Bargain Books by Best Selling Romance Authors

Which of the men portrayed on these covers would you prefer? Personally, I’d like the one in the armor, although the suit is a close second.  THE RENEGADE’S HEART ($0.99) by Claire Delacroix is a historical romance between a troubled knight who has been captured by the Fae and a lovely young woman. LOVE’S PERIL ($0.99)by Cheryl Holt is a historical romance with French pirates and bonnie English lass. THE BACHELOR PRINCE ($3.82) by Debbie Macomber is a love story in which the decision between marrying for money and the future of your nation or marrying for love is played out in a modern setting. 

Grab these cheap books on 8/7. 

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Bargain Book for Romance Lovers on Kindle

Editor’s Note: MY SAVIOR FOREVER has a harsh beginning but turns into a beautiful Romance. 

Book Description: Cassie is a young girl who’s had an unhappy life and found some happiness in a small town in Kansas. Her life is turned upside down when she is kidnapped and brutally raped. Jesse is considered hot by most women but hasn’t had time for any Romance. While searching for his mother’s killers he witnesses a young girl being kidnapped and has to make some decisions quickly. Will Jesse rescue Cassie and will Cassie find her Savior Forever?

Author’s Inspiration: I was inspired by all the wonderful Romance Author’s books I have had the honor to read. My book has been in my dreams for over a year. I finally decided to put my thoughts down on paper.

From Book: Jesse pulls me in an embrace. “Baby, you take all the time you need. I know you have been through so much. You’re so brave.” He pushes me back a little and stares into my eyes. “Do you know how brave you are?” I shyly shake my head. He pulls me back and holds me again. “Oh, baby. After all you have been through in your life, I think you’re the bravest person I know.” Tears form in my eyes. I don’t feel very brave.

Get this Kindle for 99c on August 7. 

Vicki Green 

I became an Author to share my love for Romance. As you, I love a great Romance, to get down deep with the characters, feel what they feel and follow them into their blissful happiness. Like a great movie, I love to take that feeling with me after I read them. I want to share that with my readers too!

Author Website: 

Discount Romance Novels by Best Seller Authors

These best seller romance authors have discounted eBooks today. That is one of the great things about the prolific nature of many romance authors, they almost always have at least one book on sale!

YOU NEVER CAN TELL by Kathleen Eagle is the story of a love between a reporter and an activist running from the law, LOVING A LOST LORD by Mary Jo Putney is a historical romance between a Duke suffering from amnesia and a young woman who uses his loss of memory as a way to get away from an unwanted suitor. FALL INTO ME by Julia London follows the affair between a sexy but high maintenance pop star and a boy guard. The Best Seller FEAR OF FALLING by S. L. Jennings is inspired by true events and tells the story of a young woman who suffered from abuse and the man who helps her heal. SEND ME NO FLOWERS by Trish Jenson is the story of the budding relationship between childhood friends who meet again as adults and find that they feel more than childhood camaraderie for each other. MAN OF MY DREAMS by Johanna Lindsey is a historical romance between a duke hunting young woman and a scheming duke in disguise. 

Get these cheap books on August 6.  

Get the Kindle Books here: YOU NEVER CAN TELL ($1.99), LOVING A LOST LORD ($0.99), FALL INTO ME ($0.99), FEAR OF FALLING ($0.99), SEND ME NO FLOWERS ($4.61), and MAN OF MY DREAMS  ($3.99). 

Get the Nook Books here: LOVING A LOST LORD, FEAR OF FALLING, and MAN OF MY DREAMS  ($4.99)

Get the Kobo Books here:  LOVING A LOST LORD, FEAR OF FALLING, and MAN OF MY DREAMS  ($4.99)

Get the Apple Books here: LOVING A LOST LORD and MAN OF MY DREAMS  ($4.99)

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Bargain Kindle Books by Best Seller Romance Authors

These romantic reads by best selling authors are sure to make you swoon. LOVE WILL FIND A WAY ($2.99) by Barbara Freethy is a heart warming romantic story of family and love. LOVING LIBERTY ($0.99) by Belinda Boringis the story of a daughter in an oppressive family who finally finds her way out through love. HASTY WEDDING ($3.82) is a love story that takes place in Vegas. FOR YOU by Mimi Strong ($3.93) is a new adult romance between a tough girl with a troubled past and the boy that she hopes will stand by her when her secrets come knocking. BIG SKY MONTAIN ($4.99) by Linda Lael Miller is a contemporary western romance. RISING TIDES ($2.99) by Nora Roberts is a sweet emotional romance.

Grab these cheap books on 8/5.


 Get the Kindle Books here: LOVE WILL FIND A WAY ($2.99), LOVING LIBERTY ($0.99), HASTY WEDDING ($3.82), FOR YOU ($3.93), BIG SKY MOUNTAIN ($4.99), and RISING TIDES ($2.99).


Get the Kobo Books here: LOVE WILL FIND A WAY ($4.99), LOVING LIBERTY, HASTY WEDDING ($4.39) FOR YOU ($3.93) and BIG SKY MONTAIN.

Get the Apple Books here: LOVE WILL FIND A WAY ($2.99), and HASTY WEDDING ($4.99).


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Bargain Priced Christian Historical Romance

Editor’s Note: UNDAUNTED LOVE is a Civil War romance of faith, hope, and redemption.

Book Description:  Rafe Colton and Livvie Byrd have known each other forever; falling in love wasn’t part of the plan. Livvie’s father would be livid, and the Civil War is on the horizon, but young love won’t be stopped. Secretly married but dogged by war and murder, the couple fights to keep their love alive through separation and turmoil Can their relationship survive?

Author’s Inspiration:  I was actually asked to write a historical romance by an agent (I discovered indie publishing while writing the book, though!). She asked for Amish or Civil War, and, since I have a lot of relatives who fought for the South in the Civil War, that really appealed to me. I was able to use places I know and love in the book, and bring the best things of the South into play, so it was really fun to write.

Get the Kindle book for $1.99  

Jennings Wright

Jennings was born in a small Florida town that her great, great grandfather founded (and which is in Undaunted Love by its original name). She now lives in NC with her husband and kids, and has a nonprofit that works in Uganda and Andros, Bahamas. A lifelong love of travel keeps her busy; she spends time she’s not writing or traveling on the water, reading, and or hanging out with her family.

Romantic Suspense Discount eBook for You

Editor’s Note: In SMOKY RIDGE CURSE two former partners are forced to work together on a case and an old fire is rekindled. 

Book Description:  Follow FBI agents Adam Brand and Delilah Hammond as they track down a domestic terrorist that has a knack for hiding in plan sight. As the case progresses Adam and Delilah have two battles to fight; one against the terrorist, and the other against the passion that always seems to grow between them. Unlike before, Delilah has a lot to lose by becoming involved with Adam, but her skills and determination leave him breathless all over again. 

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Get the eBook for  $1.99 on August 5. 

Bargain Book for Romance Lovers On Kindle and Nook

Editor’s Note: In AFTER THE FALL lust turns into love and the resulting relationship is complicated by family ties.


Book Description: Natalie and Alex have a three month, no commitment fling. But life is never that simple and nothing will keep them apart… but can they stay together?

From Book:“Please don’t marry her,” I said, sobbing now. His voice sounded so good and I wanted him here with me, not a million miles away or however many it really was. Anywhere outside my bedroom was too far away.

“Natalie, calm down. I gather you’ve seen the engagement announcement.”

“Yes,” I said.

“I’m surprised you’re calling me, I thought you never wanted to talk to me again.”

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 Get this book for $0.99 on August 5.

Ariadne Wayne

 I am a wife, mother and work full time so juggle constantly. Writing is my creative outlet which I can squeeze into the small amount of spare time that I have.


Bargain Books for Romance Lovers

Editor’s Note: In THE DEVIL’S OWN DESPERADO a gunfighter falls for the woman who nurses him back to health but knows he can’t stay with her because of his past.

Book Description: He’s everything she fears: Violence and Force. She’s everything he dreams of: Soft and Compassionate.

From Book: She twisted her apron between her hands, staring at the floor. A moment later, Colt caught her chin in his palm and tilted her head to him. She hadn’t heard him cross the floor. Her breath caught in a mingling of fear and some nameless anticipation.

“My name is Colt. Try it, Amelia. Colt.”

Amelia’s skin burned with the light touch of his  fingers and her heart hammered against her breastbone.   She wet her parched lips.

“It’s a simple name, really. Four little letters. Colt.

You can get this Kindle book for $4.74


Lynda Cox

Tired of spending money on romance novels and throwing them across the room five pages in, Lynda Cox decided that she could write as well. When she isn’t populating the town of Federal in the Wyoming Territory with her imaginary friends, she shows dogs and sometimes teaches college freshmen composition. Growing up, she watched Lassie and Bonanza every week and swore she was going to have beautiful collies, horses, and live in the American West. She’s got the collies and the horses and is working on getting out West.

Bargain Kindle Books by Best Seller Romance Authors

These romance novels are sure to make you laugh, whether it is with witty repartee in a historical context or quirky comments in a contemporary setting.  TROPHY HUSBAND ($2.99) by Lauren Blakely, TRYING NOT TO LOVE YOU ($0.99) by Megan Smith, and OWN THE WIND ($0.99) by Kristin Ashley are all contemporary romances. The best seller THE LADY OF THE RIVERS ($3.99) by Philippa Gregory and HOW TO MARRY A MARQUIS ($4.99) by Juila Quinn are both historical romances. 

Get these bargain books on 8/4. 

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21 Sherrilyn Kenyon Books on Sale!

Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter and Dream Hunter Series are a masterful blend of urban fantasy, action, and romance. Their heroes and heroines often have pasts deeply rooted in history and every once and a while Romance gods and goddesses show up. For today only you can get 21 of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s books for $1.99 each!

 Below are some of the ones that looked the best. 

See all 21 books here.

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Bargain Priced Small Town Romance Story

Editor’s Note: LOVE IN BLOOM is a story of small town love and a match making little girl. 

Book Description: When Lily Farnsworth receives a donation from a mysterious benefactor she can finally open up her own flower shop in Bygones, Kansas. However, her life in the small town isn’t as easy as she would like. Tate Bronson, a rugged and handsome single father, seems determined to keep Lily out of his life, which is surprising since she is just trying to do her part in revitalizing the town. When Tate’s little girl tries to play matchmaker, maybe her flowers wont be the only things budding in Lily’s life.

Get the Kindle Book for $1.99 on 8/4. 

Bargain Books for Romance Lovers

Bargain Romance readers, what is your favorite kind of romance novel? Do you enjoy contemporary, historical, or paranormal stories most? Do you prefer more classically written romances or do you enjoy the sultry scenes in the newer novels? 

The selection today offers a little bit of everything. If you don’t know which styles you prefer (or if you like them all) check out these novels by best selling authors and sample the different romance sub-genres. 

Get the Kindle books here: SWEET HUSH ($1.99), PRINCE OF SWORDS ($0.99), ONE MORE NIGHT ($0.99), TO SEDUCE AN EARL ($0.99), NOT QUITE MINE ($1.99).  

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Travel Back In Time With This Cheap Romance

Editor’s Note: An epic historical romance with sultry scenes. It’s the first in a series, and you’ll be dying for Book 2 by the end! *For mature audiences*


Book Description: Sheltered and naive Lynna Rhodes is determined to wed her devilishly handsome sea captain. That is until a notorious pirate with a sensual side abducts her, and she ends up shipwrecked on a deserted island with a runaway slave. At the tender age of eighteen, she is forced to make the hardest decision of her life.

Author’s Inspiration:  A love of the Civil War era, dashing heroes, and a passion for ball gowns of the day with wide hooped skirts and daringly low cut bodices.

Get this book for $0.99 on August 2.


Kitty Margo

Kitty Margo cut her teeth on books by Kathleen Woodiwiss, Jude Devereux, and Johanna LIndsey. A love of historical romance was instilled during her teens. To this day she still loves a dashing rogue and a strong, feisty heroine, and it never hurts to throw in a devilishly handsome pirate or two.

She was a former hairstylist, secretary, seamstress and phlebotomist before venturing into the ranks of the self employed with a commercial cleaning company. 

Visit her at


Cute Contemporary Romance Discount eBook

Editor’s Note: In THE UNEXPECTED WEDDING GUEST an old flame is rekindled under the weirdest of circumstances. 

Book Description: When Reese Michael gets caught in her wedding dress by her handsome ex-husband, she know that her worst nightmare has come true. When her fiancee then cancels the wedding… she knows it for sure.

Lucky for her, her gorgeous ex-husband, who she has never quite been able to forget, provides the perfect rebound option… or is he? She knows that falling back into their wonderful chemistry and not so wonderful relationship dynamic may be a mistake, but life is meant to be lived dangerously, right? 

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Get the discount ebook for $1.99 on August 2. 

Heartwarming Romance for Kindle Readers

Editor’s Note: RETURN TO CRADLE LAKE is a story about a woman’s journey to redemption and her second chance at love. 

I became lost in this story from the very first page.


Book Description:  Grace Peyton comes face to face with her past when she returns to her Ohio home town after twenty years to care for her estranged husband who has been in an automobile accident. Old passions reignite and long-held secrets are revealed as Grace learns that a second chance at a first love is the best and home is where the heart leads you.

Author’s Inspiration: I was inspired to write this book when I revisited my home town in Summit County, Ohio and sat on the shore of Portage Lake. I wanted to write a book about a troubled woman who came home after years away and found what she least expected but wanted most.

Get the Kindle book for $1.99 on 8/02.  

Cynthia Thomason  

About the Author: I’ve always loved small towns, the feeling of family, the often quirky characters that make up a close-knit community. When on road trips, I never miss the chance to visit particularly interesting small towns and historic places. I’ve always believed that life offers second chances, do-overs for any of us who are willing to explore the possibilities. You can find me exploring America’s back roads, walking my dog, or eating in my favorite burger joint.
 I love musicals, theater, really good sitcoms, and great sales. I like mountains and country stores, waterfalls and country music. John Denver is my favorite recording artist. My heart broke a little when he died.

Author’s Website:

Cheap Books for Romance Readers

These novels by best seller authors are bargain priced today! THE ARRANGEMENT 9 ($2.99) is the newest installment of H. M. Ward’s best selling serial series. ALL I NEED IS YOU ($0.99) by Julia London is a sporty romance story. KISS OF AN ANGEL  ($0.99) by Janelle Denison is the story of J. T. Rafferty and the mysterious woman to heals him after an injury. 


Grab these discount eBooks on 8/1. 


Get the Nook Books here: THE ARRANGEMENT 9 and KISS OF AN ANGEL

Get the Kobo Books here: THE ARRANGEMENT 9 and KISS OF AN ANGEL

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Bargain Books for Romance Lovers.

Exciting news for Romance readers! The most recent book in Jessica Sorensen’s Callie & Kayden series THE REDEMPTION OF CALLIE & KAYDEN ($2.99) has been released!  In addition, a few additional best sellers and highly rated novels are discounted. THE NOTE ($0.99) by Teresa Mummert is a best seller about finding love while mending a broken heart. JUST ONE KISS ($4.61) by Susan Mallery is the story of the relationship between a rough around the edges man an the woman who loves him for what he is. FORGED IN FIRE ($2.00) by Trish McCallan is a romantic suspense with a steamy SEAL as the love interest. 


Grab these Bargain Books on July 31.  

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Discount Romance Kindle Book

 Editor’s Note: Domestic Entanglements is a romantic comedy that is sure to make you smile.

Book Description: Domestic Entanglements is a funny romantic comedy
novel. The main character answers an ad for a surrogate/slash/housekeeper in
order to make enough money to get back to school and get her degree. She never
realized she would end up falling in love!

This novel is an easy, funny, romantic and light-hearted read! 

Readers who love Janet Evanovich will enjoy this book. 





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 Get this kindle book for $ 1.99 on July  31 


Karen Laven

Laven is a writer, DJ and comic. She has published 6 books. She has made a
number of TV appearances. Her passion is writing romantic comedy. That passion
was realized in her latest novel “Domestic Entanglements”.

 Author Website:



Deals on Romance and Women’s Fiction eBooks

Hopeless romantics – we’re right there with ya. If you’re in the mood to indulge in a love story (to brighten up a Tuesday perhaps), here are four that you’ll love.

Bestselling author Lori Wilde’s new book The Sweethearts’ Knitting Club is a contemporary romance for $1.99. Translation of Love by Alice Montalvo-Tribue is only $0.99 – it’s full of sweetness and a touch of drama. Belong to Me by Marisa de los Santos is more women’s / literary fiction than romance, but this $1.99 deal has plenty of love. Reclaim My Love is by Donna Fasano, and it’s only $0.99.

These cheap Kindle books are bargain priced on 7/30. 

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Cheap Kindle Book for Romance Readers

Editor’s Note: SECOND CHANCES is a carefully woven story of murder, paternity, jealous lovers, and misunderstandings.

Book Description:  Five years of misunderstandings between Layla and Evan have kept them apart, but a fluke event brings them together once more, alone in his house they start to mend bridges however the unravelling of secrets on both sides could make or break a chance to rekindle their lost love.

Author Inspiration: How simple misunderstandings can spiral out of control and how the emotions of pride and prejudice can influence a person, their actions and reactions.

Get the Kindle book for $2.99 on July 30.  

Jo Briggs

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