Discount Romance: Nook and Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: SWEETENED WITH A KISS is a sexy contemporary romance about a bossy alpha hero and the girl that brings him to his knees.

Book Description:   You’ll fall in love with this Contemporary Romance set in New Olreans. Jen Taylor has loved Stefan Sellers all of her life but she’s not about to marry him for all the wrong reasons.

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Lexxi Callahan writes sexy, not quite erotic, contemporary romance novels set in and around the New Orleans area. Book 1 in the Self Made Men…Southern Style series was released in June 2013 and has been described as sweet yet smutty, which Lexxi thinks is awesome! Her Southern Style series has alpha heroes and intelligent heroines that learn quickly just how to keep them in line. You can sign up for Lexxi’s newsletter on her website

Discount Romantic Suspense eBook for Kindle, Nook and Apple

Editor’s Note: RACE TO KILL is a hot political thriller with drama, scandal & intrigue.

Book Description:  Spokesperson Vivian Reese is thrust onto the national stage during a heated presidential campaign. Delta Force Operator turned FBI agent Marcus Locke is supposed to be investigating campaign finance crimes not checking out the sexy campaign spokeswoman. In the middle of a presidential race that is turning deadly, Marcus is forced to put his heart and his job in the line of fire. Tempers flare and passions ignite as the campaign gets dangerous, but when bullets start to fly will either of them survive?

Get RACE TO KILL for $2.99 for KINDLE, NOOK, and APPLE.  

Rachel Kall

Rachel Kall writes romantic suspense. She enjoys writing spicy and suspenseful stories to keep readers guessing. Rachel also loves to read every day while doing cardio. Her favorite genres are romantic suspense and contemporary romance, but she’s always open to an amazing story in any genre. She loves animals and is active in animal rescue. She enjoys adding loveable pets to her stories. She lives in Georgia with her husband and five furkids—two dogs and three cats.

Bargain Priced Paranormal Romance for Kindle, Nook, and Apple

Editor’s Note: INK: FINE LINES is an original, dark, witty, humorous, romantic, and suspense filled thriller that keeps you wanting more.

Book Description:  Shay Baynes just turned 21 and her new comic has been picked up by a publisher. She soon learns that the murder scenes she’s drawing for her comic are happening in real life and she’s the prime suspect. She’s being stalked by an evil Specter who has fallen in love with her, but he’s going to have to get in line as both her childhood sweethearts are also vying for her attention. Shay’s being strangled more ways than one in her constant struggle to take care of herself and not be a damsel, and that’s all the men in her life want her to be.

Author’s Inspiration:  This story was actually inspired by a nightmare I once had, where I was drawing horrible pictures and they were all coming true. I decided to take the idea and run with it!

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Bella Roccaforte has been living life to its fullest since she could walk. She’s done everything from being an auto mechanic to a rocket scientist. Yes she actually worked for the United Space Alliance on the Space Shuttle program! But being a mom has always been the most important part of who she’s become. She currently lives in the Atlanta area with her husband, five children, dog and a myriad of extra teenagers that just don’t ever leave.

Deals on Quirky Romance Books For Kindle

 EMERGE ($1.99) by S.E. Hall is a story of smart and sassy tomboy, her best friend from childhood, and the changes that they both go through during college. SUDDENLY ROYAL ($3.79) by Nichole Chase tells the tale of Samantha, a wildlife biologist who just might be falling in love with a crown prince. 

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Steamy New Adult Romance Cheap For Kindle

Editor’s Note: In HERE WITH ME two seemingly different people come to terms with their fears in order to be together.

Book Description:  Fighting what you’re afraid to feel…

Despite being in recovery for over five years, Hunter Lovell doesn’t believe that he can have a fuller life like his twin brother, Chase does. But Mariska Landry, a girl who makes no secret about her disdain for him makes him wonder: why can’t I have her?

Author’s Inspiration:  My inspiration for writing this book, the second standalone in the Paloma’s Edge series, is because I believe that people are capable of change and that one’s past doesn’t always have to limit his/her future.

Get the Kindle book for $2.99 on 10/8. 

Robin Shaw 

Robin Shaw is a hopeless romantic who loves to escape into her characters’ worlds. An avid pet lover and food fanatic, she tries to incorporate her love of both when she’s busy writing or reading.

Bargain Romance eBooks for Kindle and Nook

THE WICKED DEEDS OF DANIEL MACKENZIE ($4.55) is the newest installment of Laura Ashley’s Mackenzie Series, a set of historical romances set in Scotland. WETHERING THE STORM ($3.99) by Samantha Towle is a dramatic contemporary romance set in the music scene of L.A. 

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THE WICKED DEEDS OF DANIEL MACKENZIE ($4.55) is also available as a Nook Book. 

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99c Love Story for Kindle

Editor’s Note: FEELS LIKE THE FIRST TIME is a coming of age story about true love that is found, then lost, then re-discovered thirty years later.

Book Description:  A true love story set primarily in the seventies, Feels Like the First Time takes you back to the time of AM radio, small-town mores and the innocence of falling in love for the first time. Shawn and Dawn are teenagers when they meet in 1976. They fall in love, but are separated, apparently forever, by circumstances beyond their control. They meet again, thirty years later, to answer the question if first love can last forever.

Author’s Inspiration:  I fell in love very young and although I was separated from Dawn, I never forgot her. I also had no communication with her for 27 years. Then, completely by accident, I ran into Dawn again in 2006. I was so impacted by seeing her again that three years later I wrote an account of the meeting and posted it online. A few months later she found it and emailed me – our first real communication in 30 years. I knew right then that I had to write our story, because even though it is real life, it follows the classic Hollywood script.

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I started writing when I was ten, and I never stopped. However, young adulthood brought marriage and three daughters and it got harder and harder to find time to sit down at a typewriter. Yes, I’m that old. By the time I finished my first book in 2012, the publishing revolution was in full force and I accepted the challenge of being an indie author gladly. I’m so glad I did. I enjoy interacting with readers every day and hearing your stories as well as telling my own.

Competitive Ballroom Dance Romance only 99c for Kindle, Nook, and Apple

Editor’s Note: LOVE WALTZES IN is a sweet contemporary romance between a Marine and professional ballroom dancer.

 Book Description:  When dancing reality star Selena Marcil’s ex fiance, Marine Bret Lord, gets cast on Dancing Under the Stars, Selena must face the man she left years ago to pursue her dreams of fame. Bret has vowed to dance for only one season to raise money for his fallen friend’s family. Can Bret and Selena forget about their past and recognize when Love Waltzes In?

Readers love Nicholas Sparks will enjoy LOVE WALTZES IN.  

Author’s Inspiration:  I’m a former professional ballroom dancer and my husband was a Marine. I wanted to create a world where these two different lifestyles were intertwined.

Who would play your main character in the movie version of your book? Channing Tatum as Bret, Julianne Hough as Selena.

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Alana Albertson is a recovering professional ballroom dancer, former President of two Romance Writers of America chapters and graduate of Harvard and Stanford. Her novels provide a unique insight to the glamorous yet cutthroat world of competitive ballroom dancing. Alana’s favorite place to write is at a coffee house overlooking the ocean.

Contemporary Romance Set in New Orleans 99c for Kindle

Editor’s Note: TO MY SENSES is a soulful New Orleans love story that will draw you in, leaving you wanting more.

Book Description:  Nicci Beauvoir is a woman torn between the life she is expected to lead and the one she really wants. But when a handsome stranger, David Alexander, enters her world of social climbers, she is in for a roller coaster ride of intrigue and heartache. David is everything Nicci does not want in a man, but somehow she finds she is slowly seduced by his charm, wit, and his ability to paint his emotions onto canvas. Can their love fight the odds, or will Nicci finally come to her senses, and realize they can never be?

Author’s Inspiration:  A New Orleans born writer, I have always wanted to pen an intriguing and heartfelt love story about my city and the people who live there.

Get the Kindle book for 99c on 10/6.  

Alexandrea Weis

Alexandrea Weis is an advanced practice registered nurse who was born and raised in New Orleans. Her first novel, To My Senses, introduced readers to the world of Nicci Beauvoir and garnered numerous awards and rave reviews. Her last novel, Acadian Waltz was a winner at Readers’ Favorite Book Awards finalist for Honorable Mention in Best Contemporary Romance and Best Southern Fiction Finalist. A permitted wildlife rehabber with the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries, Weis rescues orphaned and injured wildlife. She lives with her husband and pets in New Orleans.

Genre Bending Romantic Suspense Cheap for Kindle

Editor’s Note: CREATUS is a romantic-suspense novel with a supernatural edge that exposes the myths behind preternatural sentient beings.

Book Description:  After years of searching for the mysterious stranger who saved her life, twenty-two-year-old Kristina is alone and desperate. Seeing no future in her worthless existence, she attempts to force her protector out of the shadows the only way she knows—killing herself.

Ignoring his family’s disapproval, Derrick continues to safeguard the girl he rescued from a vicious attack years earlier. The one thing he can’t protect her from, however, is herself. When Kristina jumps off a bridge, he must reveal himself, even if saving her means she will now be in danger from his kind.

To make things worse, a video revealing Derrick’s supernatural ability when he saved Kristina is now in the possession of a government agency, and someone in his family will do anything to keep their existence a secret, even kill Kristina, the woman Derrick can no longer live without.

Get the Kindle book for $2.99 on 10/3. 

Carmen DeSousa

As most authors, I blame my leap into a full-time career as a professional writer on my love of reading. Reading has always been an escape for me. When life was rough as a child, I could always disappear into a book. But I found something else. I discovered that writing out my thoughts was healing. Not only could I create hope for my protagonists, but I could do away with the antagonists–legally. 🙂

Bargain Priced Romance Kindle Books

THE REDEMPTION OF CALLIE & KAYDEN ($2.99) by Jessica Sorensen is a new adult romance that will probably bring tears of sadness and then of joy to your eyes. LORD OF SCOUNDRELS ($3.79) by Loretta Chase is a historical romance in which a man who swore off commitment is made to think twice was a wily woman. RAE’S SECRETS ($2.99) by Blair Bobylon is a boxed set of five steamy romances *Some sexual content*. 

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Romantic Suspense on Sale for Kindle, Nook and Apple

Editor’s Note:  In DEADLY DECEPTION, Frankie has found the one man she wants more than life itself… If she can only forgive him so they can stop a killer. 

Book Description:  Deadly Deception, is the second book of Alexa Grace’s Deadly Trilogy. Enter the disturbing world of illegal adoptions, baby trafficking and murder with new detective Lane Hansen and private investigator Frankie Douglas. Going undercover as husband and wife, Lane and Frankie struggle to keep their relationship strictly professional as their sizzling passion threatens to burn out of control.

Readers who love Nora Roberts, Catherine Mann, and Laura Griffin will enjoy DEADLY DECEPTION.  

Author’s Inspiration:  They were such fun characters to work with in Deadly Offerings, I thought they deserved their own story.

Get this eBook for only $2.99 for Kindle, Nook, and Apple on October 4


Alexa Grace is consistently named in Amazon’s Top 100 Most Popular Authors for Romantic Suspense and Police Procedural. The Kindle Review also named her one of the top 100 Indie authors. In August, she became a USA TODAY Bestselling Author with nine authors she collaborated with for the book set The Perfect Ten. 

Profile of Evil, the first book of the Profile Trilogy is available at major online retailers, and Profile of Terror and Profile of Fear will be released later this year.

99c Steamy Romance for Kindle, Nook, and Apple

Editor’s Note:  In BINDING ARBITRATION, a mother desperate to save her child’s life will plead her case at the cleats of a celebrity athlete.

Book Description:  Undefeated defense attorney, Libby Tucker, will suffer any indignity to save her son’s life from cancer; she’s even willing to sacrifice her pride. Aidan Palowski would do anything to protect his squeaky clean image as a professional athlete. When Libby asks Aidan to help her save Cass it might expose the biggest mistake he’s ever made, but once Aidan becomes part of their lives again he’s determined to make the most of his second chance. There’s more to settle between Libby and Aidan than heartache, redemption, and forgiveness.

Author’s Inspiration:  I wanted to write a story about an unrequited love affair and the powerful force that pulls them together again.

Who would play your main character in the movie version of your book? Zac Effron playing Aidan & Evangeline Lilly as Libby

Get this eBook for only 99c for Kindle, Nook, and Apple October 4


I’m a Windy City writer and I write romance. I don’t write about everyday love affairs, but about the kind that should come with warning labels and tissue boxes. Be prepared—my novels have been known to make you laugh, cry, or—with any luck—possibly reexamine your own story

Cheap Romance Nook, Kobo, Apple, and Kindle Books

CONNECTED ($1.99) is a best seller by Kim Karr is the story of a rock star and a troubled woman who find love and acceptance in each other’s arms. A RACE TO SPLENDOR ($2.99) by Ciji Ware is a historical romance set in early 20th century San Francisco. 

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Get the Kindle books here: A RACE TO SPLENDOR and CONNECTED

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99c Billionaire Romance Box Set

Editor’s Note: In HER BILLIONAIRES curvy, single Laura finds herself caught between two hot, secret billionaires in this series from NYT Bestselling author.

Book Description:  From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Julia Kent: When two different guys — Dylan Stanwyck and Mike Pine — replied to curvy business analyst Laura Michaels’ personals ad within two days, she seemed doubly blessed. After a first date with model-turned-firefighter Dylan that ended in bed — and with a huge misunderstanding — Laura came home from her Walk of Shame to an invitation for a hike with ski instructor Mike. The Great Outdoors became the setting for so much more…

Caught between two men — literally — who turned out to be roommates and secret billionaires, Laura makes a startling discovery about her own capacity for passion.

Grab the NOOK, KINDLE, and APPLE books for 99c on 10/3.  

Julia Kent

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Julia Kent turned to writing contemporary romance after deciding that life is too short not to have fun. She writes romantic comedy with an edge, and new adult books that push contemporary boundaries. From billionaires to BBWs to rock stars, Julia finds a sensual, goofy joy in every book she writes, but unlike Trevor from Random Acts of Crazy, she has never kissed a chicken. She writes about very real people who live in happy worlds but need to learn get out of their own way in order to find that happiness.

Contemporary Romance Discounted for Kindle

Editor’s Note: A promise made in the heat and grit of Afghanistan takes Karen to the cool beaches of Vancouver Island in PROMISE ME.

 Book Description: PROMISE ME is the touching story of an ER nurse who volunteers to work at the Role 3 medical facility at Kandahar Air Base. There she meets a medevac pilot who comes from the same town in Vancouver Island. Shortly before Karen is due to return to Canada, Brian becomes fearful for his life and asks her to return his grandmother’s ring when she gets back to Vancouver Island. It’s a promise she wishes she hadn’t made when she meets a handsome surgeon in the local hospital who just happens to be Brian’s brother.

Get this Kindle read for only 99c on October 3


Mona Ingram has been writing romance novels for fourteen years. She’s travelled the world, but as with Promise Me, her novels are often set in British Columbia. Mona lived and worked on Vancouver Island for many years, and felt that the pounding waves and cool beaches of Vancouver Island provided an effective contrast to the heat and grit of Kandahar.

Bargain Priced Sylvia Day Kindle and Nook Books

Are you already a fan of Syliva Day’s Shadow Stalkers Series? If you are, then you will be interested to know that all three of these intense, emotional, contemporary romances are cheap for Kindle and Nook. 

Grab these bargain books on 9/24.  

 Get the Kindle Books here: RAZOR’S EDGE ($1.99), TAKING THE HEAT ($2.99), and ON FIRE ($2.99).  

Get the Nook Books here: RAZOR’S EDGE, TAKING THE HEAT, and ON FIRE.  


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Discount eBooks for Romance Lovers

HOW I LOST YOU ($1.99) by Janet Gurtler is a women’s fiction novel about friendship and love. PROMISE ME DARKNESS ($0.99) by Paige Weaver is an emotionally charged romantic suspense in which opposites attract. 

Grab these bargain books on October 1.  

Get the Kindle books here: HOW I LOST YOU ($1.99) and PROMISE ME DARKNESS ($0.99).  

Get the Nook books here: HOW I LOST YOU and PROMISE ME DARKNESS.  

Get the Kobo books here: HOW I LOST YOU.  

Get the Apple books here: HOW I LOST YOU.  

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99c Historical Romance Discounted for Kindle

Editor’s Note: TO STEAL A HIGHLANDER’S HEART features a woman captured, a clan war in the balance, faeries, and a love that can fix it all. 

Book Description: Captured by her old friend, Morgann, the sexy Highlander warrior, Alana fights to escape, knowing that her kidnapping will bring about another clan war.

But the faeries are involved and escaping won’t be easy. Not when they want to fulfil an old promise and bring the pair together.

Morgann just wants to protect his clan and Alana but with the faery’s meddling and Alana’s attempts escape, his plan to reveal a hidden truth quickly falls apart.

Author’s Inspiration: I bought a book on Faeries because I loved the cover and knew I had to bring a little bit of the paranormal into my next story. Morgann and Alana had been teasing me with ideas for a while, so with the inclusion of a naughty faery, I knew I had a fun and sexy story to tell. 

Get the Kindle book for just 99c on 10/1.  

Samantha Holt

Samantha loves history and devours useless facts at an alarming rate. She loves writing warrior-type heroes and interesting, often fiesty, heroines set to interesting historical backgrounds. She never intended to be a writer but after trying her hand at a few careers, writing seem to call to her and now she’s thoroughly hooked.

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