Romance Nook and Kindle Books by Best Selling Author’s

These novels by best selling authors are emotional and outright HOT! MY UNEXPECTED FOREVER ($3.99) by Heidi McLaughlin is the story of a man who had expected a sub-par future, only to find the woman of his dreams who loves him for who he is. STRIPPED ($3.99) by H. M. Ward is a sexy story of a young man with a broken heart and his shocking revelation about the girl who left him alone. The best seller THE WOLF GIFT ($1.99) by Anne Rice, the mistress of paranormal novels, is her first werewolf novel.  

Grab these cheap books on 9/3. 

Get the Kindle books here: STRIPPED ($3.99), THE WOLF GIFT ($1.99), and MY UNEXPECTED FOREVER ($3.99).  



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Best Seller Young Adult Novels for Kindle and Nook

In today’s young adult selection we have two new, sensational novels and an oldie but goodie. LOOKING FOR ALASKA ($4.87) by John Green is a story of finding adventure in everyday life and the love that changed a young man’s life. THE GIVER ($3.98) by Lois Lowry is a classic dystopian story that follows a young man who finds out the dark secrets that his society harbors. THE TRANSFER ($1.99) by Veronica Roth is a short story and accompanies the best selling YA Divergent series. 

Grab these cheap books on September 3.  

Get the Kindle Books here:  LOOKING FOR ALASKA ($4.87), THE GIVER ($3.98), and THE TRANSFER ($1.99). 

Get the Nook Books here:  LOOKING FOR ALASKA, THE GIVER ($5.00) and THE TRANSFER

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Deals on Best Seller Literary Fiction Books for Kindle, Nook, and Kobo

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES by Seth Grahame-Smith, and Jane Austen of course, ($3.99) was one of the first Quirk Classics: re-written works of classic literature with a hefty amount of ridiculous thrown in. As a serious fan of both Jane Austen and zombie novels, I found this book to be hysterical and a great read. THE NOTICER by Andy Andrews ($2.99) is a novel full of simple wisdom about making your life a positive experience, instead of one filled with worry over small things. 

Grab these bargain books for Kindle on 9/3.  

Get the Kindle books here:  PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES ($3.99) and THE NOTICER ($2.99)


Get the Kobo Books here:  PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES ($3.49) and THE NOTICER

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Bargain Priced Women’s Fiction Kindle and Nook Books

In A WOMAN’S WORTH ($2.99) by Chicki Brown: after a battle with cancer and all it entails, Gianne Marvray is finally ready to start living her life again. She wants to see new places, meet new people and experience new things, but she isn’t ready for the rollercoaster ride she’s about to embark on when she meets Las Vegas personal trainer and raw vegan foods advocate, Marc Stafford. CHANGING LANES ($1.99) by best selling author Kathleen Long is a women’s fiction novel about second chances and the fact that sometimes we have to let go of  the desire to be perfect. WAITING TO EXHALE ($2.99) by Terry McMillan is a story of friendship and love. 

Grab these bargain books on September 3. 

A WOMAN’S WORTH is available for NOOK and KINDLE


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Romantic Suspense Bargain Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: In BURIED SECRETS the protagonist much ask herself: Should some secrets remain buried?

Book Description:  Dusty has lost everything – her mother to cancer when Dusty was just fourteen, and now her twin brother just as they were about to go away to college. The horrific and suspicious circumstances surrounding her brother’s death have impulsive, hothead Dusty frantic to know what happened to him–and she’s sure Shane, her brother’s best friend, knows something he’s not telling. Things get complicated as Dusty continues to look for answers, her love-hate relationship with Shane escalates to a tipping point and bodies keep mounting. But one thing is for certain– Dusty is determined to uncover the secrets buried in her small town–one way or another.

 Get the Kindle book for 99c on 9/3. 

Emme Rollins 

Emme Rollins is a USA Today Bestselling author of New Adult/Mature Young Adult fiction. She’s been writing since she could hold a crayon and still chews her pen caps to a mangled plastic mess. She has two degrees, a bachelor’s and a master’s, one of which she’s still paying for, but neither of which she uses out in the “real world,” because when she isn’t writing, she spends her time growing an organic garden to feed her husband and children (and far too many rabbits and deer!) where they live on twenty gorgeous forested acres in rural Michigan.

Emme loves hearing from fans, so feel free to visit her website ( and connect with her. 

New Adult Romance That Will Leave You Wanting More!

Editor’s Note: RUINED is a new adult romance with a love triangle twist.

 Book Description:  Willow Blake has a secret. A big one. And when she and her mother move cross country to protect that secret, her guard is up to protect her heart.

When she meets handsome Reed Miller, she feels her walls start tumbling down and the fear is overwhelming. If he finds out her secret, will he hate her forever? And what happens when a new guy enters the picture?

Author’s Inspiration:  I knew someone who was released from prison and it intrigued me how they had to work to fit back into society. I also knew someone who killed someone while drinking and driving (back in high school) so I wanted to delve into those emotions and the thought of forgiveness.

Get RUINED for just 99c for KINDLE and NOOK on 9/3.  

Rachel Hanna 

Rachel Hanna is a best-selling author of romance novellas and novels. She lives outside of Atlanta with her husband, three cool kids, two crazy dogs and one very snooty outdoor cat. She loves to write, read, spend time with family and embarrass her kids as much as possible.

She also LOVES to connect with her readers through various social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to check out her website and connect!


Intense Romantic Thriller Discounted for Kindle and Nook

Editor’s Note: In STRAPPED a woman becomes desperately infatuated with a man whose secrets could lead to her demise. *STRAPPED includes Mature Content*

Book Description:  When an embarrassing turn of events puts Shyla Ball in the path of the mysterious Taylor Holden, he makes her a job offer she cannot refuse. Despite her reservations, she accepts the position, doing her best to downplay their intense mutual attraction. When they eventually succumb to the inevitable, she is lured into a whirlwind of ambition, luxury, international travel, and mind-blowing sex. However, she soon realizes Taylor is hiding several secrets that put them both in danger, and she finds out there may be more to Taylor’s story than even he knows.

Author’s Inspiration:  I watched 9 1/2 weeks for the first time a few years ago, and it lead me to the book and a series of other books after that. In addition to being interested in dangerous and mysterious characters, I have a degree in Psychology and have always been interested in abnormal psychology, true crime, and what leads people to make seemingly questionable decisions. I am also fascinated by people who lead secret lives. 

Get the Nook and Kindle books for $3.99! 

Nina G. Jones 

 I was born and raised in NYC, but now live in Milwaukee, with my hubby and two very spoiled Boxers. I have always loved to write, but it wasn’t until the past couple of years that I decided to parlay that into a novel. I love to watch True Crime shows, so much so, that my husband suspects that I am secretly plotting to kill him. I’ve told him not to worry, I like him too much. What I love most about writing is creating rich, complex characters that are not one dimensional and have interesting backstories. They can be funny, but also cruel, generous, but also cold. After all, aren’t we all a little complex?

New Twist on the Zombie Apocalypse

Editor’s Note: THE COLONY: GENESIS is a terrifying apocalyptic horror novel about a man’s search to save his family.


In under 10 minutes, 99.9% of the world’s population will be dead… or changed. Conversion is instant. Headshots just make them angry. And they’re getting smarter. Ken Strickland has made it through the first moments. But his family is still out there.

Can he survive? Can he find them? Or will he become one more of the creatures that now rule our world?

Author’s Inspiration:  I like a good zombie book (and movie) as much as anyone. But it also occurred to me that some of the scariest things about zombies had never been done. What if they infected you instantly? What if they got smarter? What if they were working with purpose? What if they took over the world in a matter not of days or months, but MINUTES. And so I thought I’d tackle the subject. 

Get the Kindle book for $2.99!  


Michaelbrent Collings 

Michaelbrent Collings is a #1 bestselling novelist and screenwriter. He hopes someday to develop superpowers, and maybe get a cool robot arm. That will enable him to open pickle jars and impress his wife. Like a boss. Plus if you have superpowers and cool robot arms, it turns out you are allowed to cut lines at Disneyland. It’s true. Michaelbrent has a wife (as mentioned) and several kids, all of whom are much better looking than he is (though he admits that’s a low bar to set), and much MUCH cooler than he is (also a low bar). 

Book Giveaway: Faust 2.0

We are giving away 10 eBook copies of FAUST 2.0, a virtual science fiction technothriller! 

Follow Sarah Mitchell as she tries to get to the bottom of the strange avatar that has appeared on the internet and started granting wishes… for a price.  

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Science Fiction Kindle Books

CYBERSTORM ($2.99)  by Matthew Mather has hit the science fiction genre by storm and explores the possibility of virtual reality and reality becoming one. TERMS OF ENLISTMENT ($2.99) by Marko Kloos is a military science fiction set in a dystopian future on Earth.  

Get these discount Kindle books on September 2.  

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Romance Novels Discounted for Kindle and Nook

This selection of novels by best selling and up and coming romance novelists is sure to please. With a variety of time travel, historical, contemporary, and New Adult romances, there is something for everyone.  

Get the Kindle books here: UNEXPECTED ($4.27), KEEP ME STILL ($0.99), BINDING VOWS (2.99), A GROOM OF ONE’S OWN ($1.99), BELONG TO ME ($1.99), THE ORIGINAL 1982 ($1.99). 

Get the Nook books here:  UNEXPECTED ($4.99), KEEP ME STILL ($0.99), BINDING VOWS (2.99), A GROOM OF ONE’S OWN ($1.99), BELONG TO ME ($1.99), THE ORIGINAL 1982 ($1.99). 

Get the discount eBooks on September 2.  

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Elmore Leonard Novels for $2.99 Each

For today only five of best selling author Elmore Leonard’s books are on sale for $2.99. Elmore’s novels are crime novels that pack an extra punch due to the author’s great ability to craft intriguing and engaging characters. GET SHORTY, RIDING THE RAP, HOMBRE, and BE COOL are all crafty crime tales and if you enjoy those, then you should check out ELMORE LEONARD’S 10 RULES OF WRITING and listen to him talk a little about how he does it. 

Get these bargain books on September 2. 


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Bargain Kindle Books for History Buffs

Today Harper Collins has discounted a great selection of their history books. Many of them focus on American History, from the early years of the country up through the 20th century, although others, like THE MASONIC MYTH, deal with wider historical topics. If you’re like me and enjoy studying history, grab a couple of these great texts and enjoy the expansion of your knowledge base.  

Click on the covers to get the books.  

These Kindle Books are discounted on September 2.  

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Bargain Priced Healthy and Delicious Cookbook

Editor’s Note: This great cookbook contains 25 healthy, delicious, new and original Mediterranean recipes and 7 Mediterranean Superfoods.

Book Description:   Dr. Angelo Acquista, author of the # 1 bestselling Mediterranean diet book, brings you 25 easy Mediterranean recipes based on the 7 Sicilian Superfoods that promote weight loss and good health for life. Even if you’ve tried a Mediterranean diet cookbook before, these new recipes will spice up your life (and your health). It’s the eating style proven to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.


Get the KINDLE and NOOK books for 99c on September 2.  

Angelo Acquista 

Having received his medical degree from New York University School of Medicine, Dr. Angelo Acquista is board certified in internal medicine, pulmonary medicine, and tropical diseases. He is a clinical instructor in medicine at New York University Medical Center and managing director of the Pulmonary Critical Care Group LLC in Manhattan. He is also a New York Times bestselling author. 

Science Fiction Paranormal Romance Discounted for Kindle

Editor’s note: CEMETERY PLANET is a highly imaginative, futuristic Sci-fi Paranormal Romance adventure, set on another planet in another time.

Book Description: In this box set you can get all four books in the CEMETERY PLANET series for just 99c.  

 800 years in the future. A lonely world teeming with graves. A desolate corner of the galaxy.

Harvey Crane wants to forget his year-long stay as caretaker at the biggest necropolis ever created. His only desire is to leave with the woman he loves, despite the fact that she’s been dead for nearly eight centuries. How foolish he is, though, to think he can ever escape the ghosts of…CEMETERY PLANET.

Get the Kindle book for 99c on September 2.  

J. Joseph Wright 

Upon reading and, inexplicably, enjoying one of J.’s witless essays in his freshman year of highschool, his English Comp teacher, a man of questionable taste, recommended he apply to the school newspaper. Soon J. was regaling the student body with a fantasy horror fiction column. After college, J. left a highly lucrative career in public television for an even more lucrative career as an independent author, and now writes Adult Horror, Sci-Fi, Children’s Fantasy, and even some Paranormal Romance with Ghost Guard.

Bargain Fantasy Kindle Books

TRAIL OF DEAD ($3.99)  by Melissa F. Olson is an urban fantasy mystery novel. DISENCHANTED ($1.99) by Robert Kroese is a wacky fantasy that will remind readers of The Princess Bride. THE PERFECT SHADOW ($0.99) is a novella that follows the same characters as Brent Weeks’ best seller Night Angel Trilogy. 


Grab these cheap books for Kindle on 9/1.  

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Jefferson Bass Best Seller Thrillers On Sale for Kindle and Nook

Jefferson Bass’ best selling Body Farm novels are on sale today! These medical thrillers are not books to read with the lights off.

You can get CARVED IN BONE ($1.99), BONES OF BETRAYAL ($3.79), and THE BONE THIEF ($2.99) as cheap Kindle books here. 

You can get CARVED IN BONE  ($1.99)BONES OF BETRAYAL ($3.99), and THE BONE THIEF($2.99) as cheap Nook books here.

Grab these bargain books on September 1.  

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Bargain Priced Romance Kindle Books

BILLIONAIRE GAMES ($0.99) by Sandra Edwards is a box set of three sultry contemporary romances. STUCK ON YOU ($0.99) by Cheryl Harper tells the story of a fiery woman, a music producer, and the physical attraction that they didn’t expect to turn into something more. HIGH RISK ($1.99) by best seller author Vivian Arend follows two members of a high intensity search and rescue squad who are injured in the line of duty and seek healing and comfort in each other’s embrace. 


Grab these bargain books on September 1.  

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Sale on Children’s Books for Kindle

For today (9/1) only Amazon has discounted four cute children’s books for Kindle. Emma Dilemma is a quirky, driven little girl who is very observant and works to solve problems in her adorable family setting. They are only 99c each! 

Get these bargain Kindle books on 9/1.  

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99c Fantasy Novel for Kindle and Nook

Editor’s Note: Experience a carnival like no other in CARNEVIL OF SOULS, where vampires use a carnival to hide their true intentions. 

Book Description:  At this traveling carnival, the master stands in the shadows taking in the children’s laughter. A smile forms on his face as he thinks of his true intentions. If they only knew his true intentions, they would not be so eager to spend their money. He watches as the exhilaration of the carnival transforms the children’s faces. If they only knew the exact nature of this carnival, would they still have the quirky smiles on their faces? He steps out of the shadows to welcome the public to HIS celebration.

Author’s Inspiration:  White watching my daughter run around a traveling carnival my imagination began to take over. I started to wonder just what each ride operator was really thinking. You really don’t know anything about the person yo are entrusting your child’s life with. From there my thoughts went from psychotic ride operators to vampires and shape-shifters. With this book I started to really let my imagination run.

CARNEVIL OF SOULS is only 99c for Kindle and Nook on Sept 1. 


My family encouraged me to write as my Multiple Sclerosis progressed I became limited in what I could actually do. I find that writing is great therapy for my own personal fight against MS. It has been a real pleasure letting my imagination run free. I love to watch the story unfold in front of my eyes.

I love to curl up in my recliner or in my bed to write. I prefer to write out my outline first and then let the story develop from there. The best part of a new story is working with my daughter as we develop the characters together. Whatever I am doing though you will always find a cup of coffee (and chocolate) not too far from where I am.


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