Bargain Priced Paranormal Romance for Kindle, Nook, and Apple

Editor’s Note: INK: FINE LINES is an original, dark, witty, humorous, romantic, and suspense filled thriller that keeps you wanting more.

Book Description:  Shay Baynes just turned 21 and her new comic has been picked up by a publisher. She soon learns that the murder scenes she’s drawing for her comic are happening in real life and she’s the prime suspect. She’s being stalked by an evil Specter who has fallen in love with her, but he’s going to have to get in line as both her childhood sweethearts are also vying for her attention. Shay’s being strangled more ways than one in her constant struggle to take care of herself and not be a damsel, and that’s all the men in her life want her to be.

Author’s Inspiration:  This story was actually inspired by a nightmare I once had, where I was drawing horrible pictures and they were all coming true. I decided to take the idea and run with it!

Get this eBook for only 99c for Kindle and Nook on October 9


Bella Roccaforte has been living life to its fullest since she could walk. She’s done everything from being an auto mechanic to a rocket scientist. Yes she actually worked for the United Space Alliance on the Space Shuttle program! But being a mom has always been the most important part of who she’s become. She currently lives in the Atlanta area with her husband, five children, dog and a myriad of extra teenagers that just don’t ever leave.

Deals on Kindle Books by Best Selling Fantasy Authors

TEMPT THE STARS ($4.55) by Karen Chance is an urban paranormal novel.  SNUFF ($1.99) by Terry Pratchett is a Discworld novel in which fantasy, magic, and satire are masterfully blended. CITY OF THE FALLEN ($0.99) by Diana Bocco is an action packed story full of vampires and plot twists. 

Grab these bargain books on 10/5.  

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Genre Bending Romantic Suspense Cheap for Kindle

Editor’s Note: CREATUS is a romantic-suspense novel with a supernatural edge that exposes the myths behind preternatural sentient beings.

Book Description:  After years of searching for the mysterious stranger who saved her life, twenty-two-year-old Kristina is alone and desperate. Seeing no future in her worthless existence, she attempts to force her protector out of the shadows the only way she knows—killing herself.

Ignoring his family’s disapproval, Derrick continues to safeguard the girl he rescued from a vicious attack years earlier. The one thing he can’t protect her from, however, is herself. When Kristina jumps off a bridge, he must reveal himself, even if saving her means she will now be in danger from his kind.

To make things worse, a video revealing Derrick’s supernatural ability when he saved Kristina is now in the possession of a government agency, and someone in his family will do anything to keep their existence a secret, even kill Kristina, the woman Derrick can no longer live without.

Get the Kindle book for $2.99 on 10/3. 

Carmen DeSousa

As most authors, I blame my leap into a full-time career as a professional writer on my love of reading. Reading has always been an escape for me. When life was rough as a child, I could always disappear into a book. But I found something else. I discovered that writing out my thoughts was healing. Not only could I create hope for my protagonists, but I could do away with the antagonists–legally. 🙂

Discounted Paranormal Mystery for Kindle, Nook, and Apple

Editor’s Note: PRIMAL CREATURES is a murder mystery with believable characters, and lots of wit, voodoo, and paranormal fantasy stirred into the mix.

Book Description: Wyatt Thomas, the French Quarter’s favorite sleuth, is hired by a movie producer to check out a death on an island in the wetlands south of New Orleans. Was the man killed by wild dogs, or was the killer a rougarou, Louisiana’s swamp version of a werewolf? As a deadly hurricane approaches the island, Thomas must find out quickly, or become a victim himself. 

Author’s Inspiration:  I grew up in Louisiana listening to my grandmothers’ tales of ghosts, voodoo and political corruption. I wanted to take the readers on a mind trip to the south, and let them experience just how rich the culture really is. Primal Creatures is Book 3 in my French Quarter Mystery series.

Who would play your main character in the movie version of your book? Ryan Gosling

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I’ve written seven novels, seventy or more short stories, and four cookbooks. I can’t cook, but I like collecting recipes and telling stories. My wife Marilyn says I’m going to hell for lying. I tell her I’m a writer and paid to lie, and as a person from Louisiana, God expects no less. I’m a normal person, but I’ve had lots of life experiences, and I’ve soaked it all in. Readers should read my books because they are fun and entertaining. Writing is creation, and I think we all have the need to create locked in our DNA. Writing is my creative outlet.

99c Supernatural Thriller for Kindle, Nook, and Apple

Editor’s Note: In terms of theatrical movies, Twisted Vengeance is a cross between Damien and The Sixth Sense… It is high energy with lots of twists and scares.

Book Description: TWISTED VENGEANCE is a Paranormal Mystery Thriller about Rick Burns, a detective who is haunted by his past, haunted by a promise he made to his diseased brother, and haunted by a ghostly boy who seems to know everything about a mysterious serial killer. Through a series of twists and turns, self doubt, and heartbreak, Rick is forced to come to terms  with who is, what he is, and how he will keep his promise to his brother and the woman he loves.

Author’s Inspiration: I’ve had personal encounters with the paranormal and writing this novel as well as my other supernatural thrillers is my way of dealing with it. 

Get this thriller for only 99c for Kindle, Nook, and Apple on September 29


Jeff Bennington is the author of Reunion, Twisted Vengeance, Creepy, The Secret Tree and has been published in The Horror Zine. Jeff enjoys writing mystery thrillers with a supernatural twist.  He lives just outside Indianapolis, Indiana and home educates his four children with his wife of over twenty years.

Creepy Ghost Stories Discounted for Kindle, Nook, and Apple

Editor’s Note: You’ll be scared to turn off the lights after reading this collection of creepy, scary ghost stories. 

Book Description: Creepy: The Full Collection is a unique mix of 38 true ghost stories and short supernatural fiction. This collection includes Creepy Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3. Creepy is fun, spooky, and great reading for the Halloween season! If you love true ghost stories and short horror, you will love this mix of both styles. One minute your reading a true ghost story from around the globe, and the next your reading a short supernatural tale weaved by one of horror’s up and coming top-authors.

 Author’s Inspiration:  I was around ten years old when I had my first supernatural experience. I’ve seen full-bodied apparitions, felt a dark presence practically breathing down my neck, and experienced a ghost (or something) that seemed more curious than anything. 

Get this Collection of Ghost Stories for Kindle, Nook and Apple for only 99c on September 25 



Jeff Bennington is the Amazon bestselling author of thrillers including Reunion, Twisted Vengeance, The Creepy Series, and The Secret in Defiance

I write best in the dark, listening to storms or movie soundtracks. If I’m disturbed, I go all zombie on the intruder—no one has lived to tell about that experience.

Author’s Website:

Paranormal Book Bundle for 99c

Three books for $0.99.  Paranormal fans, today is your dream day.

Pain, joy, death, life, magic…. All of it fits. If you love HP Mallory, grab this one!

Author’s InspirationThe story just built upon itself. From a single dream about the first character, so the supporting stories of all of her friends. It is a lovely saga of life with plenty of “magic.”

This bundle is $0.99 on NookApple, and Kindle on Sept 18. 

Olivia Hardin

Olivia’s attended three different universities over the years and toyed with majors in Computer Technology, English, History and Geology. Then one day she heard the term road scholar and she knew that was what she wanted to be. Now she “studies” anything and everything just for the joy of learning. She’s also an insatiable crafter who only completes about 1 out of 5 projects, a jogger who hates to run, and she’s sometimes accused of being artistic. A native Texas girl, Olivia lives in the beautiful Lone Star state with her husband, Danny and their puppy, Bonnie.


15 99c Romance Kindle Books!

Romance Lovers! For today only Amazon has discounted these 15 Kindle books down to 99c for your reading pleasure. They are a wonderful selection of contemporary paranormal romances. 

Below we have pulled the ones that look the best to us. Click on the covers to get them. 

To see all of the books click here.

Grab these bargain books on 9/17.  

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Meet Vampires in this 99c Paranormal Romance

Editor’s Note: Hardened detective Lacey Gardner is thrown off-balance when she meets sexy Damon Harte.

Book Description: Boston detective Lacey Gardner knows everything about killing vampires. She’s the best in the Fringe Dept, but when she meets bartender Damon Harte during a murder investigation, the sexy bartender gives her heart a run for the money. What is more dangerous? A murderous vampire or a man with a secret?

From the Book: Lacey glanced down the length of the bar. The bartender was looking at her. She watched him closely as he made his way toward her. He moved like a large jungle cat, muscles rippling and undulating beneath his form-fitting shirt. She couldn’t help but notice his superb body, like a god etched in marble. The Greek God of War, she thought, sensing a dark undercurrent beneath that perfect façade. Her insides fluttered as he came closer. She couldn’t look away from his smoldering eyes. 


Debra L Martin

Debra L Martin writes with her co-author and brother David W Small. Together they write stories full of depth, emotion, suspense and action. Their first love is epic fantasy and together they strive to bring their stories to a new crop of readers.

Dark Paranormal Romance Discounted for Kindle, Nook, and Apple

Editor’s Note: CAPTURED is a dark and powerful story about the redemptive powers of eternal love.

Book Description:  Book three in the dark, vampire Serenity series. After Serenity is taken by a monster who used to be her husband, vampire Sebastian Bandores and their daughter, Elizabeth, track Serenity across the country to try to reclaim her. But after repeat feedings have destroyed her memory, will Serenity even remember who they are?

Author’s Inspiration: I started writing this series because I’d loved vampire stories for many years and wanted to create one of my own. The basis for the storyline came to me when I asked myself what kind of woman would really fall for a blood-thirsty vampire, and the answer ‘when what she’s living with at home is worse’ came to me. So Serenity and her struggle between her abusive husband and the vampire, Sebastian, who she comes to love, was born.

Get the NOOK, APPLE and KINDLE books for just 99c on 9/9.  


Marissa Farrar

I’m obsessed with all things books. Basically, if I’m not writing a book, then I’m reading one. I started writing as a child, but decided to take my writing seriously after I completed my Zoology degree and realised I’d spent the entire degree trying to find time to write. After that, it took me several years to get published, in which time I wrote several novels, including the first book the Serenity series, Alone. I now have eight novels published, my ninth will be released later this year, and I’ve been working as a full time author for the past three years.

Fantasy Kindle Books That Will Knock Your Socks Off

These Fantasy stories have high stakes and plenty of suspense that will keep you glued to the pages. KISSED BY DARKNESS ($2.99), KISSED BY FIRE ($0.99), and KISSED BY SMOKE ($0.99) are the three novels in the Sunwalker saga by Shea MacLeod. These action packed urban fantasys follow Moran Bailey, a vampire bounty hunter, who hunts down  the supernatural beings who decide to run amok among humans. 

Grab these Bargain Books for Kindle on September 8.  

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Science Fiction Paranormal Romance Discounted for Kindle

Editor’s note: CEMETERY PLANET is a highly imaginative, futuristic Sci-fi Paranormal Romance adventure, set on another planet in another time.

Book Description: In this box set you can get all four books in the CEMETERY PLANET series for just 99c.  

 800 years in the future. A lonely world teeming with graves. A desolate corner of the galaxy.

Harvey Crane wants to forget his year-long stay as caretaker at the biggest necropolis ever created. His only desire is to leave with the woman he loves, despite the fact that she’s been dead for nearly eight centuries. How foolish he is, though, to think he can ever escape the ghosts of…CEMETERY PLANET.

Get the Kindle book for 99c on September 2.  

J. Joseph Wright 

Upon reading and, inexplicably, enjoying one of J.’s witless essays in his freshman year of highschool, his English Comp teacher, a man of questionable taste, recommended he apply to the school newspaper. Soon J. was regaling the student body with a fantasy horror fiction column. After college, J. left a highly lucrative career in public television for an even more lucrative career as an independent author, and now writes Adult Horror, Sci-Fi, Children’s Fantasy, and even some Paranormal Romance with Ghost Guard.

Barbra Annino’s Stacy Justice Mystery Series Discount Kindle Books

For today only Amazon has discounted all four novels in Barbra Annino’s Stacy Justice Mystery Series.  

In this quirky and fun mystery series follow Stacy Justice, a young witch who just wants to focus on her normal life and her normal job as a reporter. It all changes when her cousin is framed for arson and she realized that her magic could help her find the true criminal.  


All four books are $1.99 each on August 22.  

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Paranormal Suspense Discounted for Kindle and Nook

Editor’s Note: FIRE AND SHADOWS is a paranormal heart-stopping page turner!

Book Description:  Artist Lily Evans is trying to come to terms with her newly discovered psychic powers. After she has a strange experience with an old painting, she enlists the help of a festival fortune teller and his group of gifted friends. What is the beautiful woman in the portrait trying to tell Lily? Can she walk a path leading to witchcraft and danger without losing her life or her soul?

Author’s Inspiration: A little pink pop-up ballerina. As a child, I had one that danced when the jewelry box was opened. That image has always remained in my mind, and was the catalyst for the whole book. She became a symbol for Lily. So inspiration really can come from anywhere!


Susan J McLeod 

 I was reading at four and writing at seven. My first masterpiece was “The Adventures of Dusty the Fairy” which was well-received by a very harsh critic: my Dad. Encouraged, I kept going. The novels in my teenage years were pure wish-fulfillment, where I married whichever actor/rock star I was in love with at the moment. My sister is still reduced to hysterical tears when she sees them. 

The reason I write is the same reason that I read-to escape. Books have helped me through some very difficult times, and I want to help others escape as well.

Dark Urban Fantasy 99c for Kindle, Nook, and Apple

Editor’s Note: PIERCED is the introduction book to the Pierced Series – an Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance.

Book Description:  Pierce is a young woman who has known she was different ever since she was a child. She can speak several languages fluently (without formal lessons) and can move stuff with her mind, among other talents. But who cares about these little quirks when you have a psychopath after you? The same psychopath who has kept her locked up in an attic in a vampire compound for almost a decade and had been abusing her for all that time. It is no wonder she suffers from nightmares, social anxiety disorders, pops pills like candy and talks to two imaginary characters from a 1945 classic film in her head.

Get PIERCED for 99c for KINDLE, NOOK, APPLEon August 21. 

J.C. Mells

I live in Las Vegas and watch way too much T.V. 

I have dabbled in several different and interesting jobs over the years, including a summer at Terry’s of York chocolate factory way back in my youth – and ending up waiting tables in a fine-dining restaurant in a Las Vegas casino. Somewhere in between all that I stopped off in New York, NY and got a few degrees, including an MA in South Asian Studies from Columbia University and another in Cinema Studies from NYU.

Western Romance Meets Paranormal: Cheap Kindle Book

LAKOTA HONOR is a book that leads readers back in time and then invites them to question just how much has really changed.

If you like Karen Kay, Jodi Thomas, Cassie Edwards, or Connie Mason, you’ll like LAKOTA HONOR. Imagine Jason Momao and Emily Blunt as the main characters!

From the book: The earth swayed. He closed his eyes and forced the spinning in his head to cease. One thin bronzed leg lifted and came down wobbly. He waited until his leg stopped shaking before he climbed another rung. Each step caused pain, but was paired with determination. He made it to the top faster than he’d thought he would. The sky was black and the air was cool, but fresh. Thank goodness it was fresh.

This Kindle book is only $1.99 on August 19th. 

Kat Flannery

 Kat Flannery is an avid researcher with a love for history. Her first two novels, Chasing Clovers, and Lakota Honor became Bestsellers with Amazon for Historical and Western romance. She is currently awaiting the release of her third book, Hazardous Unions with Imajin Books in September 2013. Kat loves to hear from her readers.

Discount eBooks for Kindle: Caged Series

Paranormal and Fantasy Readers! 

The highly rated Caged series by Amber Lynn Natusch is on sale for Kindle today! The first book is only 99c and the other 4 books in the series are $1.99 each. 

In CAGED Ruby’s journey begins with the death of her parents and the awakening of dark powers within her. Her life is threatened and her trust betrayed before she realized that she must learn to harness the darkness within her in order to survive. 

Grab  CAGED, HAUNTED, FRAMED, SCARRED, and FRACTURED for bargain prices on August 8/18. 

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Bargain Book for Fans of Paranormal Romance

Editor’s Note:  Human/Vampire relations are less than optimal in this great new series by by New York Times best seller author Susan Krinard.


Book Description: As the levels of tension between humans and vampires rise, peace is hanging on by a thread. In the middle of a covert mission into a vampire hideout Alexia Fox, a sultry human operative, runs into Damon, a smouldering vampire. Despite being on opposite sides and representing the very things that they are supposed to hate most, the attraction between these two is immediate and intense. Will  they be able to work together and mend the bonds between the two races? Or will their relationship disintegrate with the last shreds of peace? 


Get this Bargain Book for $1.99 on 8/8.

Historical Mystery Bargain Book for You

Editor’s Note: A KISS SO DEADLY is a wonderful mix of history, mystery, and the paranormal. 

Book Description: A KISS SO DEADLY follows the ghost of Genevieve, a woman who immigrated to Louisiana from Nova Scotia and died of yellow fever shortly after her arrival. As a ghost she wanders the plantation that her and her husband built, which is has grown considerably since her death and is now inhabited by their descendants. 

The plantation is the epitome of everything lovely and graceful in the Deep South and Genevieve is prideful of the flourishing plantation and the courteous and kind woman who now runs it, Bridgette. 

Genevieve senses a dark presence approaching the plantation that threatens to ruin everything that makes it wonderful. She must warn Bridgette of the evil that lurks the grounds before it is too late…

Get the Kindle book for $0.99 on August 1.  

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