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Discounted Dark Spy Thriller You Wont Want to Miss

Editor’s Note: The Black Lion is a dark spy thriller in the tradition of James Bond and The Bourne Identity.

Book Description: People are going missing at an alarming rate. Terrorists are plotting to blow up Europe. One team of elite spies must come together to stop it all. The Black Lions are the best of the best, from the CIA and MI6, all the way through to the KGB. This is no ordinary mission- a dark and sinister world is about to be discovered where nothing is as it seems, and evil has been given a new face. Welcome to Satan’s Kingdom…

From the Book: The scotch in my hand provides a sound remedy. Mustafa plays beside me, unaware of who I am or why I am here. Better yet, I’m losing. Just another sucker flipping his chips into the dealer’s hands. I have been commissioned to follow Mustafa by an organisation that doesn’t officially exist, that holds no records and has no paperwork. There is no one like me, literally. I am the one and only former CIA agent who has been drafted into an elite academy of international agents, to attend to matters of international security. We exist without bias; we exist without the influence of our homeland’s agendas. We exist purely for the good of the world, not for the good of any one country. And I believe in what I do today as much as I did during my time with the CIA, and my colleagues do too.

Get The Black Lion for $2.99

Anthony Karakai

I write novels which explore the darkest recesses of human behaviour. Whether that be sadistic crimes taking place in the shadows of the world, or society’s inability to accept people for who they are, I became an author to inspire people to follow their dreams- my other works are Coming of Age/Inspirational/Magical Realism pieces. They’re inspired by my travels and the world as I see it. Because I feel the magic, I want to share it with you. 

Three Young Adult Novels Discounted for Kindle!

If you’re in the mood for young adult fantasies then look no further! THE TALES OF RYAN FOSTER ($0.99) b J. R. Gridley is a fast paced story with a rich history, and a wide variety of characters. CITY OF BONES ($4.99) by Cassandra Claire is the first book in the new York Times best selling The Mortal Instruments series and soon will be a motion picture! THE TITANS CURSE ($3.99) by RIck Jordan is one of the beloved Percy Jackson novels, once you’ve read one you’ll want to read them all! 

Get these cheap Kindle books 6/29. 

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Check Out These Discounted Family Themed EBooks

Whether you already have a family or about to start one these non fiction book are great reads. THE COUNCIL OF DADS ($2.99) by Bruce Feiler is the author’s own story of illness and recovery and the love and support of his family during the process. SHES HAVING A BABY ($2.99) by James Douglas Barron includes tips for men to help them understand their women during the difficult process of pregnancy. MOMMY IQ ($2.99) by Rosie Pope is a resource by women for other women about pregnancy and how to support pregnant friends.

Deals good for Kindle 6/29.

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Children’s Books Discounted for Kindle

Sit down for some family time with these cute children’s books. THE SECRET ZOO ($1.99) by Bryan Chick is an endearing tale about the secret lives of zoo animals. JAMBERRY ($2.99) by Bruce Degen is a magical adventure with a talking bear. BEST OF THE BEST ($1.99) by Tim Green is a book about a  divorce and how one young man deals with the changes. 

Get these cheap Kindle books on June 29. 

Marvelous Mysteries as Discounted Kindle Books

Relax by the pool with these discounted mysteries by best selling authors. BITTER TRUTH ($0.99) and VERITAS ($0.99) by William Lashner are legal thrillers that take place both in and out of the courtroom.  SACRED AND PROFANE ($2.99) by Faye Kellerman is a mystery set in LA a centered around the mysterious appearance of two charred skeletons. 

Deals good on June 29. 

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Remarkable Mysteries Discounted for Kindle

These mysteries feature non stop action and are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat! SLEIGHT OF HAND ($4.99) by New York Times best selling author CJ Lyons is a thrilling mix of murder, romance, as suspense. THE BRAIN VAULT ($2.99) by Lawrence Kelter is a tale of a mysterious murder that may stump even NYPD’s best and brightest. TRUST NO ONE ($3.99) by Diana Layne is an action-packed mystery with intriguing characters on a quest for justice.

Get these cheap Kindle books on June 28. 

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Magical Thriller Ebook Discounted for Kindle

Editor’s Note: Start your weekend off with an action-packed, magical thriller with time travel. You will be simply riveted! 

A roller-coaster ride through another world that’s perfect for fans of Naomi Novak, Patrick Rothfuss, Lev Grossman and George R.R. Martin!

A fantastic thriller? A wild steampunk adventure? An Indiana Jones-style romp through the history of another planet? An epic, doomed love story? Gangsters?!?

Beasts of the Walking City is all of the above, and much more. While Blackwell’s world collapses into war, he’s trying to figure out what it means to be a noodle-loving, city-dwelling Beast. How’s he getting back from the one-way trip Al Capone just sent him on? Where’s his next meal coming from? Who can he trust? Who’s out to kill him? (Well, that one’s pretty clear.) How can he make a home for himself and his people?

A previous Amazon bestseller, this book is for readers of Fantasy and SF that like to sink into another world and just live there. If you like complex characters, intricate histories, a fast moving plot, and a magic that seems real, but you hate thick, ponderous tomes full of dense backstory, Beasts of the Walking City is for you.

Get the cheap Kindle book for $0.99 on 6/28. 


Del Law

Del Law is an award-winning writer who’s work has appeared in a number of publications, including Glimmer Train Stories, the Sycamore Review, Passages North, repeatedly in the Mississippi Review, and has received an Honorable Mention from the O. Henry Awards anthology. A reluctant world traveller, he lives in California’s rural Santa Cruz Mountains, about a mile from the San Andreas faultline with his wife, eleven chickens, two kids, two dogs, and several thousand bees. 

Ed Falco, author of The Family Corleone, called Del “”a writer with talent, vision, and a wise man’s knowledge of the human heart.”””

Comedic, Cheap Kindle Mystery

Editor’s Note:  Harmless is an unconventional love story combined with dark comedy and murder-mystery.

Book Description: Love him or hate him, Steve Pendragon is just one of those guys that you’ll never forget. With poor social skills and a heart of gold, Steve is on a quest to find the acceptance we all crave. He thinks he’s found it with the girl-next-door, even though she doesn’t exactly know she’s the love of his life. When she’s murdered and Steve becomes the prime suspect, he must find a way to prove his innocence or risk losing everything he’s tried so hard to get.

Fans of Carl Hiaasen, Joe R. Lansdale, and any the Coen Brothers movies should enjoy this dark comedy mystery.

Author’s Inspiration: With Steve Pendragon, the leading man of HARMLESS, I set out to create one of the most complex characters I’ve ever worked with. I wondered if it were possible to make someone completely unlikable but totally lovable at the same time, and I had a lot of fun in the process. Hopefully the reader will, too. 

Get the Discounted Kindle book for $0.99 on June 28

Ernie Lindsey

I’ve been writing in some form since the early 90s. While I spent most of my career as a technical writer, fiction was my true passion, and thankfully, I’ve seen that dream come true. I’m privileged enough as an author to write full-time and balance it with “stay at home dad” duties at the same time. Writing to entertain, to bring a smile to someone’s face or have them gasp at a revelation, makes every bit of it worthwhile.

Sword and Steel Fantasy on Sale for Kindle

Editor’s Note:  The Personification of Vengeance is a fast-paced action adventure filled with love, laughs, heartache, and the clashing of steel.

Book Description: Heartache and loss, while swimming in youth and having little life experience creates one symptom, a longing for vengeance. After witnessing the loss of everyone he has ever loved, Certavantes seeks to avenge the ones ripped from this world. Running from death, Certavantes runs into the powerful, conservative and unyielding Azahni Pasha, but is Azahni all that she appears to be?

Readers who enjoy Brent Weeks and R.A. Salvatore will enjoy The Personification of Vengeance.

Author’s Inspiration: I wanted to challenge myself and the borders of my imagination to create unconventional characters in an unconventional setting. My desire was to write a fantasy book that I would love and others would find just as enjoyable.

Get the Kindle Book for 99c on 6/28. 

S. L. Teller

I like quick reads, books that I can sit and devour. I love fast pasted books but at the same time, I hate it when authors spell everything out. Readers should be engaged in the storytelling process and I seek to do that by not over explaining things. I write books that I would personally enjoy. 

My goal is to add something new and fresh to the medium and to enjoy creating.

A Mystery Book for Kindle That You Don’t Want To Miss

Editor’s Note: Follow Katie as she takes you on a journey into a world mired in evil and lost innocence in this gripping mystery. 

Book Description:  Katie Reid looks to veteran detective, Marshall Avery for help after being haunted for months by disturbing nightmares. Together, they fight a hard battle with the authorities to have her long-forgotten case reopened. But it isn’t long before Spencer, Katie’s fiance, begins to see changes in his beloved Katie. Her determination soon becomes an obsession and takes a toll on their once perfect life. 

Will Detective Avery be able to contain her desire for vengeance before it unravels her once-happy life?

 Author’s inspiration:  When I was very young, I would say maybe eight or nine years old, I had a recurring dream of being chased by a looming shadowy figure; very frightening, really. In fact, the book was originally titled, Shadow Man, to more accurately reflect the vision that always haunted my sleep. I can’t recall exactly when the dreams stopped, but the unknown, faceless figure has always stayed with me.

Get the Kindle book for $0.99 on June 28. 

Robin Mahle

Bestselling Author, Robin Mahle, lives with her husband and two children in Arizona. Robin found her passion for writing, which later became her second career, after spending nearly 20 years in the construction industry. Having always been a lover of books, Robin attributes her creativity to the wonderful overseas adventures she has shared with her husband of 14 years. Backpacking (or certainly close to it), throughout Europe and having lived in England, opened her mind and with that came a steady stream of story ideas inspired by her author- idols in the thriller/suspense genre.

Romantic Suspense as Discount Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: In Beautiful Whispers there’s an instant attraction between a girl from one of Virginia’s oldest families and a maid’s son, but secrets and dangers lurk in places no one expects.

Book Description: Twenty-one year old Jane begins her day like any other. She lives on a gorgeous Virginia Plantation and carefully avoids any type of responsibility. Everyone assumes she’ll marry her rich, childhood sweetheart until she meets handyman Alexander. There is an instant attraction between the girl from one of Virginia’s oldest families and the son of a maid and gardener.

From the Book: “There are words once spoken which haunt forever. They attach to the soul and echo during every argument, every misunderstanding until they darken all that is good, but his smile… His smile made me forget I was destined to marry someone else. His smile brought back the memories…all of them. Looking back, maybe I shouldn’t have pushed. I should have listened to the warnings. Secrets and dangers lurk in unexpected places.”

Get the Cheap Kindle book for $0.99 on June 28.

Alice Ayden

I wrote my first short story when I was five, but when an assignment in a lit course challenged me to “rewrite” the last chapter of Jane Eyre I was hooked. Writing makes sense to me. My characters pursue all the subjects that interest me and/or terrify me. I started with screenplays and TV scripts, and my first screenplay placed finalist and semi-finalist in several screenwriting competitions. When I’m not writing, I’m filling up bird feeders, troubleshooting computers, playing games, reading, and watching movies.

Historical Non-Fiction Reads Discounted for Kindle

Do you have a hankering for historical facts? Grab a couple of these discounted reads and sate your inner scholar. BLOOD WIL TELL ($0.99) by Kyra Cornelius Kramer explores the question of whether or not there was a medical explanation to Henry VIII’s crazy actions. MAYFLOWER: THE VOYAGE FROM HELL ($1.99) by Kevin Jackson goes into detail concerning the conditions aboard the famous Mayflower expedition. THE INFERNO EXPERIENCE ($2.99) is for those who are curious about all the secrets and mysteries of Dan Brown’s Inferno; Sara Bruni explains all of the riddles and references in Inferno.

Get these cheap Kindle ebooks on June 27. 

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99c Chick Lit

Chick Lit readers, you’re in for a treat. These three highly rated books are $0.99 each on June 27th! 

PILLOW TALK is about one girl’s search for Mr. Right. WEDDING BELL BLUES is a fun romance novel about a girl who really doesn’t want to get married, until she meets that one guy. BABE IN TOYLAND is a funny read about a woman who writes instruction manuals for toy companies. 

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99c Female Friendship

These two novels celebrate friendship between women – and they’re only $0.99 each for Kindle on June 27th!

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Mortal Meets Immortal in This Discounted Ebook Romance

Editor’s Note:The Sibylline Oracle is a mix of the undying love from Twilight and the intelligence and mystery of The Da Vinci Code.

Book Description:  Can love defy death itself? When she’s rescued by handsome Alex, Valeria thinks she’s found her happy ending — but Alex knows what awaits her…a fatal destiny. Greek Mythology and modern romance intertwine in this mesmerizing tale.

Readers who enjoy the Twilight Saga, The Da Vinci Code, and Addison Moore will enjoy The Sibylline Oracle.

Author’s Inspiration: Touring the Sistine Chapel I became intrigued with the presence of the Delphic Sibyl and Oracle. Later I thought it might be interesting to write about an extraordinary love that defied death. Years later, in an instant that story became The Sibylline Trilogy.

From the Book:  Slowly, his arms went around her, pulling her in closer. She saw his eyes close and could hear his heart pounding—or was it her own?

Valeria no longer wanted to be in control of her responses to him. But if she was going to keep from kissing him, she needed to think of something else. “Do I…reincarnate?”

Appreciating the distraction, Alex gathered his control. He drew another deep breath and let it out slowly. “Well, it seems so.” He opened his eyes and glanced down at her. It was impossible not to smile. “You come back with different names…” He stroked her face. “But always you.”

Get THE SIBYLLINE ORACLE for $0.99 on June 27


Delia J. Colvin

Delia J. Colvin is the Bestselling author of The Sibylline Trilogy; The Sibylline Oracle (Voted Goodreads #1 Best Book of June 2012), The Symbolon (Voted Goodreads #2 Best Book of November 2012) and soon to be released, The Last Oracle. She authors a popular blog and is listed as a contributor in two business books.

While developing her skills as an author, Delia worked in a variety of occupations from marketing to entrepreneur, Air Traffic Controller and Russian Interpreter. But her passion is in writing and helping people. Delia has donated both time and money to literacy programs around the country.

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Heart Touching Romance On Sale for Kindle

Editor’s Note:  A woman meets the man who has been haunting her dreams. A man meets a woman who is exactly like his dead wife. Is it coincidence or fate? One thing is certain: it is love.

Book Description: William Grafton’s perfect life is shattered when his wife and soul mate, Sara, dies suddenly, leaving him alone to raise his children. Five years later, he finds himself looking into a familiar pair of blue-green eyes and wonders if Sara has come back to him as she once promised in the form of this new woman.

Annie Paxton doesn’t believe in soul mates or fate. Then she meets the man who has been haunting her dreams. But he is still tied to his deceased wife, and Annie wonders if he could ever truly love her for herself and not the traits that remind him of his wife.

Readers who enjoy books by Nicholas Sparks or Danielle Steel will enjoy SARA’S PROMISE.

Get SARA’S PROMISE for $0.99 on June 27.

Deanna Lynn Sletten 

Deanna Lynn Sletten writes women’s fiction and romance novels that dig deeply into the lives of the characters, giving the reader an in-depth look into their hearts and souls. Deanna is married and has two grown children. When not writing, she enjoys walking the forest trails around her northern Minnesota home with her beautiful Australian Shepherd or relaxing in the boat on the lake in the summer.

Steamy Romance Discounted for Kindle

Editor’s Note:  Sweet Secret is a contemporary romantic comedy with a hint of mystery.

Book Description: Grayson Lane disappeared from Callia Cole’s life ten years ago. And now he’s back, looking better than he’s ever looked before. Despite her better judgment, she falls for him yet again. But Grayson has a secret that threatens to ruin their relationship forever…

Author’s Inspiration: I wondered, what happens when the man you loves leaves…then comes back? I wanted to explore what it’s like for this woman to mature, to learn to trust and also to learn how to lose control so that she can really take control of her life. Once she learned to love with an open heart, the world opens for her.

Get SWEET SECRETS for $2.99 for Kindle on June 26


Rhonda Sheree 

Dear Readers,

I have been reading books since I was a child. Times have changed. So have I. I’ve put down the romance novel and picked up the pen to write a few books of my own from my closet in New York (it doesn’t qualify as an apartment.) I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

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Best Selling Thriller Authors Discounted for Kindle

These thrillers by best selling authors are sure to set your heart racing. THE ABBEY ($3.99) by Chris Culver is about a homicide detective that is ready to throw in the towel… until his neice’s body shows up in an alley way. ZOO ($2.99) by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge is a thriller that tells the tale of impending total world destruction and the two people that are in a place to stop it. The NYT best seller WIRED ($0.99) by Douglas E. Richards is a techno-thriller with genetic engineering, bio-terrorism, and non stop action.

Get them as discounted Kindle books on 6/26. 

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Best Selling Romance Authors With Discounted Ebooks

You’re sure to fall in love with these contemporary romance novels that are discounted for Kindle today.  UNRAVEL ME ($2.99) by NYT best selling author Kendall Ryan tells of the love affair between between a psychology student and the troubled but gentle amnesiac that she is sent to study and help. THE GAME CHANGER ($3.99) by J. Sterling is a story about two lovers desperately trying to stay together as the world is trying to tear them apart. FALLING INTO US ($4.99) by Jasinda Wilder, another NYT best selling author, is a classic story of love, loss, heartache and triumph. 

Get these cheap Kindle books on June 26

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Discounted Science Fiction for Kindle

We have a science fiction roundup today that is out of this world! EARTH BELOW, SKY ABOVE ($0.99) by the well loved John Scalzi is the final installment of his serial novel series The Human Division. THE FOREVER WAR ($4.95) is a sci fi classic by Joe Haldeman which chronicles the experiences of William Mandella, the only solider who was present for both the first and the last battle of the thousand year long conflict between humanity and the alien Taurans. RESURRECTION ($4.99) by Arwen Elys Dayton is a gripping novel told from the perspective of an alien race who comes to Earth searching for advanced technology that their early explorers lost in the deserts of ancient Egypt. POOR MAN’S FIGHT ($2.99) tells tales of space pirates and  intergalactic corruption. THE FROZEN SKY ($0.99) by internationally best selling author Jeff Carlson is a science fiction thriller that takes place on Jupiter when humanity stumbles upon a vicious race buried beneath the ice. 

Deals good for Kindle on June 26

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