Get Organized With This Discounted eBook – May 14

BUSY MOM’S GUIDE TO STRESS FREE ORGANIZATION was written by busy moms to help you save time and energy organizing and cleaning your house. This guide has compiled all the best techniques, tips, and advice all in one book that will help you clean an keep your house organized for good! 

Release your inner Martha Stewart and get your house in order! 

This book is available for Kindle for a cheap $0.99 on May 14th.

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Cheap Nonfiction Kindle Books for Nonfiction Readers | 5/13

Love reading true stories? Grab these two discounted Kindle books. THE EIGHTY DOLLAR CHAMPION ($1.99) is a true story of a horse champion for fans of Seabiscuit. FRENCH ILLUSION ($0.99) is a memoir from a woman who worked as an au pair in France.

These deals are good on 5/13!

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Cheap Nonfiction Books for May 12

These three biographies and memoirs are by very familiar faces, at least to music aficionados. Steven Adler (the original drummer for Guns and Roses)’s memoir MY APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION is $2.99. MUSTAINE ($2.99) is by Dave Mustaine, a founding member of Metallica. DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME ($2.99) is by Dave Navarro, guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

These deals are good on May 12.

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Cheap Kindle Books – Biographies and Memoirs

Grab these two biographies of rock stars with troubled pasts – both are discounted today. DHARMA PUNX by Noah Levine is $3.99 and SAVE ME FROM MYSELF by Brian Welch is $2.99. These deals are good on May 11.

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Bargain Kindle Books for Foodies – May 9

Foodies: don’t miss these discounted cookbooks for Kindle. TAPAS ($2.99) is from Joyce Goldstein, an expert in Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine. JOY THE BAKER ($1.99) is an ode to butter and sugar – it’s full of 100 recipes that you can recreate at home. THE FRESH & GREEN TABLE ($2.99) is for veggie lovers, and THE BREWMASTER’S TABE ($3.79) is for beer aficionados. These cheap books are on sale on May 9!

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Nonfiction Best Sellers for Kindle – Sales on May 8

THE MEASURE OF A MAN ($2.99 today) is the autobiography of Sidney Poitier, an American icon, the first African-American Academy Award winning actor, recipient of the Medal of Freedom, and, of course, bestselling author. It’s also one of the Oprah’s Book Club picks in nonfiction – so you KNOW this one is great.

Our other two nonfiction picks for today: THE MEN WHO WOULD BE KING ($2.81), an insider look at the bizarre industry that is Hollywood, and DEEP BLUE HOME ($2.47), a study of the ocean and its creatures for marine lovers.

These deals are good on May 8.

Just for fun, here’s a video of Sidney Poitier winning Best Actor at the Academy Awards in 1964:

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Deepak Chopra’s eBook “Buddha” on Sale in May

One of Deepak Chopra’s acclaimed books Buddha is on sale  in ebook format (Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Apple) for only $3.99 during May. That’s 75% off the regular list price! 

If you’re a fan of Deepak Chopra’s meditation, you’ll love this story of enlightenment and spirituality.

Buy Buddha for Kindle 

Buy Buddha for Nook

 Buy Buddha for Apple

Buy Buddha for Kobo

If you’ve already read Buddha, we recommend the following titles from Deepak Chopra’s ebooks:


Dr. Deepak Chopra is a bestselling author and global thought leader in medicine and wellness. He is the founder of the Chopra foundation and has shaped the way that the world thinks about spirituality and meditation.

He’s a prolific Twitter user (if you’re on Twitter, you HAVE to follow @DeepakChopra), and his tweets are deeply inspiring, like this one: 

Deepak Chopra is no less inspiring in person (when he has more than 140 characters). Here’s his TEDxTalk about human energy and power (worth the 10 minutes it takes to watch):

If you  

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Two Nonfiction Deals for May 6

Nonfiction readers: grab these two bestsellers while they’re on sale!

ALWAYS ON ($2.22) is about the current reality of constantly being pulled to electronics that are ‘always on’ in our pockets. BREAD & WINE ($3.99) is about food, family, and good conversation over the dinner table – complete with great recipes.

These deals are good on May 6.

Discover Your Faith In This Bible Study For Less Than $1 – May 5

In this four week mini Bible Study you will examine your faith and what it means to have faith in God. It was through the author’s faith in God that this book was written. 

Take a journey through careful study to find your FAITH with this helpful guide.

This is available for $0.99 on May 5. 


I became an author because writing has always been my way of processing through my thoughts and feelings. Whenever I write I find I make room for more thoughts and ideas. I hope my writing will always glorify God in some way. I like to write to the broken because I too am broken.

Favorite Food: My favorite food is anything from the cheesecake factory.

Favorite Place to Write: I love to write in my living room as I look out my back door.

Favorite TV Show: My favorite TV show right now is Murder She Wrote, which is now streaming on Netflix.

Huck Finn meets Holden Caulfield In This Real Life Memoir For Only $2.99 – May 3

Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn is not the stuff of legends, but how the life of Donald Dempsey really was. This memoir describes the struggles he faced at the hands of his cruel mother, her abusive boyfriends, and hypocritical church leaders. Mr. Dempsey’s vivid descriptions and details leaves you feeling as if you were there and know him.

Fans of Angela’s Ashes will enjoy BETTY’S CHILD.

BETTY’S CHILD will linger with you and will inspire you to overcome your obstacles. 

This is available on Kindle May 3rd.

Discounted Biographies and Memoirs – May 2

Nonfiction sales galore!

RESHAPING IT ALL ($4.99 today) is the memoir of Candace Cameron Bure, best known for her role as DJ Tanner in Full house. Her book is motivational with a spiritual message. THE HOLY OR THE BROKEN is the story of the musicians behind the famous song ‘Hallelujah’ – it’s $2.99 for the entire month of May. TIS ($2.99) is the memoir of Frank McCourt – the bestselling author of ANGELA’S ASHES.

Deals on Nonfiction for May 1

Nonfiction readers – there are some great books on sale today. HATE MAIL FROM CHEERLEADERS ($2.99) is a collection of true stories from one of Sports Illustrated’s most beloved writers, Rick Reilly. HENRY VIII ($0.99) is… surprise… about Henry the 8th’s life and court. GREENHORNS ($2.99) is about a community of more than 500 farmers.

These deals are good on May 1.

Bargains on Biographies and Memoirs – April 30

Biographies and memoirs make for excellent reads – it’s wonderful to step into someone else’s life for a while and see the world from her perspective. These three picks are all bestsellers – and they’re all on sale today!

GHOST TRAIN TO THE EASTERN STAR ($2.99) is Paul Theroux’s story of his journey through post-communist Eastern Europe and Asia. THE SADDEST GIRL IN THE WORLD ($1.99) is a story of foster care, abuse, and growth. MONKEY MIND ($2.99) is a memoir about anxiety and bravery.

These deals are good on 4/30.

Start Writing That Short Story With This Handy Guide For Less Than $1 – April 29

Have you wanted to write that next great story? Get started with this helpful guide – HOW TO WRITE A GREAT SHORT STORY : A BEGINNER’S GUIDE. It gives the reader easy step by step instructions with tips and tricks to write the story within them. 

HOW TO WRITE A GREAT SHORT STORY : A BEGINNER’S GUIDE is perfect for college students and novice writers alike. 

This book came about from the author’s experience as a write of historical and southern fiction, including short stories.

This is available for $0.99 on April 29th.


Katrina Parker Williams is an author of southern and historical fiction and short stories. She writes fiction primarily for pleasure and loves when readers can relate to her characters. She writes nonfiction to help pay it forward. There were people that helped her along the way, and she just wants to make the road to publication a little less rocky for the next author.

My favorite food is spaghetti and meatballs. I could eat this dish every day of the week. I love jazz, old timey blues, and Motown hits. I listen to this kind of music when I am in the mood to write.

Make Waiting A Little Easier With This Inspirational Guide For Less Than $1 – April 26

One of the greatest challenges in our walk with God is waiting for answers to our heartfelt prayers. This 31-day devotional will walk with you through those challenging times. By the end of the month, you will be confident that God is with you, God loves you, and God wants to answer your prayers.

Those who enjoyed Promises to Speak Over Your Life, Jesus Calling, and 1000 Gifts will like WAITING WITH GOD.  

WAITING WITH GOD was inspired by the author’s own struggle with waiting for answered prayers. She turned her bible study and recorded thoughts into this book.


If you’re like me and have tried to do everything on your own, the most difficult decision may be letting go and letting God. What an enormous amount of trust it takes to say, “Okay God, I’ve tried to do it my way, but I’m ready to let go of the reins and turn my life over to you.”


I’ve done everything. Worked on Wall Street, taught overseas, travel extensively, and read voraciously. But the one thing I’ve always wanted to do was write. It’s honestly the best feeling in the world to fulfill a lifelong dream. And after having a lot of careers that didn’t fit, it’s wonderful to sit down at my desk every morning and really enjoy my work.

Favorite Place to Write: Sitting at my desk next to a window with the great view of the mountains, and surrounded by 3 monstrously large, sleeping, Newfoundland dogs. 

Favorite Music: Classical

Tons of Nonfiction Bestsellers on Sale for April 25

Nonfiction readers – Amazon is having a flash sale today on a BUNCH of great Nonfiction books. We selected three favorites in this roundup in case you don’t feel like sorting through all of them – but here’s the entire list if you need a major Nonfiction fix!

A little blurb about the ones we picked :: The Spirit Level is the result of 30 years of research on communities and equality in democracies. It’s a brilliant an groundbreaking work – and it’s only $2.99 (an 83% discount). Merchants of Doubt is the true story of scientists who have obstructed the public understanding of key issues like the dangers of tobacco, going so far as to say “doubt is our product.” This muckraker is $2.99 today (marked down from $18). The Ascent of George Washington, also $2.99, is a provocative and polarizing look at one of America’s most revered figures. Grab it if you’re interested in reading the untold side of the first American president.

These deals are good on 4/25.

Bargains on Biographies & Memoirs for April 23

Reporting at Wit’s End is the story of one of the New Yorker’s best (and most interesting) reporters: St. Clair McKelway. It’s only $2.99 today. American Rose is the bestselling biography of Gypsy Rose Lee, a stripper in the roaring 20s. It’s only $0.99, so pick it up!

These deals are good on 4/23.

Two Bestselling Nonfiction Books for April 22

Tim Tebow is an inspiration to so many people, whether you’re a football fan or not. His memoir Through my Eyes is only $1.99 today – so pick it up and learn more about his fascinating story.

Love Does is a NYT bestseller about spiritual growth. It’s a lighthearted, fun read, and is only $3.99.

These deals are good on 4/22.

Learn How To Make More Money With This $2.99 Guide – April 22

Who couldn’t use more money and move up in their career? HOW TO LEARN HIGHER PAYING SKILLS will provide you with the critical information to be able to advance your job and income level. 

Readers who love What Color is Your Parachute, Quitter, or The 4-Hour Workweek will like HOW TO LEARN HIGHER PAYING SKILLS.

Mr. Churchill was inspired to write this book when he realized that to succeed professionally and financially, he would have to take charge of my own learning and development to get higher paying skills. 

This book will be available on April 22nd.


As we’ve observed, the economy is ruthless. It does not care about your career, your goals, or your efforts to provide for yourself and your family. The economy does not care that your job–your source of pride and income–suddenly vanishes to reappear in another country. The economy does not care if your career is suddenly vaporized by a new technology or invention. The trend of “creative destruction” is actually no longer a trend. This is the new, permanent way the game is played. The most important skill you need to succeed is the ability to learn new skills quickly.


Steve Churchill is not an “author.” He’s just a guy who’s still pounding the pavement each day searching for business/work. He’s committed to helping people get liberated from unrewarding, dreary work. He believes anyone, in any circumstance, can teach themselves new skills and get a better career. 

My favorite thing (of late) is when people read my book (or even a chapter) and say, “Wow, that’s really good information! I’ve been wanting to change jobs for a long time now, but I don’t have the knowledge or experience to get into the line of work I really like. This book gives me a strategy for accomplishing that and finding a job aligned with my dreams.”

Be Moved By This Heartbreaking Memoir for less than $1- April 20

LEAVING THE HALL LIGHT ON is a moving story of a mother’s struggle to help her bipolar son and coping with his death. Madeline describes her life when her son Paul is diagnosed with bipolar disorder after a psychotic break at 19. She goes on to talk about life with Paul and finding meaning in her life after his suicide.

Readers of A Year of Magical Thinking , The Liars’ Club, and The Glass Castle will appreciate LEAVING THE HALL LIGHT ON. 

Ms. Sharples came about writing this book from her experiences with audience members from her talks. She wanted to share her story with others as a way to erase the stigma of mental illness and to help others cope with the suicide of a loved one. 

This will be available on April 20 for $0.99.


One night right before the first Thanksgiving after Paul’s death, Sherry left a basket on my doorstep. Her note said that she dreaded the holidays after her mother died, so she gathered—“harvested” was the word she used—a few things to ease the holiday season for me. As I read her note and looked through the basket, I cried. Among the items inside was a book about coping with the loss of a love. This one was in poetry—she knew I wrote poetry—and the first book I was able to concentrate on enough to read through after Paul died. She also included a journal, a sweet smelling candle, a box of absolutely delicious chocolate covered graham crackers, and a smooth gray stone. This stone became my biggest comfort. Just large enough to fit in the palm of my hand, it feels the perfect size when I close my hand around it. One edge is round and the other is triangular. One side is plain; the other has the word “son” carved into it. My little stone became my night-time friend. I soon got into the habit of going to bed with it. Once settled, I held it on my chest just between my breasts. I liked its coldness on my aching heart. It helped me relax. Holding it in my hand and reading the word with my thumb also helped. I carried it around in my pocket for a while. I wanted to feel that it was there for me. Then, I began to wonder about my own sanity. Was I trying to exchange my son for a stone? When I got more together and began to feel better, I let go of it and let it rest on another item from that basket—a little, silk-covered, sachet pillow that smells like lavender. It has hand-painted butterflies and the word “heal” printed on the silk. They are still there on my bedside table after all these years.


I worked for most of my professional life as a technical writer and editor, grant writer, and proposal manager. But my love of poetry and creative writing began in grade school. I pursued my writing interests to high school while studying journalism and writing for the high school newspaper, and studied journalism in college. However, I only began to fulfill my dream to be a professional writer later in life. In addition to “Leaving the Hall Light On,” I co-authored “Blue-Collar Women: Trailblazing Women Take on Men-Only Jobs” and co-edited the poetry anthology, “The Great American Poetry Show” Volumes 1 and 2. My poetry also accompanies the work of photographer Paul Blieden in two of his books, “The Emerging Goddess” and “Intimacy.” I live in Manhattan Beach, California, with Bob, my husband of 40 years.

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