A Non-Fiction Peek Into the World of Our Future on Kindle

Editor’s Note: OPEN challenges people and makes them think!

Book Description: The internet and social media are transforming our world in ways that are challenging outmoded political, business and educational structures. Our most innovative business and education leaders have released this and are transforming their organisations by going ‘OPEN’. Learning futurist David Price, shows us how this is going to be the difference between success and failure in the future.

If you enjoyed Freakonomics or Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point, you won’t want to miss OPEN.

Author’s Inspiration: The internet and social media are changing the way schools and businesses work but only the most innovative leaders are realising this. It’s time the wider world know how we are going to work, live and learn in the future!

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David Price is a writer, consultant, speaker, and trainer. He consults with organisations and schools, and has led a range of ground-breaking, innovative, education programmes. He has given talks all over the world, and written extensively. In 2009, he was made an Officer of the British Empire by Her Majesty the Queen for services to education.

Visit David’s website!


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Non Fiction Kindle Books About Dangers Past and Present

MUD, SWEAT, AND TEARS ($1.99) by Bear Grylls is the autobiography of former British Special Forces commando and star of the hit TV show Man vs. Wild. THE BOYS OF ’67 ($1.99) by Andrew Weist follows the story of the Charlie Company during the Vietnam war, from deployment to their unwelcome and traumatic return home. 

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Lose Weight Fast With the Dash Diet

Editor’s Note: Discover the power of the DASH diet, with over 99 delicious heart-healthy recipes.

Book Description: The DASH diet will make it easy to lower blood pressure and improve your heart health. Packed with delicious recipes and easy-to-follow tips, the DASH Diet Health Plan is your guide to the diet named #1 overall by U.S. News & World Report.

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Deals on Highly Rated Kindle Books

WAITING FOR NOW IN HAVANA ($2.99) by Carlos Erie is a true coming of age story set during Cuba’s revolution. DROPPED NAMES ($2.99) by Frank Langella is a collection of stories featuring many of the 20th century’s most famous figures being, well, ordinary people. 

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Impress Family and Friends With These Healthy Recipes

Editor’s Note:  Get dozens of quick and easy Mediterranean recipes to help you improve your health with THE MEDITERRANEAN DIET. 

Book Description: Discover the benefits of one of the healthiest diets in the world. A Mediterranean diet is your path to a healthier lifestyle. Mediterranean cuisine is based around whole grains, fresh produce, and heart-healthy fats. Easy to follow and delicious to eat, The Mediterranean Diet will help you lose weight, prevent disease, and lower blood pressure!

Get the Kindle book for $2.99 on 2/25-3/1. 

Non Fiction Kindle Books about Famous Singers

THE STORY OF THE TRAPP FAMILY SINGERS ($1.99) by Maria Augusta Trapp is the real story of the Trapp family, the phenomenal souls who inspired The Sound of Music. HILLBILLY HEART ($1.99) by Billy Ray Cyrus is the story of Billy’s rise to fame and journey toward faith. 

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Don’t Miss This Eloquent Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: PLEASE TALK ABOUT ME WHEN I’M GONE is a beautiful memoir about something that we all have dealt with in our lives: the death of a precious loved one. 

“Sean Murphy has had the courage to look honestly at death, and the talent to express his love and grief in a way that will comfort and sustain his readers.”

–Steve Goodwin, author of Breaking Her Fall.

Book Description:  Question: How do you get over it?

Answer: You don’t. You don’t want to. It makes you who you are.

Sean Murphy lost his mother days after her fifty-ninth birthday, following a five-year battle with cancer. In this eloquent memoir, he explores his family history through the context of grief, compassion, faith, and the cultivation of an artistic sensibility. Unfolding in a range of voices, brutal and tender in its portrayal of terminal illness, Please Talk about Me When I’m Gone is an unyielding love story, in which devotion and memory are capable of transcending death.

Get the Kindle Book for $2.99 on 2/21-2/28. 

 Sean Murphy

 Sean Murphy has been publishing fiction, reviews (music, movie, book, food), and essays on the technology industry for almost twenty years. He blogs and writes regularly for PopMatters. His work has also appeared in The Weeklings, Punchnel’s, The Village Voice, AlterNet, Web Del Sol, and Northern Virginia Magazine.

Author Website:


Non Fiction Kindle Book for the Warfare and the Sports Enthusiast

SLOW GETTING UP ($1.99) by Nate Jackson is an honest look into the life of a professional football player, injuries and all. THE POINTBLANK DIRECTIVE ($1.99) by L. Keeney is a historical read about D-Day and the military genius that went into the daring plan. 

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Start a Paleo Diet Today With This Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: Experience the life-changing effects of a Paleo diet, with a month of easy meal plans and recipes in PAELO FOR EVERY DAY. 

Book Description: Paleo for Every Day will show you how to start a successful Paleo diet, taking you through the first month of your new lifestyle. With 4 weeks of meal plans, and dozens of easy and delicious recipes, this handy guide will make it easy to lose weight and see amazing results from eating a high-protein, high-fat and low-carb lifestyle.

Get this Kindle book for $2.99 2/18- 2/22

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Kindle Books on Sale for President’s Day

If you love learning about history, great men, or The Land of the Free, then you should take a look at these great discounted reads. Informational and Inspirational eBooks about Lincoln, JFK, an Washington await below for under $3 each! 

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Best Selling History Kindle Books

VIPER PILOT ($2.99) by Dan Hampton is a must read for modern warfare enthusiasts, particularly those interested in aviation. DISINFORMATION ($1.99) by Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa is part memoir part history book written by the Soviet’s biggest intelligence official to ever defect to the US.  

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Change your Habits and Your Life with this 99c Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: With HABIT TRAPS: STUCK IN A RUT? get out of negative habits now!

Book Description: With the help of this book you can figure out what your present behavior patterns are, and then get rid of the ones which reduce your quality of life. Habits are embedded in our thoughts, relationships, facial expression, and body shape. With humor, this book will show you the first steps to get out of those ruts. 

Author’s Inspiration: The idea that everybody has at any time the ability to change their life according to their wishes and ideas. And to help people with the process.

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The author is a behavior and communication coach and considers himself an “oral craftsman” (as opposed to a handicraftsman), a “habit-breaker” (checking the target-oriented effectiveness of habits), a “brain-pacemaker” (he gives others the impulses which encourage them to think, decide and act) and a “change-catalyst” (he accompanies and accelerates change processes).

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New York Times Best Seller Non Fiction Kindle Books

DEAR CARY: MY LIFE WITH CARY GRANT ($1.99) by Dyan Cannon is a memoir written by the other half of Cary Grant’s defining topsy-turvy relationship and gives a true insiders look into the Golden Age of Hollywood. RAISE THE BAR ($2.00) by Jon Taffer is a useful guide for service professional everywhere. 

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Entertaining Hollywood Stories only 99c for Your Kindle

Editor’s Note: With many laugh-out-loud moments readers will enjoy this unique, fun look at old Hollywood that does not go down the seedy side.

Book Description: Hollywood Stories: Short, Entertaining Anecdotes About the Stars and Legends of the Movies! Contains a timeless treasure trove of colorful vignettes featuring an amazing all-star cast of icons including John Wayne, Charlie Chaplin, Walt Disney, Jack Nicholson, Johnny Depp, Shirley Temple, Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando, Errol Flynn, and many others both past and contemporary. 

Readers who love Bring on the Empty Horses by David Niven; plus any other fun Hollywood Biographies will love this book. 

Author’s Inspiration: I am a tour guide in Hollywood who years ago started collecting fun stories to tell to the customers. Eventually I had the idea that these very short anecdotes could be told anywhere and that’s what led, after a few other projects, to the idea for the book.

Get this Kindle book for 99c 2/15- 2/22


Author Stephen Schochet is a professional tour guide in Hollywood who years ago began collecting little-known, humorous anecdotes to tell to his customers. Tim Sika, host of the radio show Celluloid Dreams on KSJS in San Jose has called Stephen, “The best storyteller about Hollywood we have ever heard.”

Learn to Cook Like an Italian Chef on Your Kindle!

Editor’s Note: THE ITALIAN COOKBOOK FOR BEGINNERS offers simple, delicious Italian recipes that bring the hearty flavors of Italy into your home.

Book Description:  Italian cuisine is a celebration of love for both food and family. The Italian Cookbook for Beginners, will show you that you don’t need to travel far and wide to enjoy the authentic flavors of Italy. With over 100 classic recipes, The Italian Cookbook for Beginners will show you how to cook like an Italian mama, using affordable everyday ingredients from your local grocery store.

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99c Inspirational Self-Help Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: Read about highly relatable characters and learn practical steps to make yourself happier, now!

Book Description: It’s possible to be happy no matter what cards you are dealt! Read true-to-life stories about people struggling with weight, money, relationships, jobs and more and see why some are happier than others. You can learn to be happy! 

Author’s Inspiration: As my children grew, I realized I needed to do a better job of explaining how what they think about the world, not their life circumstances and events, is the foundation of their happiness. They have power over their thinking. We ALL do!

Get  the Kindle book for 99c on 2/12-2/16. 

Margaret Curley Sanborn

Margaret Curley Sanborn’s skills in speaking and writing have long given her a way of transforming abstract thought and spiritual concepts into concrete and comprehensible examples for others. She has used those skills, to assist others in need, as a business speaker, consultant, boss, mother, friend and family member. Margaret has now translated some of the life skills she has developed into practical guidance on how to live a happier life.

Author Website:


Kindle Books for the Historically Curious

BONHOEFFER ($2.99) by Eric Metaxas is a biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German pastor in Germany during WWII who also acted as a spy against Hitler’s regime. THE WATCHERS ($1.99) by Stephen Alford is a book that dives into the political and religious powers during the reign of England’s Queen Elizabeth I. 

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Get Juicing with this Great Kindle Deal!

Editor’s Note: JUICING FOR BEGINNERS will help you learn how to make delicious juices at home using fresh produce, and get more vitamins and nutrients in your daily diet.

Book Description: Lose weight, boost your metabolism, and cleanse your whole body just by drinking fresh, vitamin-rich fruit and vegetable juices. Juicing for Beginners will teach you how to start juicing today for weight loss and better health, with 100 simple and delicious recipes, as well as a complete guide to starting your own juicing diet. Discover the nutritional benefits of each juicing ingredient, and learn how to create your own flavorful combinations to fight disease and relieve common health problems.

Get this great guide for only $2.99 on your KINDLE on 2/11!

Don’t Miss Amazon’s #2 Career Building Kindle Book!

Editor’s Note: WHAT I WISH EVERY JOB CANDIDATE KNEW features highly actionable interview advice from a real hiring manager you can put to use in 15 minutes.

Book Description: You don’t need to read 101 interview questions to improve your chances of getting the job. Learn what a real hiring manager thinks about and asks you during an interview – learn insider secrets in just 15 minutes that will put you ahead of your competition based on real hiring manager experiences.

Author’s Inspiration: I’ve become frustrated with seeing candidates in hundreds of interviews lose a job because of a simple lack of understanding of basic questions. As a hiring manager in Fortune 500 companies, I am not allowed to give them feedback on the spot – so I wanted to give qualified job applicants the information they need to perform dramatically better in any job interview. In a form they can digest quickly and put to use immediately. I don’t want to make a no-hire decision due to these common mistakes ever again.

Kickstart your new career with this great KINDLE book for just $3.99 on 2/10!


A corporate executive with over 22 years across Fortune 500 companies and small start-ups. Responsible for interviewing and making hiring decisions for hundreds of job candidates over the years. Married with 2 wonderful children, enjoying living and working in Denver, CO.


Educate Yourself on Healthcare With this Cheap Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: THE SELF-PAY PATIENT will teach you how to take control of your health care and health costs!

Book Description:  It’s been called “the unofficial guide to opting out of Obamacare” and can save families and individuals thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars a year!

Get this Kindle book for only 99c 2/10- 2/14


Sean Parnell runs the, and serves as Adjunct Scholar in Health Policy for the Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity. He’s authored several policy studies on healthcare. He has appeared on The Daily Ledger, been profiled on and Samaritan Ministries.

Visit to learn more

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