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Discounted Literary Fiction for Kindle

These literary novels are a wonderful way to spend a weekend. Grab one (or a few) and curl up with a discounted read. ELLIS ISLAND by Kate Kerrigan is $1.99, THE INTERROGATIVE MOOD is a hilarious novel by Padgett Powell for $1.99, and FOREVER FRIENDS is a touching read by Lynne Hinton for $2.99.

These cheap Kindle books are on sale on June 8th. 

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Get The Creeps From This Cheap Kindle Book – June 8

When a serial killer murders Ruby’s best friend Courtney, it’s discovered that witches are being hunted for their magic. With the help of Courtney’s brother Cooper, he and Ruby will fight their feelings for one another while trying to solve the murders. Will Ruby be able to keep her heart when the killer is still out for her? WITCH HEARTS is a creepy paranormal thriller with a dash of romance and a lot of magic. 

Fans of Charlaine Harris and Kim Harrison will enjoy WITCH HEARTS. Inspired by the author’s love of mystery and the paranormal, WITCH HEARTS is full of hair raising action and suspense.

This discounted Kindle book is just $2.99 on June 8.  


“Ruby took the note from him. As she opened it, Cooper stood beside her to read over her shoulder.

“Not all witches are equal. Some are born with extraordinary gifts; anyone can practice, but few are truly powerful. You are one of the lucky ones, Ruby. I apologize about your friend Courtney. She was powerful, but nowhere near your capabilities. I’m afraid that in order for my powers to thrive, yours must come to an end. I’ll be seeing you very soon. -X””

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Liz Long was raised on murder mysteries and thrillers. Obsessed with crime shows like “Criminal Minds” Long often knows the killer before the reveal and hopes to make readers gasp aloud with her own plot twists they didn’t see coming. She’s always loved magic and fantasy and enjoys mixing the two genres for a unique storyline. People often comment on her dry wit and she prides herself on having sassy heroines who can think on their own two feet in a crisis.

I often listen to movie scores and soundtracks while writing at my desk. Skittles are always within reach of the writing station!

Be Charmed With This Discounted Kindle and Nook Book – June 7

THE CHARMED is an imaginative paranormal romance that centers around a young musician. Olivia is a concert pianist who was attacked by a coven of vampires during a train ride. She is spared after she reconnects with a vampire – Caleb. Love blooms between these two but will he be able to save her from the coven determined to destroy her. You will be charmed by this paranormal romance.

This cheap Kindle and Nook book is just $0.99 on June 7.  

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Christine is a graduate of Washington State University where she received a BA in Interior Design. And true to form of using mostly her ‘right brain’, she splits her time between her commercial design career and her imaginary world of writing. She lives in the scenic Pacific Northwest where she enjoys hiking, camping and photographing many of the wonderful places that served as inspiration for her Charmed Trilogy. Her biggest reward in life is any given day when one of her books connects with a reader because she herself is such a lover of reading. Some of her favorite authors include Lisa Kleypas, Julia Quinn, and Kimberly Derting.


See Grey In This Discounted Kindle and Nook Romance – June 6

SOMEWHERE BETWEEN BLACK AND WHITE is a romance that mixes family drama, humor, and a little buddhism to make a riveting read! Sophie tends to see things in black and white, but when she meets Sam, suddenly grey creeps in. 

Inspired by the author’s desire to show that mistakes aren’t always bad, SOMEWHERE BETWEEN BLACK AND WHITE will win your heart and remind you to not judge a book by its cover!  

This cheap Kindle book is also available on Nook for only $0.99 on June 6.  

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I love to write about people and their quirks, weaknesses, and joys, and hope that readers will form some kind of bond with my characters. I write about people first, and pray that I can build an interesting enough story around them.

A 2013 Award Winning Discounted Book For Kindle and Nook – June 6

BRAMBLEMAN, winner of the 2013 Benjamin Franklin Award for popular fiction, is a supernaturally-tinged tale of racism, redemption, and revenge in Forsyth County, Georgia. When a homeless writer is tricked into editing a dead professor’s manuscript about one of the worst acts of ethnic cleansing in American history, he becomes convinced that he has been chosen by a higher power to wreak vengeance … on his family.

Fans of To Kill a Mockingbird will enjoy BRAMBLEMAN. 

Inspired by the author’s father’s magnum opus, BRAMBLEMAN is an gripping drama with characters that will stay with you long after the last page is turned. 

This book is also available on Nook for $3.99 on June 6.  


 “I was nine years old when they ran us out of Forsyth County in 1912. My father let me take one thing, a baseball he’d bought for me in the spring. I gripped it tight as we pulled away from our house. My mother was expecting my sister then, so she laid down in the back of the wagon. White men on horseback watched us with their rifles pointed in the air. Pop stared forward with the reins in his hands. ‘This is what they do, son,’ he told me. I heard glass break and turned to see a torch fly in our front window. Pop grabbed my head and twisted it so hard my neck hurt. ‘Boy, don’t look back,’ he said. ‘Don’t give them the pleasure of seeing your pain.’ Most of the day passed before he talked again. He never got over it. That was his land, handed down by his father. The whites stole it, just like they stole it from the Indians. Took our crops, too. And they’ve had their way up there ever since. Today’s not one bit different in Forsyth than the day I left.”

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Jonathan Grant grew up on a Missouri farm and graduated from the University of Georgia. The former journalist and Georgia state government spokesman lives in Atlanta with his wife and two children. Grant has published a previous novel, Chain Gang Elementary. His third work, Party to a Crime, is scheduled for publication later this year, and he is currently writing a novel about a drone strike on a small Midwestern town, entitled The Unhappy History of Higgston, Missouri.

Favorite Food: I love Waffles and salads but never together,

Favorite Place to Write: I write in my study

Favorite Music: Jazz and electronic chill.

Favorite TV Show: My favorite show just died: THE OFFICE. But I hope the cast will come back on THE WALIKING DEAD! Especially Kevin

A Cheap Spellbinding Whodunit For Kindle – June 6

Maddie Richards is a crackerjack homicide detective who wishes she could handle her messy personal life as well as she handles her job. In THE BEHOLDER, she has two love interests, a possible suspect in a serial killer case, and a man who lives two thousand miles away. Will she be able to catch this serial killer before she ends up as the next victim?

THE BEHOLDER is a thrilling mystery that Evanovich and Patterson readers will enjoy. After reading THE BEHOLDER, you can just imagine Ashley Judd as Maddie Richards. 

This discounted Kindle book is just $0.99 on June 6.  


 After shutting off her engine, Maddie could hear the cries of coyotes, scattered in the Paradise Valley foothills, voicing their objections to the outpouring static coming from the squad-car radios, their doors open. As she stepped out of her car, she noticed the lining of her size-ten linen blazer had begun to fray from rubbing over the short-barrel Smith and Wesson .38 she carried on her hip. She had tried a shoulder holster, but rejected it after Jed said it made her look like she had three boobs.

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I’m a former analyst who uses that skill to salt clues into my mysteries. When I’m not writing for your reading pleasure, I may well be playing golf (daylight) or excercising to try and hide the ice cream and chocolate, or sharing time with those I love. I’m blessed in that those I love include readers. Life is good.

Favorite Food: This is where I confess to ice cream and chocolate, but then try to untarnish my image by also saying fresh fruit.

Favorite Place to Write: As for where I write: pretty much wherever I am at whatever time I have to do so. I like my characters (you will too) and so I just spent time with friends while sharing their story with you.

Go To Eden In This Cheap Kindle YA Fantasy – June 5

YA Fans, here’s a dystopian fantasy that will transport you to the original Garden of Eden. Will a young woman who was accidentally transported to a dark realm be able to fulfill the destiny that wasn’t hers? EDEN AT THE EDGE OF MIDNIGHT is the exciting debut novel to a new series that is sure to have you hooked from the get go! 

Fans of  Harry Potter, Gone, and Percy Jackson will enjoy EDEN AT THE EDGE OF MIDNIGHT. 

Grab this discounted Kindle book for only $0.99 on June 5.  

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Distracted, vacant, geeky I spend my life inside fantasies of my own design that only exist in my head. Sometimes I manage to commit them to paper or e-paper (depending on your preference), and so far I have achieved that once. I’m working on the sequel.

Favorite Food: Currently I like anchovies on cream cheese and toast

Favorite TV Show: Peep Show (an excellent UK TV series.)

Favorite Place to Write: I imagine my favorite place to write would be in a glass walled apartment overlooking central park in New York. I’ll let you know if that ever becomes a reality. Currently I write at the kitchen table when no one is eating off it.

Time Travel In This Discounted Kindle Fantasy – June 4.

You will find yourself caught up in an epic battle across dimensions and that threatens the entire world in HEART OF A DRAGON. This urban fantasy will take you on a thrilling adventure filled with mages, dragons, and voodoo!  This book was inspired by the author’s love of magic and experience being in a biker group. Just imagine Orlando Bloom as Donovan DeChance! 

Fans of Jim Butcher and Neil Gaiman will enjoy HEART OF A DRAGON.

This discounted Kindle book is just $0.99 on June 4.


He had the photo in his pocket. It was of a young girl, Angela. She had smiled for the camera, twisting several strands of dark hair in the fingers of one hand. It was a smile full of potential – a smile with a future and a family. The photograph was of a dead girl, and Donovan intended to find the one responsible. He had promised to do so, and in all the long years of his life, he could honestly say he had never broken a promise. Until now he’d never promised anything he wasn’t certain of.

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David Niall Wilson has been writing and publishing horror, dark fantasy, and science fiction since the mid-eighties. An ordained minister, once President of the Horror Writer’s Association and multiple recipient of the Bram Stoker Award. He lives outside Hertford, NC with the love of his life, Patricia Lee Macomber, his daughter Katie, occasionally their older siblings, Stephanie, who is in college, and Bill, Zach and Zane who are in the Navy, and an ever-changing assortment of pets. 

Favorite Food: Sushi, Steak, ice-cream and anything spicy.

Favorite Music: The music I listen to varies from project to project but always includes Concrete Blonde, Depeche Mode, Steeleye Span, anything with vocal harmony and a dark edge.

Favorite TV Shows: Grimm, Lost Girl, Castle and Elementary

A Romance Collection At A Great Price – June 4

BLISS is an appealing collection of romantic novellas from five different authors. Told against the backdrop of the Civil War, the loss of an unsinkable ship, the patriotic zeal of the second world war, the heart-rending conflict of Vietnam and the thrill of modern Nascar, Jamie Denton, SK McClafferty, Kathleen Shoop, Marcy Waldenville, and JD Wylde deliver a variety pack of poignant, passion and sweet.

This discounted collection is also available for Nook for $0.99 on June 4.

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This romance anthology is written by five award-winning and bestselling authors. Learn more about Jamie Denton, SK McClafferty, Kathleen Shoop, Marcy Waldenville, and JD Wylde by clicking on their names!

A Bargain Science Fiction / Fantasy Book – June 4

THREAD SLIVERS is an epic sci-fi fantasy about the desperate measures taken to save our future from destruction foreseen using banned temporal sciences. 

Readers of Lord of the Rings and The Eye of The World will enjoy THREAD SLIVERS. Just imagine Kate Beckinsale as the main character. 

This discounted book is also available on Nook for $3.99 on June 4.


Ticca was already off balance, so she let herself fall forward instead of fighting to stay standing as he expected. He had already reversed his knife and was trying for a neck strike, but without her counterweight he was also off balance. Ticca twisted and arched back, effectively dodging the strike. Unfortunately that exposed her mid-section and she was much too close. He delivered a vicious knee strike to her chest. The air was forced out of her in a loud yelp of pain and surprise. Releasing the robe, he sliced out, smiling wider as he managed to cut what felt like a bone-deep gash across her shoulder. Clenching her jaw on the pain, she managed to only squeak.

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My curiosity has taken me to a number of places/stages in my life. I started with college, tried the Navy, tried consulting, tried door to door sales, tried working for large corps, tried working for little corps, and am still trying. Yet through all that I loved fantasy and sci-fi. Author is the latest add to the list. The difference is author is so general I believe it will stick. I can research anything I want, make up anything I need, and still have some fun stories to share. I love talking to people about the stories, not because I wrote them, but because I love to talk about stories.

Favorite Food: Really juicy steak burrito with beans and tasty hot sauce. There are some fabulous steak burrito places out there and I intend to try to find them all!

Cheap Romantic Science Fiction For Kindle, Apple and Nook – June 3

TILL THE STARS FADE is a riveting science fiction tale that will have you quickly flipping the pages! In this book, a space shuttle pilot falls for a mysterious geneticist who represents everything she despises. Once she learns the truth about him, her only hope for love means risking everything, even death. 

Fans of The Host and Contact will enjoy TILL THE STARS FADE.

Inspired by the author’s love of romance and science, TILL THE STARS FADE will capture your heart and intrigue your mind.

This discounted book is available on Nook and Apple for just $0.99 on June 3.

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I first got the wild-eyed notion of becoming a writer at age 9, and never let that crazy idea go. I eventually wrote and published more than a dozen romances for adults. As a genre-conflicted author, I’ve also written the Tankborn science fiction trilogy for teens and the upcoming Janelle Watkins mystery series. I love cats, chocolate, horses, and international folk dancing.

An Intelligent Thriller For A Great Price – June 2

SWEAT is a smart political thriller about a young man trying to do the right thing as he is consumed by a conspiracy involving a US senator, a third-world seamstress, a Chinese hitman,  an arms dealer, and a washed up intelligence operative. SWEAT will excite you with an unforgettable cast of characters.

Fans of David Baldacci will enjoy SWEAT. This book was inspired by a tale about a businessman’s dealing with third-world garment factory. Can’t you see Shia LeBouef in this book? 

This discounted book is also available on Nook and Apple on June 2.

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I have a graduate degree in international business from the University of South Carolina and an undergraduate business degree from George Mason University. I am from the Washington DC area and lived in Japan for several years. I became a writer by accident.  The urge to write a novel struck from out of the blue, while I was standing in the kitchen contemplating dinner.

My favorite place to write is anywhere with a reasonably comfortable chair and a power outlet. I have a couple of mix CDs that I usually listen to, but I have one particular favorite that I have played well over a thousand times.

Time Travel With This Discounted Kindle Book – June 2

At the heart of DETOUR is an intense plot infused with compelling characters and chilling historical fact sets the stage as two college professors and a beautiful Indian shaman struggle to solve history’s most intriguing mystery: What really became of Adolf Hitler? The countdown to catastrophe has begun as a mysterious man in the Arizona desert puts in motion a terrifying journey across continents and time.

Readers who loved Stephen King’s 11-22-63 will enjoy DETOUR. 

Inspired by the question of what really happened to Adolf Hitler, DETOUR is a gripping time travel odyssey with mythical overtones, intriguing characters and fascinating, detailed scene description.

This cheap Kindle book is only $2.99 on June 2.


Peter furiously sprinted past a half block of mangled stores and restaurants when the earth heaved violently beneath his feet. A tremendous blast roared through the canyons of ruined buildings and twisted vehicles as the airplane crashed and its bomb load and gasoline tanks simultaneously exploded. The monstrous detonation leveled buildings and walls and sent out an immense shock wave which collapsed even more already devastated structures. As he fell to the ground he could only think of Johanna.

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Because of my time in Washington and the military and the fact that my ancestors wintered at Valley Forge, I became interested in history. I have visited many historical sites and Civil War battlefields. Along the way I’ve met many fascinating characters and seen many things, some of which others only dream of or have nightmares about. These life experiences and my knowledge of history, aviation and archeology form the foundation for my work.

Favorite Food: Bread served with a very dry martini.

Favorite Place To Write: I work at home in a small writing studio,

Favorite Music: Southwestern Indian flute music

Favorite TV Show: Arrested Development

Literary Fiction Deals for Kindle – 6/1

These two literary novels make for excellent weekend reads, especially at these discounted prices. HAM ON RYE by Charles Bukowski is $1.99, and TOWN HOUSE by Tish Cohen is $2.99. These Kindle books are on sale on June 1st.

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Cheap Kindle Book From A Bestselling Author -May 31

Forbidden love and civil rights collide in this powerfully emotional novel by award winning author, Melissa Foster. Set in Arkansas in 1967, Alison finds a black man down by the river, brutally beaten and murdered. She begins to confront the bigotry and hatred that she grew up with and meanwhile find love in an unexpected place. 

Readers of The Help and The Secret Life of Bees will enjoy HAVE NO SHAME. 

HAVE NO SHAME will grab you from the get go and linger with you long after you stop turning the pages. 

This cheap Kindle book is just $2.99 on May 31.

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Melissa Foster is an award-winning, International bestselling author. Her books have been recommended by USA Today’s book blog, Hagerstown Magazine, The Patriot, and several other print venues. She is the founder of the Women’s Nest, a social and support community for women, the World Literary Cafe. When she’s not writing, Melissa helps authors navigate the publishing industry through her author training programs on Fostering Success.

Discounted Literary Fiction Novels for 5/30

Literary readers – grab these best sellers by George Orwell, Penelope Ashe, and Diane Thomas. BURMESE DAYS and NAKED CAME THE STRANGER are $2.99 each and are available on Kindle, Nook, and Apple. THE YEAR THE MUSIC CHANGED is only $1.99, and is discounted for Kindle.

These cheap books are bargain priced on May 30!





THE YEAR THE MUSIC CHANGED is only available on Kindle.

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Murder and Magic Combine In This Cheap Book – 5/30

In BROKEN ELEMENTS, a powerful elemental, Aidan Brook has spent the last ten years hiding from everyone who once loved her, terrified of her own erratic magic. When death starts stalking those she left behind, hiding is no longer an option. Ready or not, Aidan is forced back into the world she left behind. Soon, elementals, shifters, and long-buried secrets are turning her life upside down, even as she gets caught up in the chase for a sadistic killer…one who seems equally interested in chasing her.

Murder, mystery and magic intertwine in BROKEN ELEMENTS to make it electrifying!

This discounted book is also available for Nook and Apple for only $2.99 on May 30.

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Mia Marshall is pretty much obsessed with stories: reading them, watching them, and writing them. She’s been an English teacher, a film studies graduate student, and a script supervisor, but she considers those all warm-up jobs for becoming a writer. She started the Elements series when she needed an escape from everyday life. It worked so well, she just kept going. Shifting Selves, book 2 in the Elements series, was released in April 2013, and she’s currently working on a brand new fantasy series. Mia Marshall lives somewhere in the Sierra Nevada mountains with her slightly mad Bengal cats. When not writing, she spends lots of time reading, playing in her garden, watching reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and seeking the end of the internet.

A Modern Horror At A Scary Cheap Price – May 29

On March 13th 1896, Winchester, England; Charles St Claire painted a portrait of his nephew. Unbeknown to him, it would lead to death and destruction. THE RATTLER will have you sleeping with the lights on! 

Inspired by the author’s love of horror films, THE RATTLER is a modern day horror novel with links to the past. Fans of Stephen King will enjoy THE RATTLER. Can’t you imagine Keira Knightley in this book?

This cheap Kindle book is only $2.32 on May 29.

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I’m an author based in the UK. I always wanted to write a horror trilogy – the Rattler is book No. 1. It had been on my ‘to do list’ for a good few years. I grew up fascinated with the paranormal; ever since a ‘spooky night’ in a castle in Ireland. My aim was create a book that pulled the reader into ‘my world’, so to speak, using first-hand experiences and wit.

Favourite food: Easy, Fish and Chips.

Favourite music: Rock and Roll, and Dance Music.

Favourite TV show: It has to be Bones.

Cheap Thrills From A Cheap Kindle Book – May 29

RED MOUNTAIN is the exciting second book in the sensational Detective Dipino thriller series from David Thayer.  Here, Mickey Reidel is assigned to investigate the murder of the chief of the NYPD’s Intelligence Division, whose wife he’s having an affair with. Mickey must find this killer before all the names of all the undercover cops are revealed. But will the suspect be closer than he thought?

Inspired by Mr. Thayer’s days as an insurance investigator, RED MOUNTAIN will have you riveted until the end. 

This discounted Kindle book is just $2.99 on May 29.


By the time he reached the parking lot that surrounded the Bluffs Mickey knew that he was too late. Emergency vehicles occupied the lower lot, the one closest to the restaurant. A pall of dark smoke draped the inlet where the boats were moored. He parked his car up the hill from the restaurant and turned the engine off. He sat for a moment watching the seagulls wheel over the water. He had been right, this is where Michelle had come. To escape? To hide? Part of him did not want to know.

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I cannot remember a time in my life when I didn’t want to be a writer. I am sure that there must have been. I think books make us all civilized. At least more civilized. My small contribution to the human experience is very gratifying and I am fortunate to be able to do it.

Favorite Food: Seafood risotto

Favorite Place to Write: I can write anywhere. 

Favorite Music: All kinds of blues. 

Favorite TV show: MI5

A Cheap Coming of Age Tale For Kindle – May 29

At first glance, college co-ed Jan Weston has it all: a hot boyfriend, good friends, and rich parents to pay her mountain of bills. Then her boyfriend dumps her, her friendships fall apart, and her parents take back her credit card. Suddenly without money, without a man, and without a plan, Jan is forced to grow up. BETWEEN BOYFRIENDS is a humorous story of living life, finding love, and growing up… but not necessarily in that order.

Fans of Lani Diane Rich, Risa Green, and Lauren Weisberger will enjoy BETWEEN BOYFRIENDS. 

Inspired by the author’s crazy friends, BETWEEN BOYFRIENDS would star Ashley Benson as Jan.

This discounted book is only $0.99 for Kindle and Nook on May 29.

If you’re reading on a Kobo or iPad (or any other e-reader), you can get the ePub version of this book from Smashwords.


I would give anything for someone to hold me right now, she thought and crossed her arms in a self-comforting gesture. Jan realized that she would trade her Platinum Amex card, her MAC makeup, and all her shoes for a hug from one person who truly cared. She tried to remember what it felt like to have Mike’s arms around her, the intoxicating smell of his natural scent mixed with his deodorant comforting her with its familiarity. She shivered. She could lose herself in that smell.

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Sarka-Jonae began writing her first novel in junior high on an old-school computer with a black screen and green text. She didn’t actually finish it after said computer lost her book, but her love of writing followed her to college and beyond. 

Sarka earned a BS in Magazine Journalism from the renowned S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University in New York. She wrote for the Post-Standard newspaper and continues to write health and fitness articles for popular websites. Her debut novel, ‘””Between Boyfriends,”” is her first completed work. She is hard at work on the sequel after making two month-long trips to Thailand for “”research.”””

Sarka loves to write at Starbucks amid the hoards of other writers fighting for an electrical outlet. Any day she wins the coveted corner spot with the best outlet is a win. If she writes something brilliant afterward, that’s icing on the cake. 

Sarka loves reading chick lit and fantasy. She is an avid martial arts and yoga practitioner. She loves animals, including her four rescued pets. Sarka also adores thrift store shopping, flash mobbing, and the Game of Thrones drinking game. She is waging a lifelong battle with her hair, which refuses to pick a natural color or a cohesive style.

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