Best Selling Romance On Sale for Kindle, Nook, and Apple

Editor’s Note:  Fall Into Me is a sexy contemporary romance with two great characters readers have fallen in love with.

Book Description: Fall Into Me continues the story of Tristan and Nina begun in the USA Today bestseller Crash Into Me. 

Sometimes love is all you want. Wealthier and more powerful than most men, Tristan wants just one thing: Nina’s love. But she doesn’t even remember him. Now he must find a way to show her he’s the man she wants, but the past is always one step behind, haunting Tristan.

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K.M. Scott

K.M. Scott loves writing contemporary romance, even though she’s been an author in other genres for years. When she’s not bringing Tristan and Nina to life in the pages of the Heart of Stone series, she can be found cooking a new dish for her family and friends or watching TV (she’s a TV junkie!).

Historical Romance Kindle Books on Sale

HIGHLAND SURRENDER ($3.99) by Tracy Brogan is a Scottish romance between a haughty highland lad and a wily woman who would rather kill than kiss her spouse. ANY DUCHESS WILL DO ($4.64) by Tessa Dare is the story of a rascally duke and the surprisingly successful wedding that he had planned to be a failure. 

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Novel for Hopeless Romantics only 99c for Kindle

Editor’s Note:  By the time you finish reading SAND DOLLAR you’ll feel like you’ve lived a wonderful, beautiful life.

Book Description: From his hospital bed, eighty-year-old Noah Hartman describes his life of love and loss to a compassionate orderly, professing his undying love for his soul mate and one true love, Robin, who also happens to be “the one who got away.” As his family members arrive to bid him goodbye, Noah’s story takes on new life, and he discovers a far greater truth about the past, present, and future. Things are definitely not as they appear as the pieces of a shattered love are put back together in the remarkable final chapter of Noah’s life.

Readers who loved The Notebook  will love Sand Dollar. 

Author’s Inspiration: While snorkeling on my honeymoon in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, I dove down to pick up a lone sand dollar sitting on the ocean floor, ignoring the captain’s warning not to touch anything in the sea. As I held out my prize, the sand dollar exploded in my hand, disappearing in the water around me. Shortly after returning home from paradise, my marriage came to an abrupt end, and the one I loved the most had disappeared from my life seemingly forever. I wrote the book because I wanted the world to look at sand dollars the way I do, through my eyes, as a symbol for life, and how fragile it is.

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Sebastian Cole graduated from Brown University in the 80s, before working in New york and eventually returning to Rhode Island to work in his family’s business. Nineteen years later he left the company to pursue his dream of writing romantic fiction. Cole’s favorite author is Nicholas Sparks, who inspired him to become an author.

Grab this Young Adult Paranormal Romance for 99c!

Editor’s Note: PRODIGY is book two in THE SHAPESHIFTER CHRONICLES series, a Young Adult paranormal romance series.  

Book Description: After his grandfather’s death Chance’s shapeshifting powers have suddenly started failing him. He is desperate to seek out a new mentor to help him find peace and strength. Ana has only known him for a few months but he has found his way into her heart and she agrees to follow him on his quest to the Yucatan to finda new mentor. 

Get the Kindle book for 99c on 11/27-11/29. 

Natasha Brown 

Natasha was born in Nevada City, California. An only child, she used her imagination while exploring the forest surrounding her home. Her natural interest in fantasy ignited when her parents read ‘The Hobbit’ to her as a youth, and from then on anything seemed possible. Once awarded with a Hershey’s bar ‘the size of a Buick’ in her High School English class for creative writing, her passion and interest in writing has never dimmed. She now lives in Littleton, Colorado with her husband and two children.

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Best Seller Romance Kindle Books on Sale

RAISING RYAN ($0.99) by Alyssa Rae Taylor is an emotional New Adult bad boy romance. PLUM LOVIN’ ($2.99) by Janet Evanovich is a humorous romantic mystery with suspense, secrets, and true love. 

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Romantic Suspense on Sale for Kindle, Nook, and Apple

Editor’s Note: RACE TO KILL has scandal, intrigue, and a hot hero. 

Book Description: Vivian Reese must depend on Delta Force Operator turned FBI agent Marcus Locke to protect her during a a presidential campaign filled with threats. Tempers flare and passions ignite as the campaign gets dangerous, but when bullets start to fly will either of them survive?

Readers who love Laura Griffin, Marie Force, and Allison Brennan will enjoy RACE TO KILL. 

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Rachel writes romantic suspense. She loves animals and is active in animal rescue. She has five furkids of her own–two dogs and three cats.

The Game Series: Sale Kindle Books for Romance Readers

For today (11/26) only Amazon has discounted the Kindle versions of THE PERFECT GAME and THE GAME CHANGER by J. Sterling. You can grab these New Adult romances for $1.99 each and follow Jack and Cassie as they find each other and embark upon an emotional journey for love and forgiveness. 

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Best Seller Romance Discount eBooks

OUT OF LINE ($0.99) by Jen McLaughlin is a New Adult Romance between a young woman finally breaking free of her parental influences and a young man who needs a little less structure in his life. RELENTLESS ($1.99) by Cassia Leo is the story of a young woman with a troubled past and the two men who fight for her affections. 

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Don’t have a Kindle? 

OUT OF LINE is also available for NOOK, APPLE, and KOBO

RELENTLESS is also available for NOOK, APPLE, and KOBO

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Roller-coaster Romance on Sale for Kindle, Nook, and Apple

Editor’s Note: The first book of the “Beyond Love” Series, BEYOND CONTROL is an emotional read, full of love, passion and second chances.

Book Description: What would you give up for happiness? Everything in Gabby Sullivan’s life was going according to plan—her father’s plan. With a brilliant job in the corporate world, glamorous parties and a beautiful condo overlooking Seattle, she is thrown into a world she doesn’t want to claim, and it’s not until Jason crashes into her life that she realizes she’s not really living. It’s only as their love grows and secrets are revealed that they realize a devastating connection from their past might actually tear them apart.

Don’t miss book 2 of this series, Beyond Doubt, out November 25th!

Author’s Inspiration: Creating characters who’ve overcome tremendous odds and fight for that almost perfect love is something I enjoy writing about. After reading Beyond Control, my hope is that the reader knows that they can reach for the stars, no matter how big or small their dream is. And love is about second chances.

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 Karice Bolton lives in the Pacific Northwest and is the author of several series, including the Beyond Love Series, Watchers Trilogy, Witch Avenue Series, and Afterworld Series. She met her husband in high school and they’ve been attached at the hip ever since. As of now their children consist of two English Bulldogs, Bella and Buttercup, who manage to sneak into her stories now and then. She loves chatting with her readers and can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Bargain Romantic Suspense eBook for Kindle, Nook, and Apple

Editor’s Note: In DON’T LET IT SHOW The twists and turns will keep you turning the pages.

Book Description: While falling for Sam Newton, a man she believes to be a new cop in Houston, attorney Gail Martin is led on a deadly quest to the truth about her mother’s life and death.

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Tess St. John

My last day of high school, my English teacher said, “There is a book in each of you. Whether it’s a how-to, non-fiction, fiction—find that book.” I thought she was crazy. Thirty years later, I have five books written and the ideas never stop!

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USA Today Best Seller Southern Fiction on Sale for Kindle

Editor’s Note: HAVE NO SHAME is a lovely literary romance set during the Civil Rights movement. 

Book Description: Forbidden love and civil rights collide in this powerfully emotional novel by award winning author, Melissa Foster. Set in Arkansas in 1967, Alison finds a black man down by the river, brutally beaten and murdered. She begins to confront the bigotry and hatred that she grew up with and meanwhile find love in an unexpected place. 

Readers of The Help and The Secret Life of Bees will enjoy HAVE NO SHAME. 

HAVE NO SHAME will grab you from the get go and linger with you long after you stop turning the pages. 

This cheap Kindle book is just $0.99 on 11/24. 


Melissa Foster is an award-winning, International bestselling author. Her books have been recommended by USA Today’s book blog, Hagerstown Magazine, The Patriot, and several other print venues. She is the founder of the Women’s Nest, a social and support community for women, the World Literary Cafe. When she’s not writing, Melissa helps authors navigate the publishing industry through her author training programs on Fostering Success.

Historical Romance Just 99c for Kindle

Editor’s Note: ALL MY LOVE DETRICK, although it is set in a very harsh time period, is filled with love, light and unexpected heroes.

Book Description: “All My Love, Detrick is a love story set during the Holocaust. It is a tale of undying devotion in the face of evil.

Author’s Inspiration: I lost family on both my mother and father’s side in the Holocaust. I discovered this when I was a child and it’s always haunted me. However, before I was able to write about the Holocaust, I did a great deal of study on the subject. This book is not like other books that I’ve read about the Holocaust, my main theme when writing this was to let people know that not all German’s were Nazi’s and that there were many heroes in the most unexpected places.

Get the Kindle book for 99c on 11/24-11/25. 

Roberta Kagan

I take my work very seriously, I feel that I owe my readers the most accurate work I can produce.. Since I write Historical Fiction, I spend extensive hours in research before I ever begin to write on any subject.. More importantly, I want to convey that I believe that even in the darkest of hours there is always a flicker of light. This is a theme that runs through all of my books, and most of them are written in a very dark period of history.

Author Website:

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Bargain eBooks for Romance Readers

DECK THE HALLS WITH LOVE ($3.41) by Lorraine Heath is a historical holiday themed romance. FINDING IT ($1.99) by Cora Carmack is the story of a new college graduate, her whirlwind tour of Europe, and the man who helps her find herself while losing her heart. 

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Romance Box Set for Cheap for Kindle

Editor’s Note: Readers will love the Broslin Creek series for the realistic, sexy, law-enforcement heroes and the smart women they love.

Book Description: Three best-selling and highly rated novels in one set – DEATHWATCH, DEATHSCAPE, and DEATHTRAP are the first three books in the popular Broslin Creek series by an award-winning author. Experience spine-tingling suspense and toe-curling romance, as the sexy men of the Broslin Creek Police Department and the smart and strong women they love solve crimes, outwit assassins, and trap serial killers.

Get the Kindle book for $4.99 today! 

Dana Marton

I love, love, love writing and would spend all day in front of the computer if I could just break my family of the habit of wanting to eat and wear clean clothes. What’s up with that? But I must get up from the desk now and then, if only because my Internet connection goes down or my ancient PC overheats. Then I do enjoy cooking, knitting, hunting for treasures at the flea market, our Beagle, Peanut the Destroyer, and gardening.

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Great Deals on Kindle Box Sets and More

Grab these great discounted Mystery, Romance, and Fantasy Kindle books as part of Indie Book Collective’s Promotion this week! We love love it when you can get entire box sets for cheap, don’t you? 

Click the covers to get the Kindle books. Grab these bargain books on 11/23. 

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Bargain Priced Romantic Suspense for Kindle

Editor’s Note: ANNIHILATE ME is a witty mix of chick-lit, suspense, a strong female protagonist, and the ramifications of a serious love affair, all in one package. 

Book Description: The first book in the #1 best-selling series! The business of love is dangerous. When Jennifer Kent, a recent MBA graduate, lands the opportunity to be the “girlfriend” of Alexander Wenn, the reluctant, billionaire CEO of Wenn Enterprises, who is so devastatingly good looking, he needs a beautiful woman like Jennifer on his arm to keep other women away while at parties so that he can do his work, she takes the job. But can Jennifer deny their white-hot chemistry? Jennifer knows about business. But what she doesn’t know is what could destroy her–the business of protecting her own heart. And maybe her own life. This story unfolds over multiple volumes approximately 50,000 words each.

Author’s Inspiration:  I love the genre, but I wanted the female protagonist to be a strong woman (NOT a mess) who is caught up in a series of books that embrace what I also love–wit AND suspense. So as witty as this series is, readers can expect plenty of romance, plenty of laughs, a woman who fights for what’s right without backing down, and also nail-biting suspense when her life is put on the line. It’s a mix of all that I like to read, and I’m so happy that it became a #1 best-seller on Amazon!

Get this Kindle book for only 99c on November 23


Christina first began writing while working as an intern for an international, iconic fashion magazine. After eight years, she left that position as an editor. Christina now splits her time between her apartment on Park Avenue in Manhattan and her pied-a-terre on the Ile St. Louis in Paris. As an animal lover, Christina encourages her reads to contribute to her favorite charity, the ASPCA. 

Contemporary Love Story Discounted for Kindle and Nook

Editor’s Note: Book one in the Needing Moore series, SEARCHING FOR MOORE is a passionate, angsty saga with lovable, strong characters who will leave you with the ultimate book hangover. 

Book Description: Handsome entrepreneur Schooner Moore never knew why his first love, Mia Silver, left him without even a goodbye at the end of their freshman year in college. Now, 24 years later, Mia has resurfaced on Facebook and Schooner is determined to know the truth behind what tore them apart and set their lives on altered courses, and to discover if their second chance at love is just a Friend Request away.

Author’s Inspiration: To give readers intelligent, well-developed characters with smart, witty dialogue who are a little older and still hot as hell. Aimed at 20-somethings to 80-somethings.

Get this eBook for only 99c for Kindle and Nook 11/17- 12/08


A slave to wanderlust, when not pounding away on her laptop, Julie A. Richman can be found behind a camera lens capturing the pristine beauty of nature … or in search of her next favorite food landmark. A native New Yorker, Julie has lived throughout the United States and currently resides in the uber-cool, live music capital of the US – Austin, TX. A former Fortune 500 corporate slave, Julie’s golden handcuffs have been permanently retired.

Romance Kindle books by Best Seller Authors

STRIKING DISTANCE ($4.78) by Pamela Clare is an intense romantic suspense featuring a Navy SEAL and the reporter that he rescues from the clutches of Al-Qaeda. FEAR FOR ME ($3.99) by Cynthia Eden is a psychological romantic suspense that follows a woman with two men in her life: one is a love and the other a killer. KINKED ($4.78) by Thea Harrison is a paranormal romance with an ancient, secret race. 

Grab these bargain books on 11/22. Click on the covers to get the Kindle books. 

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Deals on Popular Young Adult Kindle Books

EVERNEATH ($1.99) by Brodi Ashton is a slice of life fantasy that pulls from myths and legends. UNRAVEL ME ($2.99) by Tahereh Mafi is a dystopian novel featuring young adults with secret and deadly powers. THE BODY FINDER ($1.99) by Kimberly Derting is a dark fantasy romance. 

Get these bargain books on 11/21. Click on the covers to get the books. 

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Mail Order Bride Romance on Sale for Kindle, Nook, and Apple

Editor’s Note: TRAIN STATION BRIDE is a great read for romance readers who love Mail Order Bride stories!

Book Description: 1887 Julia Crawford, Boston debutante, corresponds with an aging shopkeeper and travels to South Dakota to marry him, hoping to escape the ridicule she endures as the plump, silly daughter of one of Boston’s premiere families. What happens when the train station groom is not who Julia bargained for? Will her secrets keep her from love and acceptance? Or will Julia’s love be strong enough to conquer her past and give her the future she’s always dreamed of?

Author’s Inspiration: I had a picture in my head of a petite young woman, fashionably dressed in a pale yellow dress with a high neckline, lace collar and a matching short jacket. The back of the skirt was tiered, ruffled and each row was held in place by bows. She wore a small, yellow felt hat atop her blond, nearly white, hair. She had pale, smooth, cream colored skin, and fine delicate bone structure. Her cheeks were pink and her eyes gray blue. She placed a glove-covered hand on the offered arm of the conductor and took one step down onto a busy train platform. He pointed to her leather trunks being stacked beside her. She looked around and saw cowboys in chaps and women in calico dresses holding children’s hands. It was Julia Crawford stepping down from that train and I had to write her story!

Get the Kindle, Nook, and Apple eBooks for $1.99 on 11/22. 

Holly Bush

I’ve been writing stories for years and was recently able to share them as ebooks. It has been quite an exciting experience! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know my readers and followers and am always happy to chat about books.

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