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These thrilling mysteries are not recommended bed time reads; they are best enjoyed outside on a lovely summer day. THE ORANGE MOON AFFAIR ($2.99) by AFN Clarke is  a fast-paced riveting thriller with a hero and heroine you hold your breathe for. Best seller HOMBRE ($1.99) by Elmore Leonard is a western with plenty of action, suspense, and thrills. WHIRLWIND ($0.99) by best seller author Joseph R. Garber is a riveting white-knuckle thriller that will make you keep the lights on at night. 

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Thrilling Murder Mystery Discounted Book for Kindle

Editor’s note: THE LEGEND OF DEVIL’S CREEK is a murder mystery in which the characters confront questions over the ultimate causes of evil.

Great surprise twist at the end by the way! 

Book Description:  A redemption-seeking police captain and a group of college students confront questions over the fundamental causes of evil as the tranquility of their remote island community is shattered by a series of horrific murders seemingly related to a century-old local ghost story born in the island’s dark and violent past.

Author’s Inspiration: This story was initially inspired by the author’s many discussions with close friends concerning how each of them thought their upbringing determined what psychological issues and deficiencies they had to contend with as adults. Eventually, the author wondered what sort of childhood might turn someone into a psychopath and murderer.

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D.C. Alexander

D.C. Alexander is a former federal agent who drew on his law enforcement experience in crafting this novel in order to give readers an uncommon insider’s glimpse into the world of criminal investigative work. He was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, where he was probably warped by the long, dark winters and a steady diet of David Lynch films. He now lives in Louisville, Kentucky. He hopes his story is both entertaining and though-provoking, and that readers recognize family, friends, and perhaps parts of themselves in some of the characters.

Thriller Books for Kindle

These thrillers will make you keep the light on at night. STONE MAIDENS ($2.00) by Lloyd Devereux Richards is a creepy thriller about a serial killer who leaves small stone goddess figurines as calling cards. FORTUNE’S DEADLY DESCENT ($0.99) by best seller author Audrey Brown is a heart wrenching mystery featuring a mother with a difficult past that rises to the surface when her son goes missing. BECAUSE WE CAN! ($2.99) by John Locke is a tale of espionage and action.

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Science Fiction Discounted Ebooks

You will certainly answer with an “affirmative” when you read the descriptions of these highly rated science fiction ebooks. FLOWERTOWN ($2.00) by S. G. Redling tells the story of Ellie, a survivor of a massive chemical spill, and the corruption that infests those who say that they are working to cure those who were contaminated. MIDWORLD ($2.99) by Alan Dean Foster takes place on a planet far away from Earth, inhabited by hostile forces, and tells the story of the humans who are trying to survive. MIDSHIPMAN’S HOPE by David Feintuch takes place in the year 2194 on a ship headed to a intergalactic colony. 

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Bargains on Nelson DeMille Books for Kindle

Nelson DeMille is one of our favorite thriller authors at Bargain Booksy. If you want a Nelson DeMille book that is easy on the wallet, try these three stories for $1.99 each. THE BOOK CASE and RENDEZ VOUS are both Kindle Singles, and DEATH BENEFITS is a short story. All three books are bargain priced for Kindle on July 8th.

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Bestselling Supernatural Thriller on Sale for Kindle

Book Description: Lord Halloween, a vicious murderer who targeted Leesburg twelve years ago, has returned. Quinn and Kate, two community journalists, race to uncover his identity before a promised bloodbath on Halloween. But to stop him, they may unleash a far darker threat—and pay an unimaginable price.

If you like Stephen King, Joss Whedon, Dean Koontz, Jim Butcher, or Hugh Howey – you’ll love A SOUL TO STEAL.

This book is only $2.99 on July 8th. 

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Rob Blackwell

I write novels to get the stories out of my head. They live with me all the time: in the shower, at work, driving a car. They usually start innocently enough — “what if” this were to happen? It’s just an idle thought, but give it enough time and attention and it will grow into a narrative with a unique set of characters. And once it starts, the story will stay there for days, weeks, and even years. Writing it down finally silences it. The trouble is that it usually leads to a sequel. I keep asking, “Yeah, that’s great, but what happens next?”

Mysteries By Best Selling Authors

If you’re looking for some cheap thrills on this Sunday afternoon check out these thrillers for Kindle. THE MERCENARY ($0.99) by Dan Hampton is a war story that follows an ex military officer on his quest for revenge. FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC ($1.99) by V. C. Andrews is a thriller about an obsessive mother and the things her four children must endure. 

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Mysteries By New York Time Best Selling Authors

PORTRAIT OF A SPY ($2.99) by Daniel Silva is an international spy thriller that follows Gabriel Allon, art restorer and master spy. NO TIME LEFT ($0.99) by David Baldacci follows a deadly assassin as a job forces him to delve into his own past. DIRT ($3.79) by Stuart Woods is a New York Times best seller mystery wrapped up in fame and the lengths to which people will go to save their reputation. 

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Thrillers by New York Times Best Selling Authors

These thrillers will make great beach reads this 4th of July weekend. CHARADE ($4.74) by Sandra Brown is a thriller with a medical twist and follows the story of a woman who receives a new heart, only to become entangled in the web of secrets and deceit surrounding the new surgery. The New York Times best seller ADRENALINE ($0.99) by Jeff Abbot  is the story of a man who has a perfect life, until one tragedy changes it all and he must fight tooth and nail to get his family and  their beautiful life together back. 

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Toady’s Discount Ebook Will Leave You Wanting More

Editor’s Note: PLAN X is  thrilling and sophisticated and features a heroine that you’ll love to root for.

Book Description: The aftermath of a death should be simple: find the next of kin and move on. But Cody Byrne thinks that the explosion that injured the Shakespeare professor is more than it initially appears. She embarks upon an international quest to unravel the man’s life, secrets, loves, and birthright. 

PLAN X is action pack and features a strong heroine; this novel certainly passes the Bechdel test!

Author’s Inspiration: A gas explosion in Bozeman, Montana that destroyed almost an entire city block and my love of Shakespeare inspired me to write this book.

Rory Tate

Rory Tate writes edgy thrillers with strong female characters in dicey situations that test their mettle. As Lise McClendon she also writes mystery and suspense novels.

Great Thriller Nook, Kobo and Kindle Books

We love the crazy block fonts that they always put on the front of thriller and mystery books. Do you think it is eye catching in a way that reflects the genre? BLOOD DOUBLE ($0.99) by Neil McMahon is a medical thriller that centers around a doctor and the genius, human genome altering man whose life he saved. The plot line of HOUSE OF LORDS ($0.99)  by Philip Rosenberg includes abduction, money laundering, and the highest sort of organized crime.

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Creepy Coming of Age Mystery Ebook for Kindle

 Editor’s Note: Stephen King Fan? Here’s a wonderful creepy novel that will have your hair standing up!  

This book has everything! It’s touching, sad, thrilling and suspenseful. This is definitely Bennington’s best yet!


Book Description: In THE SECRET TREE, 13 year old Andy Harper is entrusted with a secret from his dying neighbor, Mr. Beasley. Mr. Beasley tells Andy that there are two things in the old oak tree in the yard. One is the devil and the other is the secret. Andy must find the secret and break the curse. Above all Andy must not tell anyone about the secret because there are those who would gladly kill for it.

THE SECRET TREE is filled with mystery and has terrifying supernatural elements that will give you the chills. You will be engrossed from beginning to end that it will be hard to put down! 

Get THE SECRET TREE for  $0.99 on July 4

Jeff Bennington and Patrick Bousum

Jeff Bennington is the author of Reunion, Twisted Vengeance, Creepy, The Secret Tree and has been published in The Horror Zine. Jeff enjoys writing mystery thrillers with a supernatural twist. The Secret Tree is Patrick Bousum’s debut novel.

Gripping Thriller on Sale for Kindle

Editor’s Note: KILLING HOPE is a fast-paced intelligent thriller.

Book Description: Killing Hope follows an emotionally-scarred police detective on the hunt of a psychic serial killer – think Alex Cross meets American Psycho. The story is as much about the protagonist’s inability to function properly following a family tragedy as it is about his pursuit of the psychopath trying to outsmart him at every turn (and, to some extent, intentionally adding to his personal hell). Killing Hope is a fast-pulsed thriller whose heart is filled with vengeance, denial and the desire to do good.

Readers who enjoy James Patterson and John Connelly will enjoy KILLING HOPE.

Author’s Inspiration: Killing Hope came about after a brainstorming session between me and my partner Lynn one summer evening several years ago. Up to that point, I’d always written science fiction, but Lynn really loved a short ‘crime thriller-style noir’ piece I’d once included in one of my sci-fi novels, and she suggested I give mystery and suspense a try instead. We sat down and hammered out the basic concept behind the book.

Get the Kindle ebook for $0.99 on July 4. 

 Keith Houghton

I’m English. An Englishman. Made in England. I write crime thrillers, from both the cops’ and the killers’ perspectives. Sometimes the good guys are the bad guys and the bad guys are the good guys. I try to mix things up by throwing in plenty of twists and turns. My novels never end how you expect them to. I always try to include conflicting viewpoints, mirrored experiences, layered themes and the occasional smirk of dark humor. And I always include at least one moral dilemma, mainly to keep things serious. 

Thriller Discounted Ebooks For You

Reading these books right before bed may not be the best of ideas, but these highly rated horror books are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you wanting more. THE MOONLIT MIND ($2.99) by New York Times best selling author Dean Koontz is the tale of a homeless boy trying to survive alone in a city full of threats both human and otherMILE 81 ($2.99) by the master of creepy novels Stephen King is a short story about a demonic car. THE SHUDDERING ($4.99) by Ania Ahlborn is the chilling tale of a group of friends in a remote mountain cabin for vacation and what happens when they get snowed in and surrounded by the creatures who live in the woods.

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Discounted Mystery Books for Kindle

 Mystery fans, get lost in the pages of these gripping mysteries. LAW OF ATTRACTION ($2.99)  by Allison Leotta is an emotionally intense mystery in which the main character is torn between her job, her personal life, and what she knows is right. TOPAZ ($1.99) by Leon Uris is a fast paced, well researched, and very intelligent thriller. In DEATH ON A DEADLINE ($0.99) by Christine Lynxwiler two southern sisters become amateur detectives when a family member is accused of murder.

NOOK READERS: Get your copies of TOPAZ and LAW OF ATTRACTION here.  

Get these cheap ebooks on July 2. 

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Top Suspense Ebooks are Discounted Today!

Suspense Readers! We have a stellar selection of suspenseful stories sitting below. STRAWBERRY YELLOW ($1.99) by Naomi Hirahara focuses on the experiences of an Japanese American gardener turned detective as he returns to the place of his youth and encounters intrigue and murder. CRUEL POETRY ($1.99) by Vicki Hendricks delves into the dark and twisted party subculture in South Beach, Miami. THE TEXAS CAPITOL MURDERS ($1.99) by Bill Crider is written by a Texas native and tells a tale of murder and Texas politics. THE PAINTED BRIDE ($1.99) by Stephen Gallagher starts with a painting that resembles a woman recently murdered and develops into a full fledged murder mystery.

NOOK READERS: Get your copies of STRAWBERRY YELLOW here. 


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Action and Adventure Ebooks for Kindle

If you’re looking for a little adventure to liven up the end of your weekend, check out these novels by New York Times Best Selling authors. THE POISONED PILGRIM ($4.99) by Oliver Potzsch is a historical tale set in a monastery in the 17th century featuring scheming, scientific monks. BLOOD LINE ($4.49) by James Rollins is a tale of ancient treasures and those who will stop at nothing to attain them.

Get these cheap Kindle books on June 30. 

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Historical Adventure On Sale For Kindle Today!

Editor’s Note: TANKARD’S LEGACY is a historical pirate adventure with tough girls giving as good as they get.

 Book Description:  Kin and Beatrice are two girls, oceans apart in distance and decades apart in time, each cast adrift on an unexpected journey which sees them facing off pirates, chasing treasure and depending on their wits for survival. In this historical action adventure expect the unexpected as you set sail on a voyage to the mysterious Orient, meeting vengeful enemies, an enchanted bird and a ruthless pirate queen along the way.

Author’s Inspiration: Dreams, disappointment and a desire to escape the everyday all played their part in driving me to tell this story. I just don’t think there are enough strong, courageous female heroes around in film and fiction, so I wrote a story that I would like to read. 

Get TANKARD’S LEGACY for $2.91 for Kindle on June 30. 

V. J. Ishii

Currently I live in the rebel stronghold of Lewes, East Sussex, In contrast, I lived for six years in Japan, the very apotheosis of conformist behaviour. In addition to deep affection for its people (well, I married one – thus the name), I also became fascinated by its history and culture. Story-telling is part of the fabric of every culture on earth, it helps us make sense of the world and ourselves. Reading stories allows us to escape and walk in the shoes of anyone – be they a different gender or someone who lived in a different land many centuries ago. I hope as an author that I can create a doorway to one of those worlds. It’s an exciting task, and not a little bit magical to know that my words can now travel the globe, taking my stories to places even my pirates might never have dreamed of.

A Page Turning Thriller for 99c

Editor’s Note: The Girl From Long Guyland is an exciting tale of past crimes and dangerous friendships.

Set against a 1969 psychedelic love-in backdrop, The Girl From Long Guyland is shared through the eyes of Laila Levin when decades later, an unsolved murder pulls her reluctantly into her past. A dramatic collision of then and now – entwining family, marriage, profession and ethics.

Readers who enjoyed Gone Girl and She’s Come Undone will like THE GIRL FROM LONG GUYLAND.

The author’s inspiration came from reflecting on different periods of her life and examining what she learned from them. For her, the late sixties was an aberration from the rest of her relatively conservative life. She has found that evidently the novel has struck a chord with other baby boomers’ memories.

THE GIRL FROM LONG GUYLAND will be available on Kindle for $0.99 on June 29.



 I wrote my first novel at five years old and have been writing ever since while trying to hold down a day job and raise three boys. My first novel, THE GIRL FROM LONG GUYLAND was published last Nov. The ebook has over 80,000 downloads and has ranked #1 in Amazon promotions in both Thriller/Suspense and Contemporary Fiction.


Discounted Dark Spy Thriller You Wont Want to Miss

Editor’s Note: The Black Lion is a dark spy thriller in the tradition of James Bond and The Bourne Identity.

Book Description: People are going missing at an alarming rate. Terrorists are plotting to blow up Europe. One team of elite spies must come together to stop it all. The Black Lions are the best of the best, from the CIA and MI6, all the way through to the KGB. This is no ordinary mission- a dark and sinister world is about to be discovered where nothing is as it seems, and evil has been given a new face. Welcome to Satan’s Kingdom…

From the Book: The scotch in my hand provides a sound remedy. Mustafa plays beside me, unaware of who I am or why I am here. Better yet, I’m losing. Just another sucker flipping his chips into the dealer’s hands. I have been commissioned to follow Mustafa by an organisation that doesn’t officially exist, that holds no records and has no paperwork. There is no one like me, literally. I am the one and only former CIA agent who has been drafted into an elite academy of international agents, to attend to matters of international security. We exist without bias; we exist without the influence of our homeland’s agendas. We exist purely for the good of the world, not for the good of any one country. And I believe in what I do today as much as I did during my time with the CIA, and my colleagues do too.

Get The Black Lion for $2.99

Anthony Karakai

I write novels which explore the darkest recesses of human behaviour. Whether that be sadistic crimes taking place in the shadows of the world, or society’s inability to accept people for who they are, I became an author to inspire people to follow their dreams- my other works are Coming of Age/Inspirational/Magical Realism pieces. They’re inspired by my travels and the world as I see it. Because I feel the magic, I want to share it with you. 

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