Bargain Book for Romance Lovers on Kindle

Editor’s Note: MY SAVIOR FOREVER has a harsh beginning but turns into a beautiful Romance. 

Book Description: Cassie is a young girl who’s had an unhappy life and found some happiness in a small town in Kansas. Her life is turned upside down when she is kidnapped and brutally raped. Jesse is considered hot by most women but hasn’t had time for any Romance. While searching for his mother’s killers he witnesses a young girl being kidnapped and has to make some decisions quickly. Will Jesse rescue Cassie and will Cassie find her Savior Forever?

Author’s Inspiration: I was inspired by all the wonderful Romance Author’s books I have had the honor to read. My book has been in my dreams for over a year. I finally decided to put my thoughts down on paper.

From Book: Jesse pulls me in an embrace. “Baby, you take all the time you need. I know you have been through so much. You’re so brave.” He pushes me back a little and stares into my eyes. “Do you know how brave you are?” I shyly shake my head. He pulls me back and holds me again. “Oh, baby. After all you have been through in your life, I think you’re the bravest person I know.” Tears form in my eyes. I don’t feel very brave.

Get this Kindle for 99c on August 7. 

Vicki Green 

I became an Author to share my love for Romance. As you, I love a great Romance, to get down deep with the characters, feel what they feel and follow them into their blissful happiness. Like a great movie, I love to take that feeling with me after I read them. I want to share that with my readers too!

Author Website: 

Book Giveaway: The Inferno Experience

We’re giving away 10 copies of the book THE INFERNO EXPERIENCE! 

Book Description: Dan Brown’s Inferno mostly takes place in Florence, the city where Dante once wrote about hell, purgatory and paradise, a mysterious world filled with symbolism. You can find traces of Dante and the Divina Commedia all over Florence. 

Dan Brown takes you to a number of hidden places inside the city, such as the secret passage Vasari built, and the percorsi segreti in the Palazzo Vecchio. 

Dan Brown also presents lots of riddles, mostly based on Dante’s Divina Commedia. Let me take you along on a magic mystery tour of all the symbols, the codes and the references in Inferno in this third and last book of The Inferno Experience

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Discount eBooks for Mystery and Thriller Readers

DEAD LOCK ($4.99) by Sean Black is a political thriller in which a bodyguard finds that keeping his charge alive will be much more difficult than he expected. DIVINE FURY ($0.99) by Robert B. Lowe is a thrilling mystery in which a reporter uncovers distressing secrets. TUDOR SECRET ($3.99) by C. W. Gortner is a historical mystery set in Tudor England. SILVER JUSTICE ($0.99) by Russell Blake is a suspenseful murder mystery. NOWHERE TO RUN ($0.99) is a suspense novel in which the protagonist tries to find out who from her troubled past is targeting her. SURFACE TENSION ($0.99) is a suspense novel set on the high seas. 

Grab these cheap books on 8/6. 

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Highly Rated Non Fiction Kindle Books

These non fiction reads inquire into different aspects of modern culture. MERLE’S DOOR ($2.99) is full of research concerning the bonds between dogs and humans; why is it that we love our furry companions so much? CHUCK CLOSTERMAN IV ($2.99) is a social satire written by an Esquire columnist in which he picks fun at some of the more ridiculous happenings of the early 2000’s. 

Grab these cheap books on August 6.  

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Two Best Seller Science Fiction Kindle Books

MORE THAN HUMAN ($1.99) by Throdore Sturgeon is a classic science fiction novel with humans who have super-human powers. CYBERSTORM ($1.99) is a story of cyber terror in a New York that becomes cut off from the rest of the country as the boundaries between reality and the web begin to blur. 

Get these bargain books on August 6.   

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Meg Cabot Princess Diaries On Sale

Today you can get the 1st and the 5th books in the Princess Diaries series on sale for Kindle. These eBooks would make great gifts for teenage girls. They are $4.99 each. 

I remember reading about Mia Thermopolis as a young teen and relating with the quirky, awkward protagonist. These adorable young adult novels are sure to warm your heart and touch every young girl who reads them. 

Grab these bargain books on August 6.

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Discount Romance Novels by Best Seller Authors

These best seller romance authors have discounted eBooks today. That is one of the great things about the prolific nature of many romance authors, they almost always have at least one book on sale!

YOU NEVER CAN TELL by Kathleen Eagle is the story of a love between a reporter and an activist running from the law, LOVING A LOST LORD by Mary Jo Putney is a historical romance between a Duke suffering from amnesia and a young woman who uses his loss of memory as a way to get away from an unwanted suitor. FALL INTO ME by Julia London follows the affair between a sexy but high maintenance pop star and a boy guard. The Best Seller FEAR OF FALLING by S. L. Jennings is inspired by true events and tells the story of a young woman who suffered from abuse and the man who helps her heal. SEND ME NO FLOWERS by Trish Jenson is the story of the budding relationship between childhood friends who meet again as adults and find that they feel more than childhood camaraderie for each other. MAN OF MY DREAMS by Johanna Lindsey is a historical romance between a duke hunting young woman and a scheming duke in disguise. 

Get these cheap books on August 6.  

Get the Kindle Books here: YOU NEVER CAN TELL ($1.99), LOVING A LOST LORD ($0.99), FALL INTO ME ($0.99), FEAR OF FALLING ($0.99), SEND ME NO FLOWERS ($4.61), and MAN OF MY DREAMS  ($3.99). 

Get the Nook Books here: LOVING A LOST LORD, FEAR OF FALLING, and MAN OF MY DREAMS  ($4.99)

Get the Kobo Books here:  LOVING A LOST LORD, FEAR OF FALLING, and MAN OF MY DREAMS  ($4.99)

Get the Apple Books here: LOVING A LOST LORD and MAN OF MY DREAMS  ($4.99)

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Fun Bargain Read for Kindle, Nook, and Apple

Editor’s Note:  In LOVE AND OTHER SUBJECTS the lovable protagonist, Carolyn Jenkins, negotiates her new post college life in this funny and relatable novel. 

Book Description:  A fun, quirky tale of Carolyn Jenkins, fresh out of college trying to make her way in the world. She stumbles through work, love and life but never stops moving forward. A heartwarming, hilarious story that shows sometimes the best things in life are the things that go wrong.

Author’s Inspiration: Years and years in urban classrooms informed Carolyn’s career portions of the novel and the fun and excitement of friendships formed in the “trenches” of that first job after college informed the room-mate part. Love, the struggles and rewards of it–from a lifetime of watching and experiencing romance (or lack thereof) informed the third rail of this story–the love-story! 

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Get this discounted eBook for $0.99 on 8/06. 

Kathleen Shoop

About the Author: Bestselling author, Kathleen Shoop, holds a PhD in reading education and has more than 20 years of experience in the classroom. Her third novel, Love and Other Subjects, earned a Silver medal in the Independent Publisher Book Awards and received an Honorable Mention from the San Francisco Book Festival.

Discount Horror Novel for Kindle

Editor’s Note:  Run, the dead have risen! GRACE LOST is a new twist on the zombie apocalypse.

Book Description: The dead have risen and are ravenous! A small group of survivors struggle to survive as the living dead evolve. Not just your average zombie tale!

Author’s Inspiration: My love of tales of the undead, from classic Romero to more modern works like 28 Days Later, The Walking Dead, etc.

From Book:  I aimed at the single walking dead, and shot it in the head. As it fell, I watched the old man. He turned toward me, and looked at me with pleading eyes. He fell to his knees, raised his gnawed-on hands to a praying position, and closed his eyes. He hung his head. I raised the revolver again, pulled the hammer and squeezed the trigger. I fell to my knees in the entry way, not caring to see the old man lying dead in the street.


Get the Kindle book for $.99  on August 6

M. Lauryl Lewis  

A wife, mother of three young sons, nurse, author, and lover of dogs! I have 18 chickens and two ducks. I love to go camping and read/watch horror! I’m a “geek” by nature. 

I began writing in 2012 when I slipped in the snow and broke my ankle. Out of work for almost 6 months, it seemed like a great time to “give writing a go.” 

I strive to create believable characters, who are all flawed. It has earned plenty of criticism, but I still feel it makes the story more realistic. My characters sometimes make bad decisions, cry, have less than perfect pasts, and can be weak at times.

Author Website:

Discount eBooks for Kindle for Mystery Readers

MOONSTONE ($3.75) by Wilkie Collins is a classic mystery story written during the Victorian Era; move over New York Times best sellers, Moonstone is a Victorian best seller.  THE UNGRATEFUL DEAD ($3.99) by Aiden James is about a group of ghost hunters who are currently on a tour of Civil War battle fields and the Civil War enthusiasts that decide that if they want to see ghosts so badly, then they may as well become ghosts. EXTRACTION ($0.79) by Preston and Child is a short story with a grim take of the tooth fairy.

Get these bargain books on August 5.

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Cheap Young Adult Kindle Books

These young adult reads put an emphasis on the Adult part of the genre. Written for more mature audiences, these novels are intense portrayals of love and struggle. NEAR AND FAR ($4.99) is a young adult romance between two people who seem to be opposites, but love each other deeply. SCORCHED TREACHERY ($2.99) is an urban fantasy adventure set in Prague. 

Get these bargain books on August 5. 

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Bargain Kindle Books by Best Seller Romance Authors

These romantic reads by best selling authors are sure to make you swoon. LOVE WILL FIND A WAY ($2.99) by Barbara Freethy is a heart warming romantic story of family and love. LOVING LIBERTY ($0.99) by Belinda Boringis the story of a daughter in an oppressive family who finally finds her way out through love. HASTY WEDDING ($3.82) is a love story that takes place in Vegas. FOR YOU by Mimi Strong ($3.93) is a new adult romance between a tough girl with a troubled past and the boy that she hopes will stand by her when her secrets come knocking. BIG SKY MONTAIN ($4.99) by Linda Lael Miller is a contemporary western romance. RISING TIDES ($2.99) by Nora Roberts is a sweet emotional romance.

Grab these cheap books on 8/5.


 Get the Kindle Books here: LOVE WILL FIND A WAY ($2.99), LOVING LIBERTY ($0.99), HASTY WEDDING ($3.82), FOR YOU ($3.93), BIG SKY MOUNTAIN ($4.99), and RISING TIDES ($2.99).


Get the Kobo Books here: LOVE WILL FIND A WAY ($4.99), LOVING LIBERTY, HASTY WEDDING ($4.39) FOR YOU ($3.93) and BIG SKY MONTAIN.

Get the Apple Books here: LOVE WILL FIND A WAY ($2.99), and HASTY WEDDING ($4.99).


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Bargain Priced Christian Historical Romance

Editor’s Note: UNDAUNTED LOVE is a Civil War romance of faith, hope, and redemption.

Book Description:  Rafe Colton and Livvie Byrd have known each other forever; falling in love wasn’t part of the plan. Livvie’s father would be livid, and the Civil War is on the horizon, but young love won’t be stopped. Secretly married but dogged by war and murder, the couple fights to keep their love alive through separation and turmoil Can their relationship survive?

Author’s Inspiration:  I was actually asked to write a historical romance by an agent (I discovered indie publishing while writing the book, though!). She asked for Amish or Civil War, and, since I have a lot of relatives who fought for the South in the Civil War, that really appealed to me. I was able to use places I know and love in the book, and bring the best things of the South into play, so it was really fun to write.

Get the Kindle book for $1.99  

Jennings Wright

Jennings was born in a small Florida town that her great, great grandfather founded (and which is in Undaunted Love by its original name). She now lives in NC with her husband and kids, and has a nonprofit that works in Uganda and Andros, Bahamas. A lifelong love of travel keeps her busy; she spends time she’s not writing or traveling on the water, reading, and or hanging out with her family.

Romantic Suspense Discount eBook for You

Editor’s Note: In SMOKY RIDGE CURSE two former partners are forced to work together on a case and an old fire is rekindled. 

Book Description:  Follow FBI agents Adam Brand and Delilah Hammond as they track down a domestic terrorist that has a knack for hiding in plan sight. As the case progresses Adam and Delilah have two battles to fight; one against the terrorist, and the other against the passion that always seems to grow between them. Unlike before, Delilah has a lot to lose by becoming involved with Adam, but her skills and determination leave him breathless all over again. 

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Get the eBook for  $1.99 on August 5. 

Young Adult Time Travel Adventure: Discount Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: In KEEPER OF THE BLACK STONES Jason Evans must save time itself, or risk the destruction of the world.

Book Description:  An eminently normal boy is thrust into extraordinary circumstances when he finds that his grandfather holds ancient stones that allow time travel. And he’s not the only one — a madman is jumping back in time to change the course of history and take over the world. Now Jason Evans must gather his friends, jump back into Medieval England, and help Henry VII win the War of the Roses, or risk the destruction of the world itself.

Readers who love Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Leven Thumps, and Artemis Fowl will enjoy this book

Author’s Inspiration: I wanted to create a series for kids and their parents to read together. I’ve always been a big fan of history, and my favorite cartoon growing up was Johnny Quest (best cartoon ever made!), so I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if I combined my two loves into a story? I sat down and started writing, and before long Jason, Doc, Reis, and Paul (and later on, Katherine and Tatiana) were back in Old England, doing their best to beat the bad guy and save the world. What more could you ask?

Get the Kindle book for $2.99 on 8/5.


PT McHugh

I’ve always enjoyed writing, especially the creative process. I’ve been dreaming about becoming an author since I was in high school, and I started writing when I was in college. I didn’t get serious about it until recently, when I actually sat down, chained myself to my desk at night, and actually did it. In regard to why I decided to write YA, it basically came down to enjoyment. I may be 40 years old, but in my heart I’m still 12. I started writing it for my girls, and then it evolved into writing it for myself, and everyone else who loves a great adventure. I absolutely love writing my books, and I hope everyone who reads them loves the stories as much as I do.

Bargain Book for Romance Lovers On Kindle and Nook

Editor’s Note: In AFTER THE FALL lust turns into love and the resulting relationship is complicated by family ties.


Book Description: Natalie and Alex have a three month, no commitment fling. But life is never that simple and nothing will keep them apart… but can they stay together?

From Book:“Please don’t marry her,” I said, sobbing now. His voice sounded so good and I wanted him here with me, not a million miles away or however many it really was. Anywhere outside my bedroom was too far away.

“Natalie, calm down. I gather you’ve seen the engagement announcement.”

“Yes,” I said.

“I’m surprised you’re calling me, I thought you never wanted to talk to me again.”

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 Get this book for $0.99 on August 5.

Ariadne Wayne

 I am a wife, mother and work full time so juggle constantly. Writing is my creative outlet which I can squeeze into the small amount of spare time that I have.


Bargain Books for Romance Lovers

Editor’s Note: In THE DEVIL’S OWN DESPERADO a gunfighter falls for the woman who nurses him back to health but knows he can’t stay with her because of his past.

Book Description: He’s everything she fears: Violence and Force. She’s everything he dreams of: Soft and Compassionate.

From Book: She twisted her apron between her hands, staring at the floor. A moment later, Colt caught her chin in his palm and tilted her head to him. She hadn’t heard him cross the floor. Her breath caught in a mingling of fear and some nameless anticipation.

“My name is Colt. Try it, Amelia. Colt.”

Amelia’s skin burned with the light touch of his  fingers and her heart hammered against her breastbone.   She wet her parched lips.

“It’s a simple name, really. Four little letters. Colt.

You can get this Kindle book for $4.74


Lynda Cox

Tired of spending money on romance novels and throwing them across the room five pages in, Lynda Cox decided that she could write as well. When she isn’t populating the town of Federal in the Wyoming Territory with her imaginary friends, she shows dogs and sometimes teaches college freshmen composition. Growing up, she watched Lassie and Bonanza every week and swore she was going to have beautiful collies, horses, and live in the American West. She’s got the collies and the horses and is working on getting out West.

Mystery Kindle Books By Best Selling Authors

With the help of these great bargain books you can stock up on highly recommended mysteries and thrillers for this coming week. In today’s selection we have a couple hard-boiled mysteries, a suspense, and couple of thrillers; many by best seller authors and all worth picking up.

Grab THE RISK AGENT ($1.99) by Ridley Pearson, BREACH OF POWER ($0.99) by Chuck Barrett, BONES IN HER POCKET ($1.99) by Kathy Reichs, FORCED TO KILL ($3.19) by Andrew Peterson , THE HITMAN’S GUIDE TO HOUSECLEANING ($2.00) by Hallgrimur Helgason and DUE JUSTICE ($2.99) by Diane Capri as cheap Kindle books on 8/4. 

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Bargain Kindle Books by Best Seller Romance Authors

These romance novels are sure to make you laugh, whether it is with witty repartee in a historical context or quirky comments in a contemporary setting.  TROPHY HUSBAND ($2.99) by Lauren Blakely, TRYING NOT TO LOVE YOU ($0.99) by Megan Smith, and OWN THE WIND ($0.99) by Kristin Ashley are all contemporary romances. The best seller THE LADY OF THE RIVERS ($3.99) by Philippa Gregory and HOW TO MARRY A MARQUIS ($4.99) by Juila Quinn are both historical romances. 

Get these bargain books on 8/4. 

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21 Sherrilyn Kenyon Books on Sale!

Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter and Dream Hunter Series are a masterful blend of urban fantasy, action, and romance. Their heroes and heroines often have pasts deeply rooted in history and every once and a while Romance gods and goddesses show up. For today only you can get 21 of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s books for $1.99 each!

 Below are some of the ones that looked the best. 

See all 21 books here.

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