99c Romance Kindle Books for You

BETWEEN SISTERS ($0.99) by Kristin Hannah is a touching romance novel that follows two sisters as they find love and reconciliation. THE RELUCTANT LARK ($0.99) by Iris Johansen tells the story of the love between a singer with a troubled past and a big shot business man who wants her for his own. CORNERED ($0.99) by Ariana Gael is the tale of a young woman who keeps running from her pain and the strong man who wants to help her overcome it. 

Get these bargain books on 10/20.  

BETWEEN SISTERS and RELUCTANT LARK are also available as Nook books. 

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99c Unique Paranormal Romance Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: Experience a new type of Vampire in  BRYN MORROW.

Book Description:  This book is about Celeste, who has been having strange dreams about a man she has never met. A man named Bryn Morrow. Bryn is unique. Has has been changed. And he has been looking for Celeste… for 200 years.

Readers who enjoy Twilight and True Blood shouldn’t miss BRYN MORROW.  

Author’s Inspiration:  I wanted to write about a different mythos. One parallel to certain vampire tales, but with changes I hadn’t seen before.

Get the Kindle book for 99c on 10/18.

Mike Cooley

I love to write. And I love it when people enjoy my work. I write in many genres and enjoy exploring the light and darkness within characters.

Humorous Vampire Romance 99c for Kindle and Nook

Editor’s Note: If you’re a fan of humor, romance, and vampires, then you wont want to miss UNITED SERVICE! 

 Book Description: A humorous paranormal romance series about a group of sexy vampires who protect the President of the United States. Sterling, a half-breed vampire, is the weakest link of the covert protection team – and he knows it. He jumps at the chance to do some field work and is drawn to a beautiful purebred vampire named Kate, who has secrets of her own.

Readers who love Kerrelyn Sparks, Lynsay Sands, and JR Ward should check out UNITED SERVICE. 

Author’s Inspiration: I’m an avid reader of paranormal romances, and I love humorous vampire stories. One day I wondered what it would be like if vampires and the television shows CSI and The West Wing were to come together. My Colony series was born from this idea. 

Get UNITED SERVICE for 99c for KINDLE and NOOK on 10/20. 

Regina Morris

I love vampire stories, but sexy humorous ones. I like my novels hot and steamy, but I also wanted to put romance back into the genre. I wanted that come hither look, the timid glances, the courtship, … as well as the hot steamy bedroom scenes. I wanted to have happily ever afters where you know the two main characters were made for each other. They are real to you, and you can’t put the book down!

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Grab These Great Kindle Books that are also Popular Movies!

Today Amazon has a special deal on the book versions of some very popular movies. You can grab all of the books below for just $1.99 each!! 

This deal is good on 10/19. 



Do you read action packed thrillers? Check out JAWS,  CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, and THE INFORMANT

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Fast Paced Romantic Suspense Discounted for Kindle and Nook

Editor’s Note: LOVE IS PATIENT is an edge of your seat suspense and a heart wrenching love story.

Book Description: How would it feel to be in New York City on that fateful day, September 11, 2001? Relive Fran and Ken’s horrific experience in NYC and feel the helplessness of their relatives back home in Mars, Pennsylvania when all contact with Fran and Ken is lost. LOVE IS PATIENT is full of suspense and love of family. While Fran and Ken are in NYC, their surrogate mother goes into labor with their twins. Will the young couple make it back home to raise their twins? Read this gripping tale of hope and love and never giving up.

Author’s Inspiration: My love of reading turned into a desire to write my own fictional story. I tried to incorporate all of the good qualities I loved in the many books I’ve read.

Get the Kindle book

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Get the eBook for 99c on 10/19.   

 D. P. Memory

D.P. Memory lives in Mar, PA with her husband Jerry. She adores her family above all else and she created characters with the same love of life and family. She has a passion for books that inspired her to write her own novel with the qualities she enjoys in a good book. Love Is Patient will make you laugh and cry, you will love the characters and of course there are a few villians that you will love to hate. 

Amish Romance Discounted for Kindle and Nook

Editor’s Note: This CHASING HEAVEN Complete Series boxed set is a six part collection that takes places in the Amish community. 

Book Description: For plain and simple Amish people, their lives can sure get complicated. Hannah Bieler’s wedding is a celebration, but also leaves her sisters wondering if they will also find love and what their own futures hold.

Readers who love authors Sarah Price and Beverly Lewis will love the Chasing Heaven series. 

Author’s Inspiration:   I’ve always wanted to tell a complex family story about love, loss, and finding our way through life.

Get this eBook for Kindle and Nook for only 99c on October 19


I’m Becca Fisher and I write sweet Amish romances featuring simple people with complex love lives. Writing Amish fiction has given me a sweet tooth for whoopie pies and the simpler things in life.

Learn more about Becca Fisher here

Watch Sparks Fly Between the Good Girl and Bad Boy in This Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: Take advantage of this introductory pricing for PERMANENT, a sexy contemporary romance.  

Book DescriptionAn accountant’s calculated attempt to fit in entangles her with Hollywood’s hottest tattoo artist who thrives on standing out. Worlds collide as the two decide what is truly permanent. Though a series, all the books in the Indelibly Marked series are stand-alone, full length novels.

Readers who love (insert book title or author) will like my book. Skye Jordan and Sylvia Day

 Author’s Inspiration: Love the story line of the bad boy and the good girl.

Get the Kinlde book for $2.99 on 10/19.  

Kim Carmichael

I’ve always loved a happy ending and wanted to create my own. I love writing what I know, and try to always have a bit of fun and pop culture in all my books. I have a weakness for bad boys. I promise my readers a fabulous ride with a satisfying ending.

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Discount eBooks: Best Seller Suspense Novels

NOWHERE TO RUN ($0.99) by Nancy Bush is a thrilling suspense with a hint of romance. THE OPHELIA CUT ($2.99) by John Lescroart is an action packed legal thriller with murder, secrets, and and ending that you wont suspect. 

Get these bargain books on 10/18. 

NOWHERE TO RUN is also available for NOOK and APPLE.  

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Best Seller Romance Discount eBooks

TREASURE YOUR LOVE ($2.99) by J.C. Reed is a sultry romance in which the protagonists pasts come back to haunt them and threaten their relationship. THE WAGER ($0.99) by Rachel Van Dyken is a cute and quirky contemporary romance. 

Get these bargain books on 10/18.  

TREASURE YOUR LOVE is also available for NOOK.  

THE WAGER is also available for NOOK, KOBO, and APPLE.  

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Bargain Books for Kindle and Nook: Romances by Best Selling Authors

TOUCHED BY ANGELS ($2.99) by Debbie Macomber is a sweet romance novel that will warm your heart. DARK TORMENT ($0.99) by Karen Robards is a historical romance set in newly settled Australia. OFF COURSE ($0.99) by Sawyer Bennett is a steamy contemporary romance with a hot Irish rocker as the love interest. 

Grab these bargain books on 10/17. 

Get the Nook Books here: TOUCHED BY ANGELS and OFF COURSE

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Heart Warming Romantic Comedy 99c for Kindle and Nook

Editor’s Note: TOYS AND BABY WISHES is a romantic comedy that ends on Christmas Eve with a happily-ever-after.

Book DescriptionLexa believes she can’t have children. She pours her compassion into volunteer work and her job. Because of past rejection, she keeps this secret from Josh. They both have to learn love can conquer all.

Author’s Inspiration:  My inspiration was a women’s desire to have a baby and how romance plays into that.

Get the KINDLE and NOOK books for 99c on 10/16. 

Karen Rose Smith

I began writing as a creative and emotional outlet when my orthopedic doctor put me on six weeks of bed rest for a back injury. I’d been heavily into exercise and an active wife and mom. Once an English English teacher, so I didn’t go stir crazy, I wrote. The back problems didn’t resolve and after surgery I was in a hospital bed in our living room for four years. Thank goodness I had writing. I began with short stories that grew too long to find a market. After finishing 13 manuscripts and a month-long stint in back rehab, I sold two manuscripts in a week to two different publishers.

99c Contemporary Romance for Kindle

Editor’s Note: FULL CIRCLE is the story of a Bella, pregnant and alone but still determined to still make her life a success. 

 Book Description:  Pregnant and alone, Bella is determined to prove to her family that she made the right decision. With hard work, loyal friends and a business partner who’s too handsome for his own good, she starts a clothing company that becomes successful beyond her expectations. Join Bella, Sofia, Mellisa and Rafael on a journey where the final destination is love.

Get this Kindle book for only 99c on October 16


Mona’s business background, and the fact that she didn’t get married until later in life, allow her to bring a unique perspective to her books. Her stories are skillfully crafted, offering an intriguing mix of romance and reality, and often include a surprise twist. She has travelled extensively, but often sets her books in her home province of British Columbia, where she currently lives and writes.

Deals on Best Seller Romance Books for Kindle, Apple, Kobo, and Nook

ONE PINK LINE ($0.99) by Dina SIlver is a story of love, acceptance, and learning. THE BLACK LYON ($4.74) by Jude Deveraux is a historical romance between a fierce lord and the woman who could tame him. STAND- IN GROOM ($1.99) by Suzanne Brockman is about a love that arrived by chance, was staged out of necessity, and became much deeper than either parties expected. 

Get these cheap books on 10/15.  

Get the Kindle books here: ONE PINK LINE ($0.99), THE BLACK LYON ($4.74), and STAND-IN GROOM ($1.99). 

Get the Nook books here: THE BLACK LYON ($4.99) and STAND-IN GROOM.  

Get the Kobo books here: THE BLACK LYON ($4.99) and STAND-IN GROOM.  

Get the Apple books here: THE BLACK LYON ($4.99) and STAND-IN GROOM.  

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Romance Discount eBooks for Kindle, Nook, Apple, and Kobo.

SAVED BY THE RANCHER ($0.99) by Jennifer Ryan is an action packed western romantic suspense. A LITTLE BIT WICKED ($0.99) by Robyn DeHart is a historical romance set in Victorian England and abounds with scandal and high society. THE ACCIDENTAL BRIDE ($1.99) by Christina Skye is a fun and flirty romance in which acting becomes something more. 

Get these bargain books on 10/14.  


Get the Nook books here: SAVED BY THE RANCHER and A LITTLE BIT WICKED.  

Get the Kobo books here: SAVED BY THE RANCHER and A LITTLE BIT WICKED.  

Get the Apple books here: SAVED BY THE RANCHER and A LITTLE BIT WICKED.  

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Lies, Secrets, and Dangers Await in this Discounted eBook

Editor’s Note: LOGAN’S REDEMPTION is the first book in the Redemption Series. 

 Book Description: Doriana Callahan’s life is unraveling. Someone is stalking her and sabotaging her father’s company. Her teenage son is rebelling. And Logan Tanner is back in town. As Logan works to forge a bond with the son he didn’t know he had, he must race against time to find the culprit threatening to kill Doriana.

Author’s Inspiration:  I like putting ordinary people in extraordinary situations. Doriana is a businesswoman and a single mother, like so many women today, but when her life and the life of her son are threatened, she becomes a warrior. Logan hurt her once, and he needs her forgiveness. But first he must forgive himself. And he is also a warrior, ready to sacrifice himself for his son and the woman he loves.

Who would play your main character in the movie version of your book? Chris Hemsworth, with his blond good looks and his warrior persona would play Logan. 

Get this eBook for only 99c for Kindle, Nook, and Apple on October 13



 I’m a former corporate drone and cubicle dweller and now an award-winning author. Writing love stories kept me sane in my fabric-covered cage. Now free, I can let my imagination take wing. I’ve been in love with love since my teen years when I discovered romance novels. I crave happy endings and love to put my characters in dangerous situations or situations dangerous to their hearts and watch them fight for the happy endings they deserve. I became an author to tell the stories I like to read.

 Also check out Cara on Pinterest:


Bargain Priced Chick-Lit for Kindle, Nook, and Apple

Editor’s Note: GRACE UNEXPECTED is a sunny, fast-paced novel about a hard-luck woman who blunders into a romantic love triangle.

 Book Description:  After a string of failed relationships, 30-something Grace Savage decides to live a life of celibacy — and immediately finds herself juggling two very eligible bachelors. Will one of them finally turn out to be Mr. Right or has fate doomed her to single living forever?

Readers who enjoyed Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella will love Grace Unexpected .  

Author’s Inspiration:  I visited Shaker Village in 2005, a religious community in New Hampshire where men and women lived and worked side by side in celibacy. The whole time I was on the tour, I couldn’t help wondering about how a single woman might process the experience–whether she’d laugh, cry, or have a nervous breakdown.

Get this Kindle book for only 2.99 for Kindle, Nook, and Apple on October 13


A lifelong reader, I began writing creatively in 2005. Since then I’ve published two novels, DON JUAN IN HANKEY, PA and GRACE UNEXPECTED, both humorous contemporary fiction, which are now available in e-book and print.

I won a national songwriting contest in 2010 and got to sing my winning song on the Jumbotron in Nationals Park. I love to write in the early morning on my comfy sofa with a cup of coffee at my elbow. I like all kinds of music, and “Dancing With The Stars” and ‘Downton Abbey” are my guilty pleasures. 

Baragin Priced Paranormal Romance Kindle and Nook Book

Editor’s Note: DESTINY BEWITCHED is snarky adventurous fun with a dash of magic, a pinch of romance, and a hefty dose of sexiness!

Book Description:  A smart aleck witch from the wrong side of town teams up with a sexy alpha demon to rescue her little sister from the Underworld in this snarky, steamy, kick-ass paranormal romance from bestselling author Leia Shaw.

Author’s Inspiration:  Samantha is a witch with a heart of gold who’s had to fight to survive a house full of rowdy brothers and alcoholic dad. Her powers are a little out of control but her intentions are heroic as she sets out to rescue her sister from the gritty, dangerous Underworld. I wanted a heroines readers could identify with. Samantha is a survivor just trying to get by and do what’s right. She’s loyal and loves her sister enough to risk her own life to find her. She may not be the strongest or most powerful heroine, but that she’s so ordinary makes her journey so much more genuine. 

Get DESTINY BEWITCHED for $1.99 for KINDLE and NOOK on 10/13

Leia Shaw

Thinking up fae politics, plotting dragon power games, and calculating how fast werewolves can change forms has given me a way to express those dark places in my mind. I love writing kick-ass heroines and alpha heroes who challenge each other and ultimately grow to love to each other. I like my characters to struggle with the same issues we do as people – trust, hope, fear, intimacy. I hope my books send a powerful message to readers all while keeping you entertained with a hefty dose of humor and, of course, hot sex scenes.

Paranormal Suspense on Sale for Kindle

Editor’s Note:  SONG OF THE CICADA is the first book in the Demon’s Waltz Series.  

Book Description:  A young photographer, Joss, finds his normal easy going life turned upside down when an ancient Greek demon begins to stalk him. In fear for his life and sanity he turns to his Wiccan neighbor Angel for help hoping she has the knowledge to save him. The stalking turns to all out attacks after they get together. Pets are slaughtered, homes burned, friends lost, they finally flee the city and run to the Appalachian mountains. Here on a moonlit mountain top they confront the demon with a tragic finality.

Author’s Inspiration:  The act of writing is a form of pure escapism for me, no drugs or chemicals, but an altered reality as words flow out.

Get this Kindle book for only 99c October 12


Artist, trained in photography and sculpture, who has always enjoyed writing as a part-time hobby. I believe I have reached a level of maturity where the writing can become full time. I have seen the growth in my style over the years and from the reviews apparently others agree that the time is now. I write for passion and fun with every story being a new world to explore.

Romantic Suspense eBook for only 99c

Editor’s Note: Wealthy, successful, passionate and good-looking, Alex and Diego seem to have it all, but evil is about to create havoc in their lives.

Book Description:  A Legacy of Revenge  has Scottish intrigue, passion, mystery and revenge that make this sequel to Legacy of the Highlands a can’t-put-it-down read. Alexandra Cameron and Diego Navarro are deeply in love, but their blissful life switches into high gear when a Scotsman, intent on revenge, threatens Alex.

Readers who love Jayne Anne Krentz, Nora Roberts and Tom Clancy will enjoy A LEGACY OF REVENGE. 

Author’s Inspiration:  I love Scottish history, but I wanted to write a contemporary novel so I found a way to connect present-day events to 14th century Scotland. I thought my first contemporary romantic suspense novel, Legacy of the Highlands, was a stand-alone book, but readers and reviewers didn’t want to say good-bye to the characters. I discovered I didn’t either, and so the story continues in A Legacy of Revenge.

Get this eBook for only 99c for Kindle, Nook, and Apple on October 12


After many years as a journalist, I thought, “let me see if I can make up a story.” I surprised myself when I discovered that not only that I could, but that I loved it. Writers have an amazing power to allow their characters to be happy, sad, in love, in pain, have wonderful and terrible things happen to them. It’s like having a magic wand and, although it’s not easy, it’s a lot of fun.

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