nobody’s tried to kill him so far, but Trace can’t resist a special mining project offered to him by Cyrus McSweeny. Follow Trace through West Africa in his project-turned-survival-mission.

Readers who enjoy Clive Cussler, James Lee Burke, or Wilbur Smith will love DIAMOND FIELDS.

Can’t wait for the giveaway? Want to read it now?

Buy for $3.99 on Kindle

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A Page Turning Thriller for 99c

Editor’s Note: The Girl From Long Guyland is an exciting tale of past crimes and dangerous friendships.

Set against a 1969 psychedelic love-in backdrop, The Girl From Long Guyland is shared through the eyes of Laila Levin when decades later, an unsolved murder pulls her reluctantly into her past. A dramatic collision of then and now – entwining family, marriage, profession and ethics.

Readers who enjoyed Gone Girl and She’s Come Undone will like THE GIRL FROM LONG GUYLAND.

The author’s inspiration came from reflecting on different periods of her life and examining what she learned from them. For her, the late sixties was an aberration from the rest of her relatively conservative life. She has found that evidently the novel has struck a chord with other baby boomers’ memories.

THE GIRL FROM LONG GUYLAND will be available on Kindle for $0.99 on June 29.



 I wrote my first novel at five years old and have been writing ever since while trying to hold down a day job and raise three boys. My first novel, THE GIRL FROM LONG GUYLAND was published last Nov. The ebook has over 80,000 downloads and has ranked #1 in Amazon promotions in both Thriller/Suspense and Contemporary Fiction.